Bagged Vacuums – How To Choose The Best One

bagged vacuum cleaner

All vacuum cleaners used to be bagged and then bagless ones started to appear and have become all the rage but if you have allergies or don’t want to empty your hoover after every clean then the best bagged vacuums are a better option than bagless and are cheaper as well.

This may be stating the obvious, but the main benefit of bagless vacuum cleaners is that you don’t need a bag to hold all of the dust and debris.

Whilst that certainly appeals to many people it is, in our opinion, a little overrated.

With bagless vacuums you may not need to buy any vacuum cleaner bags but hoovers that take bags often have a much larger capacity than bagless ones and you won’t need to change them very often.

These are some of the significant benefits of bagged vacuums:

Waste Capacity

As cordless vacuum cleaners have evolved over the years they keep being designed with waste containers that are getting smaller and smaller over time.

It is not uncommon for the average bagless vacuum cleaner to have a waste container that can only hold 0.5 litres of waste.

Because it is not recommended to fill the waste right up to the top that means you will need to empty it pretty much after every clean.

On the other hand, vacuum cleaners with bags have a MUCH larger capacity and can often hold 10 times as much as the significantly smaller bagless waste containers.

So if you think that you’ll find it annoying to have to constantly be emptying the dust bin on your hoover then a bagged vacuum may be a better option for you.

To put it into perspective, if you do a main clean once a week then you will probably be looking at having to change the bag about once every 10 weeks or 5 times a year.

It could be more or less depending on how much dust and dirt there is in your home and how often you hoover but with a bagged hoover you need to worry about emptying it a LOT less than with a bagless hoover.


With a bagged hoover it’s much easier to manage because of the significantly reduced number of times you need to empty it.

Cleaning your home is a chore enough without having to empty it every 5 minutes.

Ease of use through the functionality and features that a vacuum cleaner have are important factors that can make hoovering a real pain or actually quite a breeze.

People look for something that is light and easy to move around or a hoover that is small and easy to store if you have limited storage space and of course the all-important suction power but how often you have to empty it isn’t something that is often taken into account.

After you are finished vacuuming your home it can often take another 5 minutes to remove the waste container from the vacuum cleaner, take it over to the bin and try and empty it and then reconnect it back to the hoover before putting it away.

The other thing as well is that when you empty it you might have to go to the bin outside because otherwise a whole load of dust gets thrown back into the air in a big dust cloud.

Unless you have a big bin and you can get the waste container right down into the bin then releasing dust back into the air is unavoidable.

With a bagged vacuum cleaning you don’t have any of those problems because once its full you just remove the sealed bag and throw it away.

If you are only spending about 15 minutes doing the hoovering anyway adding another 5 minutes to that is something you can do without.

You want to make the time it takes to clean as low as possible so you can get on with other things that are a lot more important than hoovering your home.


With bagless vacuum cleaners there is only one container that all of the waste goes into for the life of the vacuum cleaner.

Many bagless dust bins are not well designed so when you empty them there is always an amount of dirt that remains behind inside that you have to remove yourself.

First of all you shake it to see if it will come out that way and that always releases dirt back into the air leaving some of what you just hoovered up going back into the room.

If shaking it doesn’t work then you have to get your hand in there to scoop it out yourself and depending on what you have just vacuumed that can sometimes be pretty disgusting.

You also need to clean it on a regular basis as well because even when you do get it completely empty there is always some grime and dust left inside that needs to be cleaned out with a damp cloth but who can be bothered to do that after every clean?

You end up leaving it until it is so horrible that it has to be cleaned and then you have to deal with something that you could do without and it’s a pretty unhygienic experience to clean out a waste container that has been left for a month or more.

You don’t need to worry about any of that with a vacuum cleaner that takes bags because all of the dirt and dust is sealed inside and when its full you just remove it and throw it away. Job done.


All but the very best and most premium vacuum cleaners release dust back into the air once the vacuum cleaner has sucked it up because the filtration systems they have are not good enough to keep it all inside.

