Best Hoover For Dog Hair


best hoover for dog hair

The best hoovers for dog hair combine excellent suction with a motorised pet tool accessory so that the brush can effortlessly comb through your carpet fibres and remove all hair whether human or pet and leave the floor hair free.

There are several keys things that you need to look out for when it comes to choosing a vacuum cleaner for dog hair but by far the most important is suction power.

You can have all the tools and accessories ever created but if the suction is no good then it just won’t pick the dog hair up especially from carpet or above floor areas like carpets or car seats.

I have a dog and a cat myself and they both shed loads of hair which I tend not to notice too much in the house until it ends up in the waste container of my vacuum cleaner and then i’m shocked at the massive furball that gets created.

The reason I don’t notice it is because the Dyson V10 vacuum cleaner  I use has amazing suction that picks up pretty much everything with just one pass but you need to combine it with a crucial attachment to make sure that pet hair gets effortlessly sucked up.

The most effective way to effortlessly ensure that all dog hair gets hoovered up in the same way as all the other dust and dirt around your home is to combine great suction with a motorised pet tool.

Pet tools vary from manufacturer to manufacturer in terms of their effectiveness because some come with a brush and some come with a brush that is motorised which means that the brush itself is powered by the vacuum cleaner and spins around at high speed.

A pet tool with a brush that spins by the motion of you moving it across the surface you are cleaning is ok and definitely better than trying to use a normal attachment as most of those are not effective in removing pet hair.

There is nothing more frustrating when you are trying to hoover your stairs and the dog hair somehow gets left behind because the attachment you are using just isn’t cut out for the job.

You need something that has a brush on it so that it can dig down into the fibres of the carpet and scoop the hair into the main suction of the hoover and into the waste container.

If the brush spins as you push it backwards and forwards then it will have some effect but if the brush automatically spins at high speed because it is powered by the vacuum cleaner then that is when you will get the best possible result and total removal of dog hair from all surfaces in your home.

Perhaps like me you have some throws or other coverings across your expensive sofas because you don’t want them damaged by the dog but when you try and hoover the dog hair off of them you find that it kind of sticks to it and it’s really hard to get the hair off.

A motorised pet tool and strong suction will eliminate the problem.

These are the best hoovers for dog hair in the UK:

Shark NZ801UK Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This upright vacuum cleaner from Shark delivers on the two main components that produce easy and perfect hoovering of dog hair and that is great suction and a powered pet tool accessory.

You can use it as a regular hoover and then when you want to clean above floor surfaces like stairs or the sofa then one click releases the central unit and hose so that you can clip on the pet accessory tool and clean those areas with the same level of performance as the main floorhead.

The pet tool accessory tool is powered so that the brush rotates even when it is not connected to the main body of the hoover.

It also comes with anti-hair wrap technology so no matter how much dog hair you have it will never get wrapped around the brush and ensures you’ll never have to get the scissors out to chop out the tangled hair.

This short video shows how the anti-hair wrap technology works:

There is the NZ801UK and the NZ801UKT. The one with the T on the end comes with a motorised pet tool and the other one doesn’t. If you have dogs then you need the one with the pet accessory.

It comes with duo clean technology meaning it comes with both a brush and a soft roller making it easy to switch from carpet to hard flooring with the touch of a button.

It comes with a long 8 metre cord and a larger than average 0.83 litre waste container. 



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Shark HV390 Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner

“Stick” vacuum cleaners are very popular these days and Shark’s HV390UKT comes with a pet accessory tool that will make light work of dog hair.

It comes with a Duo clean floorhead that has a soft roller and a brush roller that cleans hard floor and carpet effectively without having to change the floor head because the soft roller deals with hard floors and the brush roller with carpet.

This comes with or without the pet tool accessory as the HV390UK (with no pet tool accessory) or the HV390UKT (with pet tool accessory) so if you are looking to hoover up dog hair on a regular basis the pet tool version is definitely the one to go for

“Flexology” allows you to bend the central wand to easily get underneath low-level furniture without bending down yourself and the 10 metre cord means you can clean several rooms at once without having to change the socket, 



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Shark ICZ160 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This is our favourite Shark vacuum because it has the best of what Shark has to offer across their entire range.

There is no cord and the battery will give you 22 minutes on full power or up to 50 minutes if you run it on medium or low power so you are looking at about 30 minutes on average from a full charge which is plenty for most households. 

If you need longer then you can always buy a spare battery from Shark and the battery easily clips in and out in a few seconds making switching batteries super easy.

It comes with powered lift away and the ICZ160UKT also comes with the pet hair tool for easy cleaning of dog hair.

This Shark vacuum does it all and it’s much cheaper than a Dyson.



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Tineco Pure One S12 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This is a well known brand from the USA that is not as well known in the UK but it is definitely a worthy opponent to a top of the range Dyson but it won’t set you back as much money.

The suction is strong. Very strong and as good as Dyson but with the Tineco you get more. More batteries, this one comes with two batteries as standard so you’ll never run out of charge mid clean.

You also get more accessories, 10 in total to cover every possible situation for cleaning the home or the car as it converts very easily into a super-powerful handheld and it even comes with a similar LCD display to Dyons V11 that shows you the % of battery remaining amongst other things .

