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Robot hoovers in the last few years have gone the same way as LCD TV’s did about 10 years ago. When new technology comes out it costs a lot and it isn’t great. As time goes on it gets better and cheaper.

The best robot hoover vacuum cleaners in the UK are now cheaper and better than ever before, so much so that there is now a selection to choose from that do a great job of replacing your regular hoover and they are affordable to everyone.

This is an in-depth comprehensive analysis of the best robot vacuum cleaners available on the market today but we will give you the biggest piece of advice right at the beginning:

You do not need to spend more than £200 on a robot vacuum cleaner if you want to combine great cleaning performance with value for money.

When you start to go up the price ladder the extra benefits and features that you get do not reflect the extra money that you pay.

You can easily pay £500 for a robot hoover and get performance and features that are no better than our recommended ones that cost £200 or less.

We were going to split them into budget, mid-range and premium but when we took a really close look at the premium options, we realised that you would be crazy to spend £800-£1000 on a robot vacuum cleaner because they simply deliver very little more than the best you can get at sub £350 and even sub £200.

The key is to pick out the genuinely best ones because there are lots at the £200 level that are just not very good.

And you don’t just need to take our word for it. Sure, they have been tried and tested and put through very stringent examination but you can’t beat real feedback from real users that have owned and used a product for a lengthy period of time.

All of these recommended robot vacuums have scored top marks with hundreds of happy owners that have already bought them and are using them on a daily basis.

The rubbish (and there is lots of it) has been binned and the cream of the crop remain.

Before we dive into the detail of each one it’s worth us explaining the main reason why most of our recommendations are sub £200 but higher than £150.

At lower than £150 we really struggled to find anything that actually did a decent job of cleaning. The motor that drives the suction on robot vacuums is one of the most expensive parts and any we reviewed where the manufacturer skimped on that part the vacuum just didn’t pick up the dust and dirt that was lying around the house.

The number one thing a robot vacuum cleaner has to do is do a decent job of cleaning. Whatever one you decide to go for we would recommend spending £150 and above. Lower than that and they don’t really work.

We found that between £150 and around the £200 mark was the sweet spot with a handful of robot hoovers at that price level providing the same level of performance and functionality as others at double or even triple the price.

A good example is the Dyson robot vacuum. It doesn’t make it onto our list because it just costs a ridiculously large amount of money and it’s just really bad value for money for what you get and here is why…..

The main thing to remember is a robot vacuum cleaner cannot (yet) completely eliminate the requirement for you to hoover your home. You cannot throw away your existing vacuum cleaner and leave the robot to do the job 100%

What you can do is keep the current hoover in the cupboard for longer. Robot vacuum’s have come a long way in the last few years as you will see below but they still cannot lift things up or climb the stairs so you are restricted to them cleaning one level of your home at a time.

They won’t jump up and hoover the sofa or any higher-level surfaces and they won’t lift up anything that is on the floor surface to clean the area underneath them.

What they will do a really good job of is keeping on top of the dust and debris that builds up around your home on a daily basis.

Choose wisely and instead of getting the main hoover out twice a week you can reduce it to twice a month. A deep clean can probably be restricted to once a month.

But you will have to get another hoover out from time to time so spending £500-£1000 on a robot cleaner makes no sense to us. The expensive ones don’t have legs and they can’t do stairs and they really don’t do any more than the best at around £200.

Here are the tried and tested winners that you can afford:

Eufy RoboVac 15C Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This may well be the turning point for robot vacuum cleaners in the same way that everyone switched to a flat-screen TV when they became affordable. This is a high performing robot cleaner that will deliver performance similar to a comparable full-sized vacuum cleaner.

It’s not going to get into every single nook and cranny that you can guide a regular hoover into but it’s going to do 90% of the job for you at a very affordable price.

The strong suction power delivers excellent cleaning performance on all surfaces from hard floor to short pile carpets and deeper pile as well. At just 7.2cm it’s very slim so will make its way under furniture to clean areas you can’t normally reach.

It has excellent floor coverage ability and with 100 minutes of battery life will clean every room required in one charge before automatically returning to its base to recharge.

It also has a good-sized 600ml bin reducing how often you need to empty it and it’s wifi enabled so can be operated and programmed through a free app and you can even ask Alexa or Google assistant to get it going with just your voice.

It won’t fall down the stairs either with its “anti-cliff” sensor technology and it will climb over small bumps up to 1.6cm to ensure it doesn’t get stuck as it goes about cleaning your home.

This is a very low price for a Robot hoover that performs at this level and you can easily pay a lot more for others that do less.


See the full review of the Eufy RoboVac 15C Max robot vacuum cleaner


Eufy Robovac 11S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

We have several 10/10 robot hoovers in our recommendations and they are all outstanding value for money when you combine price and overall performance but if we had to pick an outright winner it would be the Eufy 11S. It outperforms on every measurement compared to other robots and at an outstanding price as well.

The suction power is superb and it runs for 50 minutes on low power and 100 minutes on high power. One of the most impressive functions with this hoover is that it has dynamic suction that Eufy call “Boost IQ”. It’s not something you see on any other robot cleaner at this price level. It will run on low power on hard floor and then when it moves onto a rug or carpet then it will automatically sense the change in surface and switch to high power so you always maximise the battery life. A brilliant features normally reserved for premium-priced robots not budget ones like the Eufy 11s.

Despite it having random navigation it does a really good job of covering all of the area that needs cleaning every time.

