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There are two ways to collect dust in a vacuum cleaner, with a bag or bagless. The best bagless vacuum cleaners will keep all the dust and dirt inside your hoover but others that don’t have good filters will let some of it escape back into the air.

Bagless vacuum cleaners are certainly more cost-effective than hoovers with a bag but if you are not careful then you can lose the benefit you get from no bag because some cheap bagless hoovers are not very good at retaining all of the dirt they suck in.

How to choose a bagless vacuum cleaner

When all of the important factors are taken into consideration it’s better to buy a vacuum cleaner without a bag rather than one with a bag as long as you choose carefully.

These are the most important things to take into consideration when choosing a bagless hoover:

Size of the waste container

One of the main benefits of vacuum cleaners with bags is that they tend to hold a lot more dust than bagless vacuum cleaners.

If you have a large home then you may find it annoying to have to empty to waste container after every clean or even mid clean because a lot of bagless hoovers have very small dust containers.

If you don’t want to be emptying the dust all the time then a bagged vacuum cleaner may be a better option.

Anything over 0.8 litres would be considered large and some of our bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner recommendations can hold up to 3 litres of dust before they need emptying.


The filtration in a vacuum cleaner represents the amount of dust and dirt that stays inside the hoover once it has been sucked in.

It’s easy to think that surely everything that the hoover sucks up stays in until you empty it into the bin but that’s not the case at all.

In order to create the suction needed to get the dirt and dust off of your floor and into the hoover lots of air gets sucked into the hoover as well and it needs to be released back into the atmosphere but at the same time it should trap all the dust and dirt and only let the air back out.

The quality of the filter will determine how much of the dust stays in. Cheap bagless vacuum cleaners can release a lot of dust back into the air because the filter is not good enough to keep it in.

Air passes through the filter but it needs to be good enough to keep hold of all the dust as well. If it’s not good enough then your home won’t be as clean as you’d like it to be and you will also find yourself cleaning more often because you will have to hoover up the same dust more than once!

With hoovers that take a bag the dust is sealed inside the bag and can’t come out so that is a benefit that they have over bagless hoovers that don’t have very good filtration.

However, technology has developed in recent years and you can now get excellent filters that retain over 99.9% of all the dust that gets sucked in.

If you decide on a bagless hoover then keep an eye out for one that has a HEPA filter. This is a special type of filter that makes sure that everything that goes in stays in.

You can find out more in this article:

What is a HEPA filter in a vacuum cleaner

Dust allergies

Bagged vacuum cleaners have traditionally been better if you or anyone in your household has dust allergies but as long as you check that any vacuum cleaner you are thinking of buying has a HEPA filter then that will cover you or anyone with allergies because over 99% of the dust will be kept inside the hoover.

Cleaning performance

The most important thing with any vacuum cleaner is its ability to pick up all of the dust and dirt that gets into your home on a weekly basis.

The biggest factor in achieving great cleaning performance is excellent suction.


Cordless bagless hoovers tend to be quite light but they have smaller dust bins to make them easier to move around but they can work out quite expensive.

Cylinder bagless vacuum cleaners can be a good option for small to medium-sized homes, are lightweight and have larger waste containers.

This article details some options if you are specifically looking for a lighter hoover:

Best lightweight vacuum cleaner

Ease Of Use

It depends on the style of hoover that you like to use but being able to easily move it around your home makes a big difference to how quickly and thoroughly you will be able to clean.

No one actually likes hoovering but if you have a light vacuum cleaner that is simple to use then it makes it more bearable.

Cordless stick hoovers such as those offered by Dyson and Shark have become very popular because they are light and easy to use not to mention that they have no cord so they offer the ultimate convenience as well.

However, you do pay a premium for those types of hoover and not everyone wants to or can afford to spend hundreds of pounds on the latest bit of tech from the big brands.

There are plenty of other options listed in this guide that will do a great job of cleaning your home, are light and easy to use but won’t cost the earth.


