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We can’t guarantee you a hoover that is as light as a feather but hoovering your home on a regular basis is annoying enough so if you can avoid having to drag around a heavy vacuum cleaner with you whilst you are cleaning then a lightweight vacuum cleaner will ease the pain.

The best lightweight vacuum cleaners are made from materials that are strong and hardwearing but light enough that they glide across the carpet or hard floor surface and can be comfortably controlled with just a few fingers.

The effort that needs to go into cleaning your home is significant enough and you can make the process much easier by choosing a lighter hoover without compromising on performance.

Light vacuum cleaners have a number of benefits over their heavier counterparts including:


Cupboard space is tight in a lot of homes in the UK, it certainly is in mine. I’m not in a position where I can just slot mine straight into a space right at the front of the cupboard where I store it.

If like me you have to lift your vacuum cleaner into the place you keep it in the cupboard then you will definitely benefit from one that is not heavy.

Aim for one that weighs less than 5kg and you will find it a lot easier to move in and out of the cupboard.


Dragging a heavy hoover up and down the stairs can become a right pain in the neck not to mention pain in the arms and back!

If you go for something lighter moving up and down the stairs becomes a total non-issue and can be done with ease.

Some people even have a second vacuum cleaner that they keep upstairs to avoid dragging the heavy hoover up from downstairs.

All of our recommendations can be easily moved up and down the stairs by anyone.


If you are not quite as mobile as you used to be then a lightweight vacuum cleaner will make cleaning your home a lot more manageable.

When it gets to a point where it becomes a real challenge to just move the hoover around your home then you will really benefit from a lighter model.

Some of the best vacuum cleaners for the elderly are really light and come in at around the 3kg mark so that will work for most people that have mobility issues.


If you have mobility issues or find it hard to hold things with both hands then some of our suggestions can be operated with one hand and the lighter they are the easier they will be to manoeuvre around.

What is light for a Hoover?

Anything under 5kg can be considered light. A lot of vacuum cleaners weight between 6kg – 10kg and some weigh even more.

The materials that are used in the latest models are lightweight but still very durable and you don’t have to compromise on performance just because your hoover is light.

These are the best lightweight vacuum cleaners in the UK:

Shark IZ300 & IZ320 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This is surprisingly light for all the features that it comes with and at just 4.6kg you get the benefit of Sharks amazing best ever suction power to ensure that more dust and dirt than ever before is captured in the first pass reducing the amount of time you need to hoover.

In addition, unlike some other premium vacuum cleaner brands (Dyson) it doesn’t just come with a “one size fits all” model. This range comes with 4 different variations so that you can choose the version that fits your specific requirements. The single battery version will give you up to 60 minutes of cleaning time which should be fine for most homes but if you use it on full power then you’ll get less so if you have a large home and you like full suction power the whole time then the twin battery version will ensure you never run out of charge.

It also comes with or without a motorised pet tool which is definitely worth considering if you have cats and dogs.

You also get all of Sharks features such as flexology which bends the central wand to make it easy to get under things, anti hair wrap to avoid the roller getting clogged up and duo clean for seamless cleaning across both carpets and hard floors.



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Shark IZ201 & IZ251 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Weighing in at just 4.1kg this cordless hoover from Shark packs a huge punch when it comes to cleaning performance and is full of all the features you need to deep clean every part of your home with the minimum of effort.

Shark is brilliant at offering a version of each vacuum they sell to suit your specific needs so you can tailor it to your requirements and this one is no exception.

It’s available in 4 different variants with a single battery, twin battery and with or without a pet tool.

For small to medium sized homes without pets the single battery without pet tool is perfect and at the other end of the scale large homes with cats and dogs will be more suited to the twin battery with pet tool.

It comes with duo clean technology so you can switch from carpet to hard floors by pressing one button and we like the LED light on the front of the head of the cleaner so you can see the dust in darker corners and hard to reach areas.

The batteries just keep getting better with up to 40 minutes use on one charge for the single battery version. If you think that won’t be enough then the batteries are interchangeable so if you go for the twin battery you get well over an hour which should be more than anyone will ever need.

The central wand is bendy so you can get underneath low level furniture items without bending down and it comes with a 5 year guarantee (2 years for the battery) so you can rest easy that it won’t break down and if it does Shark have you covered.

As with all of Sharks vacuums the suction power is excellent and despite its low weight, it punches well above its weight.

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Vax Blade 4 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

If you don’t want to spend the high asking price of the top of the range hoovers from the likes of Dyson and Shark but you still want a respected brand that will deliver high-quality cleaning performance with strong suction then the Blade 4 from Vax is well worth taking a look at.