It may not have the recognisable brand name but this is a genuine contender to Dyson. 


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Harry Hoover Vacuum Cleaner

Harry looks after any home that has pets and has a number of additional features and accessories over and above what you get with a standard Henry.

You still get a huge 9-litre dust capacity before you have to change the bag but you get a special charcoal filter that is even more efficient at keeping everything that gets sucked up in the bag.

You also get an extra motorised “Hairo” brush head that has a brush that spins and digs down deep into carpet fibres to ensure that no hair is left unturned!

Harry enjoys the same mega suction power that all corded Henrys have and when you combine that with the pet brush then you know no dust, dirt or hair will be left behind.

Here are all the accessories that come with Harry:

harry accessories

If you have cats or dogs in your home it’s well worth considering Harry which is basically the pet version of Henry.



Miele CX1 Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

A premium brand that is less known for its vacuum cleaners than its high end large appliances like washing machines and dishwashers but you know this is a brand that has been around for decades and one you can trust.

There is a “cat and dog” model in this range which pretty much tells you exactly what it is intended for as it comes with a bunch of accessories specifically to cater for easy hoovering of dog hair.

The pole is telescopic and easily adjusts to accommodate your height for easy cleaning and there are 4 power levels that you can switch between using your thumb on the handle of the vacuum or on the main body itself.

The 2-litre waste bin is way larger than average and it has monster suction form the 890 watt motor that will see you rarely use it on max power.

Here is a detailed video that demonstrates the performance of the CX1:



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Dyson V10 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Dyon changed the vacuum cleaner market forever in the 1990’s with their vacuum cleaners that delivered better performance than had ever been seen before.

But it’s not until now that their cordless vacuum cleaners have been able to compete with the suction power of corded vacuums.

The V10 may not be the latest cordless stick vacuum that Dyson has released but it is the best in our opinion when you take value for money into account.

The V11 has slightly better suction but the V10 is a lot cheaper and has incredible suction in its own right and has kept my home sparkling clean for the last few years

This is about as good as it gets with the only complaint being that the battery will only last about 10 minutes if you keep it on full power the whole time but medium power is stronger than most other hoovers and you’ll get about 30 mins on that setting.



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Vytronix Animal cylinder vacuum cleaner

If you want something that will deal with dog hair but you don’t want to shell out big money then this budget option is a good alternative to consider.

We don’t know if they named it “Animal” because it deals with dog hair or whether it’s becuase it has really strong suction but on thing is for sure that for the money it’s pretty unbeatable for how good the suction is.

It’s not quite as good as Dyson or Shark but it costs a fraction of the price and will comfortably deal with dog hair so if you have a small budget then this is a good choice.


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What type of vacuum cleaner is best for dog hair?

The two main types of vacuum cleaner in the UK are cordless and corded.

In the past there was only corded but over the last couple of decades the likes of Dyson have made cordless hoovers the popular choice for cleaning your home.

It’s only been in recent years that cordless vacuum cleaners have been able to match the suction power of corded hoovers and therefore you can enjoy the convenience of not having to drag a cable around with you or change the plug socket.

However, there are several things to take into account if you want to go down the cordless vacuum cleaner route.

Cordless hoovers are only effective on dog hair of you choose one with very strong suction and that means the latest technology when it comes to battery power.

The downside to the latest technology with batteries is that the good ones that math the power of corded vacuums cost a lot of money.

All you have to do is look at the price of the latest Dyson cordless stick hoovers to see that you will need to spend a small fortune to get great suction AND no cord.

If you want cordless don’t fall into the trap of buying a cheaper one because as they become cheaper the batteries get worse and the suction power less strong.

Any cordless vacuum cleaner below around the £250 mark probably won’t be any good for dog hair.

Cheaper cordless hoovers are not meant for pets and are better suited to flats or smaller homes without cats and dogs.

If however you don’t want to spend big money but you want to ensure that your vacuum cleaner will pick up all your dog hair then a corded option may be better.

With corded hoovers you don’t have to bear the cost of an expensive battery as it runs directly from the mains electricity and that means that you can get suction power as good as a super expensive cordless vacuum but at around half the price.

It really just depends on how much you value the ease of use of no cord versus the cost saving of corded.

A lot of the best corded vacuum cleaners actually come with suction power that is better than more expensive cordless cleaners so if you can tolerate the cord then corded is definitely better value for money.

In our opinion it’s not really that much hassle any more to have a corded hoover for dog hair because most manufacturers will include a retractable cord up to 10 metres long which means you will hardly have to change the socket during the course of your weekly clean anyway.

These articles go into detail on cordless vs corded:

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Once you decide on one of those types then there is the style you like to choose from.

There is upright vacuum cleaners with the waste container fixed to the wand and stick upright hoovers like Dyson or Shark or there are cylinder vacuum cleaners like Henry to choose from.

The style you like comes down to personal preference on what you like and are used to.

There are good hoovers for dog hair across all the different styles with the best ones discussed in detail above.

As long as you choose great suction and a good pet accessory tool than left over dog hair after you have hoovered will be a thing of the past.

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