One of the things that it is very easy to waste money on when it comes to vacuum cleaners is the number of accessory tools that some of them come with.

Some Dyson’s come with 7 or 8 accessory tools that you will probably never use. All you really need is a long crevice tool for getting down the side of seats and sofas and a dusting tool for more sensitive above-floor surfaces.

If you have pets then a motorised pet tool is another really handy accessory for digging out hair that gets stuck in the carpet fibres and it’s also really good for stairs as well.

Size of the dust bin

Bagless vacuum cleaners often have smaller containers to hold all the dust and dirt that gets picked up which is fine if you have a smaller home but for medium to large-sized homes look for a waste container that is 0.8 litres or bigger.

Some are easier to empty than others as well and you want to make sure that you empty it outside if possible especially if it’s full because otherwise you can end up with some of it being released back into the air and into your home.

These are the best bagless vacuum cleaners in the UK:

Shark IZ300 & IZ320 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The has the best suction power ever from Shark and the previous year’s model was already one of Sharks best-selling lines but they never rest on their laurels which is why so many people are switching away from Dyson and into Shark because they pretty much achieve the same level of cleaning performance but at half the price.

You also get to choose the one that works best for your home. This range comes with one or two batteries so you can upgrade to a twin battery version but only if you need it and you can also choose whether or not you want a pet tool depending on if you have pets in your home.

All of Sharks best features are included with this hoover, Duo clean, anti hair wrap and flexology combined with a new battery that can provide up to 60 minutes of cleaning in one charge make this a definite to put on the shortlist of best bagless hoovers.



See full review of the Shark IZ300 & IZ320 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Shark ICZ160 & ICZ300 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

If ultimate convenience and ease of use are important to you then this top of the range bagless vacuum will fit the bill with all of the best things that Shark offer incorporated into this hoover.

It comes with Duo Clean technology which means the floor head comes with both a soft roller for hard floors and a brush roller for carpets built in so no need to change anything when you switch from one surface to the other.

Anti-hair wrap technology on the brush roller ensures no hair will ever get tangled on the brush ever again ensuring no loss of suction ability ever.

It’s completely cordless with up to 50 minutes of runtime from one battery charge with the ICZ160 and 60 minutes with the ICZ300 and the central unit clips away from the main hoover for when you want to clean the stairs or get into any awkward space.

Available with or without a pet tool accessory this is one of the best bagless vacuums out there for medium to large size homes.





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Shark CZ250UKT & CZ500UKT cylinder vacuum cleaner

If you need a bigger waste container than regular upright hoovers come with then the 1.6 litres on this Shark cylinder vacuum will appeal to you. As well as a large, easy to remove and empty waste container it pretty lightweight at just 4kg and with a 9 metre cable it’s really easy to use to clean the stairs as you won’t need to drag the base unit with you.

Anti hair wrap, flexology , duo clean and a motorised pet tool are among the other great features that come with this vacuum as standard.



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Shark NZ801 / NZ850 / PZ1000 Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Some of the best value for money bagless vacuum cleaners lie within the corded upright market and this is the best of the bunch.

There is the NZ801 / NZ850 and the PZ1000. The only difference between the 3 of them is the size of the waste container so if you have a large home and you want to empty the waste container as little as possible then the PZ1000 has a huge 1.6 litre capacity. Most homes will be fine with either the NZ801 with 0.83 litres and the NZ850 1.3 litres

You don’t get the convenience of no cord but this one comes with a long 8-metre cable and you will not only benefit from a price saving over equivalent cordless models but you’ll also never have to concern yourself with the battery running out and you’ll get continuous strong suction.

Powered lift-away makes it easy to clean in any spot with no hassle with one click to remove the central section of the hoover making it easy to reach up high and down low.

It cleans seamlessly across both hard floor and carpet and includes anti-hair wrap for no tangled hair on the brush roller ever again.

If you have pets check out the model that ends in a “T” for the pet tool made specifically to deal with pet hair.

