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best henry hoover

Finding the best Henry hoover for your particular requirements depends on the size of home you have and the amount of dust and dirt that accumulates throughout the week. You can choose from large or extra-large waste bins and more or fewer accessories but the suction power they all generate guarantees a clean home.

At the latest count there are 6 Henry hoovers to choose from and when you take into account Henrys brothers and sisters such as Hetty, Charles and George then there are 15 different variations of this amazing hoover that has been a part of the British landscape since 1981 and is still going as strong as ever.

Due to the constant developments in technology not many products stand the test of time and new vacuum cleaners get released every year that have more suction and more features than the previous model that was apparently the best there was just a year ago but is now second best to the newest one that just came out.

So in the world of Dyson and Shark that are constantly developing new hoovers all the time how does a vacuum cleaner that has been around for decades continue to be a best seller in the 2020’s and sell as many now each year as it did in the 1980’s?

The reason that Henry is still being bought by thousands of people each year in the UK is because it is a very simple vacuum cleaner with fantastic suction power and it does a great job of cleaning your home at a very reasonable price.

Its quite easy to get sucked into the marketing and advertising of the premium brands and be led to believe that you need to spend hundreds of pounds on the latest technology with all sorts of features and accessories and lcd digital displays but often that is not the case.

Not everyone needs or wants to use a complex vacuum cleaner that converts into a handheld and different parts come off so you can attach others to clean different parts of your home. Part of the beauty of Henry lies in its simplicity. You turn it on and it instantly jumps into action.

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that when you are hoovering your home you are trying to get your home as clean as possible in the shortest time period possible and Henry does that which is why is has remained so popular over so many years.

When it first came out in 1981 there was just good old Henry to choose from and it is so good that it is still available today but due to its popularity the company that makes Henry have released more models that cater for different home types and different people’s lifestyles.

There are different sized waste bins with monster 15 litre capacity for anyone that only wants to change the bag once every six months to much smaller sizes for anyone that lives in a flat for example and may not have much storage space.

There are also variations in terms of colour and performance and specialist models for specifically tackling pet hair and even one that washes your carpets as well.

So with 5 red Henrys to choose from and many other variations does the original Henry still cut the mustard or is it worth taking a look at one of the alternatives?

Over the years most manufacturers have switched their production to China or somewhere else in the Far East because manufacturing and labour costs are much cheaper there but whilst you can often make cost savings by doing that it also carries a risk that you may compromise on quality.

Most of us will have bought a cheap Chinese copy of something or other at some point and often you go on to regret it because it doesn’t last very long and what you thought was cheap at the time ends up being the most expensive in the end because you have to replace it much sooner.

Numatic are the company that makes Henry the hoover and when it first came out all those years ago it was manufactured in the UK and to this day it still is which is pretty rare for a product of this type.

They know that they could make it cheaper if they moved the production to China but they simply do not want to compromise on quality so if you would rather buy something that is made in the UK then you can be assured Henry is made in the UK always has and probably always will be.

These are the best Henry Hoovers available in the UK:

Henry Hoover Xtra HVX200 Vacuum Cleaner

This is where it all began all those years ago. Henry was invented way back in the 1980’s and very little has changed since then. There have been some upgrades to the internal components but this is definitely a great example of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

Originally called just “Henry” it has been changed to Henry Xtra as there is now an alternative with a smaller waste bin so you can choose between the two according to how much waste capacity you need and how often you want to empty it.

The key features are:

A massive 9-litre bag. Many vacuum cleaners these days come with a 1-litre waste bin so this is huge compared to the average. It’s going to last you a very long time before you need to empty it and when you do it is self-seal so you’ll never get any dust or dirt being released back into the air and no regular trip to the bin to try and empty the dirt without it going everywhere.

A very long 10-metre cable to ensure that you won’t need to mess about changing the plug socket very often

3 different floorheads to cover whatever surface you need to clean and a whole bunch of different accessory attachments

henry hxx200 accessories

You get exceptional suction power that is as good as anything you will find anywhere and that includes Dyson.

This updated original Henry hoover is a rare product indeed. In this day and age some products such as phones and TV’s are discontinued and replaced with newer updated models after barely a year so it says a lot about this hoover that it has been around for decades and is still going strong.

This version is going to be best suited to larger homes with its large capacity bag and accessories for every eventuality.

This is still a brilliant and great value for money vacuum cleaner despite all the latest innovations from the like of Dyson and others.




Henry Hoover HVR160 Vacuum Cleaner

This version is very similar to the Xtra version except it is smaller and has less accessories.

You get everything that the Xtra has but only one floorhead instead of three and it has a 6-litre waste bin instead of 9 litres on the Xtra.

Bear in mind that 6 litres waste capacity is still very large compared to the vast majority of vacuum cleaners.

You get the same 620 watt motor that provides exceptional suction that will leave nothing behind no matter how muddy or deeply ingrained in your carpet.

These are the accessories that come with this so you can compare to the Xtra above.

henry hvr160 accessoires

This version is perfect for small to medium-sized homes that just don’t need the extra floorheads that the Xtra comes with and a 6-litre waste bin is fine for most homes considering that’s about 6 times more than you can expect from most other vacuum cleaners.