The suction power is very close to what you get with Dyson and for the vast majority of homes it delivers plenty of power to keep your home sparkling clean and it weighs just 3kg

It comes with a motorised brush in the floorhead that you can turn on and off with one button and that gives you several benefits. If you are vacuuming hard floors you don’t need the brush so you can keep it off but turn it on when you are doing carpets or rugs. 

By doing this you can save battery life and that gives you a much longer life than you will get with Dyson for example. Expect about 30 minutes of battery life with the Vax on full power compared to about 10 minutes on full power with a Dyson.

There is also an option with a pet tool if you have lots of dog or cat hair in your home that comes with a mini motorised attachment for stairs and all above floor surfaces. 

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Vytronix Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

At just 2.3kg this is an ultra-lightweight cordless hoover. This vacuum cleaner is specifically intended for smaller homes that don’t have large amounts of dirt accumulating all the time.

The price is extremely low for a vacuum cleaner that comes without a cord making it super easy to move around your home without having to be concerned with cables and plug sockets.

This is not a Dyson or a Shark so the suction power is not as strong but not everyone wants to spend hundreds of pounds on a premium brand nor does everyone have a large house full of pets.

This is ideally suited for anyone with a flat or a smaller home and you generally keep your home clean but like everyone you need to hoover because dust accumulates no matter how tidy your home is.

Despite how light it is, it feels strong and because of its low weight you can each switch from hoovering the floor to getting up high above floor level.

Suction power is good on full power and you can expect 20 mins cleaning time from a full charge.

The top clips off as well so that it is easily convertible into a handheld.

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Tineco Pure One S12 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This is a premium cordless hoover without the super premium price tag. It’s not cheap either but it is a genuine rival to the top of the range Dyson’s that cost a small fortune.

You get everything that the most expensive Dyson’s have and more. You get more accessories so that every single part of your home gets covered with ease no matter how high, low or tight space is.

It also comes with 2 batteries so in the unlikely event one runs out you can just switch in the spare and carry on in seconds. The digital display will show you exactly how much battery is left at all times and the hoover will automatically adjust the suction power when it detects more or less dirt so nothing ever gets left behind and battery power is preserved.


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Gtech Mk2 AirRam Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This is super light at 3.3kg and therefore it literally glides across the surface with hardly any effort required to push it along.

This vacuum cleaner is a perfect fit if you just want something that turns on and works. There are no digital displays and no buttons to adjust settings so it’s perfect if you are not into tech and you just want a good hoover that will clean your home effectively. It’s good to go straight out of the box with nothing to work out.

The rotating brush head is very powerful and literally helps to move the Gtech Mk2 AirRam across the surface of your floor. This is a premium vacuum cleaner and that is reflected in the performance of the battery.

It’s a cordless vacuum and you can expect at least 30 minutes of cleaning time from a single charge and up to 40 minutes.

The waste bin can be removed with a simple click making it easy to take over to the bin and empty. Being so light and thin it’s easy to pick up and store in a space that you wouldn’t be able to store other more bulky heavier hoovers.

This is a vacuum cleaner that does what it says on the tin without any fancy add ons.

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Bosch BSC122GB Unlimited Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Another very light vacuum at 3kg. Bosch has named this hoover “unlimited” because despite it being cordless you get an unlimited amount of cleaning time without having to worry about the battery dying. 

Other manufacturers batteries require 3-4 hours to fully charge a battery but Bosch has developed a battery that fully charges in 60 minutes. You get two batteries that last for 20 minutes each on full power and if you charge one when the other one is in use you will never run out of charge giving you unlimited cleaning time.

Turbo mode is super powerful with no noticeable difference between this and a more expensive Dyson.

It easily converts into a handheld making it ideal for stairs and the car. You also get a good suite of accessories to cover all above floor surfaces.

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Vytronix Animal Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

This is not the lightest vacuum on our list but at 6.0kg it’s still pretty light and it feels even lighter because it’s a cylinder vacuum that has wheels and you pull it across the floor whilst you are cleaning and that makes it feel about half the weight.

Not only that but it represents magnificent value for money. The suction power is super strong but it comes with a very low budget price.

It is corded so you will need to plug it in but it comes with a 6 metre cord plus the 1.0 hose gives you 7.5 metres of cleaning space before you need to change plug sockets.

It comes with a telescopic pole so you can adjust it according to your height for cleaning comfort and it comes with a large waste container which is very big compared to the bagless alternatives.

If you are ok with a cable then this provides cleaning performance of other hoover’s at 4 or 5 times the price. Brilliant value.

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Dyson V10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

At 2.68kg this is very light and very powerful. Dyson needs no introduction as they are probably the best known vacuum cleaner brand in the UK. This is a really good hoover but super light and superpowerful comes at a price.