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Vax Airlift Steerable Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner

If you want something that works like a Shark but you don’t want to spend the kind of money that Shark is asking then this is a really good alternative that comes pretty close with a much more affordable price tag.

The suction is really powerful and it comes with the same lift away function as the Shark hoovers above and there is a one-button press to switch from hard floor to carpet.

It also has a 1.5-litre waste container which is bigger than the average for upright bagless hoovers and the accessory tools are stored on the side of the vacuum for easy access and ensures you’ll never lose them.

A great budget vacuum cleaner for busy homes and pets and you get the peace of mind of a trusted brand name as well.



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Tineco Pure One S12 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Tineco is not a brand you will have heard of but they are a much bigger player in the USA where they have been going for more than 20 years and they have now come up with a hoover that is as good as the most expensive Dyson but it’s a lot cheaper.

A digital display on top of the handle shows you exactly how much battery you have left at all times and the super strong suction power automatically adjusts up and down according to how much dirt it senses on the floor so everything always gets picked up but it doesn’t waste any battery on full power if it’s not required.

If somehow the first battery dies then it comes with a spare as standard that you can just insert in a few seconds.

You get a ton of accessories that covers every eventuality and it converts into a handheld with just one click.


Full review of the Tineco Pure S12 cordless vacuum cleaner


Dyson V10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This may not be the latest Dyson cordless hoover but we think that it is the best value for money. It’s much better than its predecessor the V8 in terms of suction power and overall cleaning ability but the V11 which came after this V10 isn’t that much better than this one.

This V10 has incredible suction power and comes with more accessories than you will ever use to ensure you can clean all parts of your home with ease. There are 3 power settings – low, medium and high and its best to vary the power depending on the surface you are cleaning in order to maximise battery life.

This is no ordinary vacuum cleaner with low and medium power suction a lot more powerful than some vacuum cleaners on high and high on the V10 is like a hurricane. Nothing gets left behind when you have it on full power. 

I’ve used this vacuum cleaner in my home for some time and find that I easily get 20 minutes on a full charge when switching between medium and high power and Dyson claim up to 60 minutes on low power.

If you are prepared to pay the premium price then this is a premium brand that really delivers.



See the full review of the Dyson V10 cordless vacuum cleaner


Shark IZ201 & IZ251 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Unlike Dyson where they don’t offer much choice to tailor the hoover to your requirements, this range from Shark comes with a number of different options to suit all home types.

There is a single battery option for homes that need up to 20 minutes of cleaning time or a double battery option that gives you 40 minutes if you have a larger home. 

You can also choose to have it with or without a pet tool so you don’t have to buy the pet accessory if you don’t have any pet hair around the house.

The central wand is bendy (Shark call this “flexology”) so you can get underneath tight areas without having to bend down and it easily converts into a handheld as well.

Suction power is excellent as you would expect from one of the market-leading floorcare brands in the world.



See the full review of the Shark IZ201 & IZ251 cordless stick vacuum cleaner


Miele CX1 Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

With a cylinder vacuum cleaner you get a much larger waste container and the Miele CX1 comes with a large 2-litre dust bin so you won’t need to empty it very often compared to a traditional upright or stick vacuum.

There is a massive 890 watt motor with 4 power levels and a whole bunch of accessories for above floor cleaning that all sit onboard the main body of the hoover so you won’t ever find yourself searching for them and they are easy to grab at all times.

You can adjust the pole to suit your height and there is a self clean feature for the filter which is unusual and means there is one less thing for you to think about from a maintenance perspective.

There are variations that come with different attachments that are explained in our full review but if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner with market-leading suction and a large waste container from a trusted premium brand name then this is definitely one to consider.

Here is a detailed video that goes through everything you need to know about the CX1:



See the full review of the Miele CX1 Blizzard cylinder vacuum cleaner


Vytronix Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Not everyone needs the mega suction power that Dyson and Shark offer and not everyone wants to spend hundreds of pounds on a super premium vacuum cleaner.

This is a good low-cost alternative for anyone that lives in a flat or a smaller home without pets. As long as you set your expectations correctly and you choose it based on less demanding homes then its good value for money.