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Henry Hoover HVR160E Eco Vacuum Cleaner

If you are a fan of energy-saving this newer model has 30% more energy efficiency than other models and so will save you money on your electricity bill over time.

You also get an extra floorhead compared to the standard version that is more efficient at drawing dirt out of carpet and hard floors.

The 6-litre bin,  excellent suction and long 10-metre cable come as standard with this model.

These are the accessories that come with Henry Eco:

henry eco accessories


Henry Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Traditionally all Henry hoovers have been corded and come with a very long 10-metre cable but if you want to eliminate the cord and give yourself more freedom of movement around your home then you can opt for this cordless model.

It doesn’t have quite as much power as the corded models but the suction is still very strong and the best in its class at this price level and it still comes with a very large 6-litre waste bin.

This model comes with 2 power levels, low and high, so that you can preserve battery life if you don’t need high power. On high it will give 20 minutes of battery life which is enough for most homes but if that is not enough for you then it is available with two batteries as well as one.

There is only a small extra charge for the twin battery version so it’s well worth considering that unless you have a small home so you can be assured of 40 minutes cleaning time in one go.

You get a good suite of accessories for cleaning all parts of your home and car and one or two batteries depending on which one you go for.

henry cordless accessories



That covers all of the best traditional red Henry’s but there are other colours with different names that do different things. 

These are all the other best Henry hoovers that come in different colours and other names:

Hetty Hoover Vacuum Cleaner

Despite the colour change, Hetty is exactly the same as the Henry HVR160 shown above.

You still get the amazing suction power that all Henry’s offer, all of the same accessories, a large 6-litre waste container and a 10-metre cable.

So if red is not a colour you fancy or you just want something a little more feminine then Hetty is just as good a choice as any other Henry but with a different name and colour. 



Harry Hoover Vacuum Cleaner

Harry looks after any home that has pets and has a number of additional features and accessories over and above what you get with a standard Henry.

You still get a huge 9-litre dust capacity before you have to change the bag but you get a special charcoal filter that is even more efficient at keeping everything that gets sucked up in the bag.

You also get an extra motorised “Hairo” brush head that has a brush that spins and digs down deep into carpet fibres to ensure that no hair is left unturned!

Harry enjoys the same mega suction power that all corded Henrys have and when you combine that with the pet brush then you know no dust, dirt or hair will be left behind.

Here are all the accessories that come with Harry:

harry accessories

If you have cats or dogs in your home it’s well worth considering Harry which is basically the pet version of Henry.



George Hoover Vacuum Cleaner

If you want a vacuum cleaner that does it all then George has been a proven winner over many years. It truly is an all in one appliance that does so much more than just hoover your carpet.

It works as a standard vacuum cleaner in the same way as Henry does to be used for your regular hoovering and you get the same Xtra large waste capacity.

George also does wet cleaning as well and we are not just talking about small spills. It comes with a container specifically for wet liquid collection. Pop that in and you get the full 9-litre capacity for wet. 

So if you need to drain anything or you have a leak in your home then George is more than capable of dealing with it.

It is also a carpet cleaner which is different from a wet liquid collector because it sprays detergent and water onto the carpet then powerfully sucks up all the dirty water. 

It washes hard floors as well with a specific attached that you can see in the below image of all the accessories and attachments that George comes with:

george accessories

If you want something that does everything when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your floors then George is a great value for money option.



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Charles Hoover Vacuum Cleaner

Charles is George but without the carpet cleaning capability so if you want wet and dry capability but you don’t want to wash your carpets or hard floors then Charles is in between Henry and George and is excellent for DIY or tradespeople.


Is Henry Hoover better than Dyson?

If you look specifically at the price of a Dyson and then price of a Henry and the compare the suction then there is a strong argument for Henry being better than Dyson.

The most important factor with any vacuum cleaner to achieve the highest level of cleaning performance is the suction power that it generates and Henry delivers suction power that is greater than Dyson.

They are very different types of vacuum cleaner though as Dyson are only making cordless vacuum cleaners now and no longer make anything with a cord on it and all Henrys are corded and need to be plugged into the wall.

If that doesn’t bother you though and all you care about is getting all of the dust and debris removed from your floors in the most effective way then Henry will deliver that for you at a much lower cost than Dyson will.

Dyson wins for ease of use and the ability to clean above floor but if its just carpets and hard floors that you want to keep clean then Henry will do as good a job as Dyson and because it’s much cheaper it’s not hard to argue that Henry is better than Dyson for floor cleaning.

Is Henry Hoover good on carpet?

It is so good on carpet that you may need to turn the suction power down otherwise it may lift the carpet off the floor.

Although there is just an on/off button and only one power level you can turn it down by turning a dial on the pole to reduce the suction power and depending on how thick your carpet pile is you may need to do that.

Henry is an excellent vacuum on both carpet and hard floor and is a proven winner over many years with millions of units sold in the UK.

Can you use Henry as a wet vacuum?

You cannot use a red Henry as a wet vacuum cleaner but you can use the green one which is called George as both a dry and a wet vacuum cleaner and as a carpet cleaner as well.

George is an outstanding all-in-one floor care appliance so if you are looking to vacuum and clean your carpets George is an excellent solution but it is not recommended to use a regular Henry for vacuuming any liquid.

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