And it’s a big one but if you absolutely have to have the best then the Dyson V10 will not let you down.

Suction power is second to none and no dust particle will be left unturned as it powers through all of the dust and dirt in your home.

It is cordless so no cables or plugs required but you need to use it on high as little as possible otherwise you won’t get more than 10 minutes out of it. the good news is that it’s so powerful that you don’t need it on maximum most of the time because medium power is super strong anyway.

This is a brilliant cleaner but it costs a lot of money. If money is no object then go for it but there are better value for money options in this list.

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Budget Corded Stick Upright Vacuum Cleaner

If you don’t mind plugging your hoover into the wall then this is a great value for money alternative to the big brands for anyone that lives in a smaller home or flat or any home that doesn’t require super intensive cleaning all the time.

At just 1.5kg it’s incredibly light and easy to use and that makes it a great option for the elderly or anyone that just wants a no-fuss vacuum cleaner. There are no fancy features just an on/off button and a hoover that delivers stronger suction than you would expect from a vacuum at this price level.

It works well on both hard floor and short pile carpets but is not really meant for deep pile carpets and intensive cleaning of pet hair. The 10-metre cord is the longest we have come across for a hoover at this kind of price and it means you won’t have to change the plug socket much as it has such a long reach.

You also get 4 accessory tools for cleaning all your floor surfaces and above floor as well.

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Budget Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This is a low-cost cordless vacuum that weighs just 1.0kg. Not everyone wants to spend hundreds of pounds on a Dyson or Shark and more importantly a lot of homes simply do not need the power that the premium brands produce.

For smaller homes without pets this is going to be all you need to keep your home clean. It doesn’t have the power of a Dyson or Shark but its a fraction of the price and it does the job as long as you don’t have muddy boots running through your home and several cats and dogs.

If you run it on Turbo mode you’ll get 20 minutes out of the battery and that should be plenty for the size of home this is suited to.

This has a power button so you don’t need to keep your finger on the trigger the whole time to keep it on which we like as that can sometimes strain your fingers or wrist.

The top clicks off easily to turn it into a handheld. A lot of standalone handheld vacuum cleaners cost more than this entire cordless hoover and that makes it really good value for money.

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Gtech Mk2 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Technically a handheld vacuum but it does come with an extension wand that allows you to clean floor areas without bending down. You can easily reach up to the ceiling as well and it’s super light at 1.5kg.

Its a premium hoover but it comes with super premium suction power and a motorised pet tool for sofas, stairs and anywhere that accumulates pet hair.

Brilliant for all over the home and especially good for the car, you’ll get 20 minutes of continuous use before you need to recharge the battery.

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Other things to consider with a lightweight vacuum cleaner:

Cordless or Corded?

Cordless vacuum cleaners offer the most convenience and when you combine that with a low weight then you are getting the best of both worlds.

Although cordless hoovers are convenient you have to concern yourself with battery life and because batteries are expensive you get better value for money with corded vacuums compared to cordless.

A really good option is to go for a corded lightweight hoover.

Is bagless better?

There has been a big shift towards bagless in recent years because you can just empty the waste container into the bin and start again but there are pros and cons with both.

All but one of our recommendations is bagless but the waste container on bagged hoovers tend to be a lot bigger and so you don’t need to change them very often.

Some of the bagless cleaners need emptying after every clean and that can be a bit of a pain.

With bags you tend to get a really good seal so nothing gets released back into the air once it’s been sucked into the bag and that is a good thing if you have dust allergies.


Just because a vacuum cleaner is light doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be up to the task of dealing with pet hair.

If you have dogs or cats that shed their hair then keep a lookout for a pet tool accessory because it can be tough to dig our tangled hair in carpet fibre.

A motorised pet tool will ensure you keep your home hair free at all times.


We have already mentioned the pet tool which is essential if you have some furry friends residing with you but keeping to only the essential accessories will keep the price down and the weight of your vacuum down as well.

Some vacuum cleaners have the accessory tools onboard and this is convenient but can add to the weight so it worth checking.

You should also ask yourself whether you need loads of accessories that you will probably never use.

The long thin crevice tool, upholstery tool and dusting tool are the three that you really need. The others just add weight and cost and you will probably never need them.

Charging time

If you go for a corded cleaner then this is a non-issue but some of the corded cleaners can take up to 4 hours to achieve a full charge so if the battery dies just be aware of how long it’s going to take before you can start using it again.

Battery time

Cordless hoovers tend to use up their battery very quickly if you blast them on full power the whole time so if you go for the cordless option then try and vary the power between medium and high to get the most out of your battery.

If you go corded then you never need to concern yourself with battery life and you can hoover away till your hearts content.

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