Unless you are going for a super expensive Dyson or Shark then dust that gets hoovered up will make its way back onto the very floor it just came from.

The best vacuum cleaners come with a good quality hepa filter which will keep even the finest particles of dust inside the hoover.

This article explains more:

What is a HEPA filter in a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaners with bags keep all of the dust and dirt inside because there is nowhere for it to go to be released back into the air. The good ones are self-seal as well so once they are full it seals itself when you remove it ready for disposal without a single dust particle escaping.

From an allergy perspective you don’t want hair or dust being released out of the hoover and so unless you want to pay super premium prices then a hoover with a bag may be a better option for you than a bagless vacuum cleaner.

Although bagless vacuum cleaners are more popular than hoovers with bags we think that they are a bit overrated and there are a lot of reasons why you should consider getting a vacuum that takes bags as the best ones offer really good value for money.

These are the best bagged vacuum cleaners in the UK:

Henry The Hoover bagged cylinder vacuum cleaner

This is one of the best products to come out of the UK in the last few decades and represents the best of what we have to offer. People were buying this 30 years ago and it is still a best seller to this day so that certainly tells you something about it straight away.

The two biggest and best features of Henry are its suction power and bag capacity. You get a huge 6 litres of bag room before it needs to be emptied which is about 10 times what you can expect from an average bagless hoover.

The suction is exceptionally strong and is comparable to some of the top end bagless models that you would pay hundreds of pounds more for.

It is corded but you get a 10-metre power cable so you won’t need to change the socket very often.

About 10 million people have bought one of these and based on the value for money it represents they look set to sell another 10 million.



See the full review of Henry the Hoover cylinder vacuum cleaner


Miele C3 bagged Complete Powerline cylinder vacuum cleaner 

When it comes to Dishwashers and Washing machines and other large appliance Miele have a great reputation for high-quality products that last. They are a premium brand and most of their products sit at the top end of the market.

They are one of those brands where their products seem expensive but they can often work out to be the cheapest in the end. We had a Miele washing machine that lasted for 15 years and whilst it was a lot more expensive than others at the time we would have bought 2 or 3 other cheaper brands during the time we owned the Miele.

It is somewhat surprising that Miele offers the C3 vacuum cleaner at a lower price than you might expect for a brand with its reputation of being high quality but expensive.

Really strong suction combined with a 4.5 litre dust bag and an 8.5 metre retractable cable make this super value for money from a top end brand.



See the full review if the Miele C3 Complete Powerline cylinder vacuum cleaner


Vytronix Animal bagged cylinder vacuum cleaner

At the budget end of the market it’s hard to find better value for money than this one. Suction power as good if not better than the Henry but not a brand you will have heard of so you save money there as they don’t market or advertise this vacuum cleaner.

The 800W motor is super effective and leaves nothing behind and you also get a large waste container.

Great for homes with pets and families. Great performance at a low price which is a difficult combination to find but they have delivered this time.


See the full review of the Vytronix Animal cylinder vacuum cleaner


Amazon basics bagged cylinder vacuum cleaner

Great value for money, this Amazon branded vacuum cleaner is ideal for anyone that perhaps lives on their own or with one other person in a smaller home or flat.

The bagged version is available in either a 1.5 litre or 3.0 litre capacity depending on your needs and is a great hoover if you just want something that cleans with no fuss.


Are bagless vacuums better than bagged?

If you buy a top-end premium bagless vacuum then you will get high-level filtration and you won’t need to buy bags.

But if you are not looking to spend many hundreds of pounds on a vacuum cleaner then there is tremendous value for money to be found in lower cost bagged hoovers.

You won’t need to change the bag very often due to the large amount of dust they hold compared to bagless versions and you will never need to clean out a dirty waste container because everything goes into a bag that you simply remove and throw away.

If dust allergies are a factor in your home then a bagged vacuum cleaner will ensure that everything stays inside but with bagless if the filtration system isn’t very good then you risk dust being released back into the room.

There are pros and cons with both but bagged vacuum cleaners were used for decades before bagless came out and there is definitely still a place for them today.

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