It does not have the suction power of a Dyson or Shark and nor would you expect it to for this kind of money but if you generally keep your home clean but it still needs a good going over once a week then this does a good job.

It’s good on hard floor and short pile carpet but not so great on deep pile carpets or pet hair.

If you have the type of home that is suitable for this kind of cordless hoover there is no need to spend big money on anything else.


See the full review of the Vytronix cordless stick vacuum cleaner


Beko Orion 6 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

If you want really strong suction power but you don’t want to pay really high prices then if you are willing to compromise on using a cord and plugging your hoover into the wall you can save money without compromising on performance.

You get a telescopic hose that is adjustable to your height for ease of cleaning and the suction is controlled with a dial so you can adjust it to suit your specific flooring.

The suction power is really strong so if you have a deeper pile carpet you’ll definitely need to turn it down from the maximum power or you’ll struggle to push it across the floor its that strong.

It has a really large 2.5-litre waste bin so you won’t be emptying it every 5 minutes like some of the other hoovers that have small dust bins and it weighs only 5kg making it easy to move around.

Great value if you want powerful suction at a budget price.


See the full review of the Beko Orion 6 cylinder vacuum cleaner


Eufy RoboVac 11S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Gone are the days when robot vacuum cleaners were just a gimmick. they now have good enough suction power to be genuine contenders for doing the hoovering around the home to a similar standard as their human-controlled counterparts.

Prices have also come right down in recent years as well and the performance level has gone up and this is a best seller that has become a proven winner for thousands of happy customers.

Although it falls into the budget category for robot vacuums it outperforms others that are much more expensive.

It performs really well on edge cleaning and it auto-adjusts the power when it senses a surface that needs more or less power such as when it moves from hard floor to carpet. 

You can programme it to start cleaning when you are out and when you come home it will have finished and automatically have returned to its base to recharge.


See the full review of the Eufy RoboVac 11S robot vacuum cleaner


Dyson V7 Trigger Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

If only the best is good enough then you won’t find better than this handheld from Dyson. If you are prepared to pay the premium price it certainly delivers premium performance,

This is basically a mini version of a full-size Dyson and will deal with the toughest jobs around the home with ease.

Ingrained dirt in the home or the car and all pet hair gets dealt with without fuss due to the best suction power of any vacuum cleaner large or handheld.

The motorised brush accessory tool is actually a joy to use and you can feel it dealing with the dirt as you push it through the surface you are cleaning.

It’s not cheap but it is the best.



See the full review of the Dyson V7 Trigger handheld vacuum cleaner

What type of bagless vacuum cleaner is best?

Almost all types of vacuum cleaner come with bagless options but how do you decide which one is right for you?


Cordless stick vacuums are all the rage but the downside is that you will pay a lot of money for the convenience of not having to plug it into the wall if you want one with really good suction.

A lot of them also have small waste containers which is fine if you don’t mind emptying it often but if you have a larger home then check the size of the waste container to make sure you don’t get caught out with a small one.


Cylinder vacuum cleaners tend to have the largest waste containers so if you want a great bagless hoover but you don’t want to be emptying the waste container every 5 minutes then this is a really good option to consider.

Corded Upright

This is where you can find the best value for money because you are not paying for an expensive battery because you need to plug it into the wall.

As long as you are ok with that small inconvenience then you can get a lot of suction power for your money and the waste containers on corded uprights tend to be bigger than their cordless equivalents as well. These types of vacuum cleaners are really good bagless options.

Is bagless better than bagged?

Once its all said and done as long as you are careful in your choice then a bagless vacuum cleaner is better than one with a bag because it eliminates the need to buy and use replacements bags.

There are some benefits to using hoovers that use a bag in terms of containing all the dust and bigger bag sizes than bagless waste containers.

However, as long as you choose a bagless hoover with a good-sized waste container and a good filtration system then they will be at least as good as a bagged hoover without the cost of the bags.

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