It’s very slim at just 6.3cm meaning it will fit under most furniture items and eliminates the need to pull them out as it will just clear under them as part of the regular cleaning cycle.

It has excellent edge cleaning ability so you can be sure it will clean right up to the edge of the skirting boards and it can be programmed to clean at certain times of the day such as when you are out of the house and you can come home from work and the hoovering is done.


See the full review of the Eufy Robovac 11S robot vacuum cleaner


Coredy R500+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Just a few years ago you would have had to pay double or triple to get the performance that the Coredy R500+ delivers. This is an outstanding budget robot vacuum that is backed by hundreds of happy customers already.

Suction power is outstanding to the extent that in an extreme test where 100g of sand was rubbed into a medium pile carpet it managed to pick up 90% of it which is unprecedented for a robot hoover. You would obviously never rub sand into your carpet so you can be pretty sure that this robot vacuum is going to pick up everything that you have lurking in whatever surfaces you have in your home.

Battery life is excellent at 120 minutes so it should clean everything that is required in one charge but if not it will return to its base for recharging when the battery runs low.

As with the Eufy, the random navigation is really good covering all of the areas to be cleaned with no problem proving that there really is no need to pay for expensive mapped out navigation.

Cleaning scheduling is easily programmed via the remote and there are a number of different cleaning modes to choose from as well.


See the full review of the Coredy R500+ robot vacuum cleaner


Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This is our most expensive robot vacuum cleaner recommendation but it is far from expensive. In terms of robot hoovers, it sits in the upper-end budget or mid-range price range category. 

The Roborock S5 comes with some really advanced features that you would normally find on much more expensive hoovers and adds a whole new level to efficient and effective autonomous home cleaning.

Navigation is outstanding and what makes this stand out way above others in this price range. It will map out each room and then systematically cover each and every inch ensuring no area is left untouched.

With random navigation robots, you will quickly work out the areas that it is prone to getting stuck in and then you can keep those areas clear for future cleans but with this hoover, you don’t need to because it comes with a fantastic feature called “no go lines”.

On the app, you simply draw lines on the map of your room that the robot has created and then it will never venture into these areas so you will never come home to a stuck robot ensuring a clean and tidy home every time. It’s a brilliant and easy to use feature that you won’t get on other robots at this price.

You get a best in class 150 minutes of battery power so it should always be able to complete an entire clean on one battery charge but if not has a return and resume function that will send it back to the base to recharge if the battery goes low and then it will pick up where it left off.

Suction power is best in class as well and it offers a carpet boost mode where it will increase suction when it senses that it has moved onto carpet or rugs. In the sand test where 100 grams of sand is rubbed into a carpet it manages to pick up 70% in 5 minutes which is way better than any other robot in this class so you can be sure it’s going to get all of whatever normally sits beneath the surface of your carpet.

An excellent all-around robot vacuum that performs and has the features of a top-end cleaner but at a much lower price.


See the full review of the Roborock S5 robot vacuum cleaner


Which robot vacuum cleaners are the best?

We have listed just a handful that we believe are the best value for money robot vacuum cleaners available.

They may not be the absolute very best that money can buy but when you combine the price with what you get for the money then these hit the sweet spot perfectly.

The overriding factor before we even look at price is performance. First and foremost they have to do a good job of hoovering.

It sounds obvious but you would not believe the number of robot hoover’s out there that simply don’t do the job that they were built to do which is suck up all the dust and dirt from the floor.

Anything below £150 tends to do a terrible job and there is no value in the really expensive ones in the £500-£1000 range. They have different features and maybe they do pick up a few percent more than one that costs £200 but who wants to pay 50% to 100% more to get 2% to 5% more benefit?

And here is the thing. Even if the really expensive ones do pick up a little bit more (a lot of the time they don’t) then the cheaper one will get it on the second or third pass anyway so it makes no difference if you are running it for an hour or more because a cheaper one will pick it all up anyway.

If you are doing it manually yourself then it matters but if the robot runs during the night or when you are at work does it matter if the £200 one takes an hour to pick up all the dust and debris and the £500 takes only 30 minutes?

There is a caveat though, they need to work in the first place. The recommendations above are absolutely proven to work and to a high standard as testified by hundreds of already happy owners.

Are robot Hoovers any good?

Over the last few years, prices of robot vacuum cleaners have tumbled and the technology has improved.

Before now the prices were really high and a lot of the expensive ones just didn’t do a good job of cleaning.

Things have changed and you can now pick up a robot hoover for between £150 – £200 that will reduce the number of times you need to use the regular hoover to a couple of times a month.

What features are important on robot hoovers?

Can they clean?

First and foremost, it has to be able to pick up whatever dirt and debris are on your floors. That may seem obvious but there are plenty of robot hoovers that can’t even do that.

Look out for good edge and corner cleaning as well. A lot of robot vacuums do well in open space but can they clean right up to the skirting board and into corners? We have been careful to only recommend ones that can clean in all areas well.

Can they clean on both hard floor and carpet and can they adjust to each surface as they encounter it?

Some will only work well on hard floors because they don’t have the suction power to dig into the fibres on carpet. Our recommendations have been fully tested on both surfaces and reviewed accordingly.

Are they any good with pet hair?

Yes they are but only if you choose the right one. Lots of the poor quality ones get hair quickly wrapped around the brush and that in turn stops the hoover working as efficiently during its cleaning cycle. As long as you select one that has been tested for this then it will work fine with pet hair.


Expensive robots will map out your floor space and methodically clean each and every area but these come at a big price because that kind of navigation is really expensive.

We found that you get much better value with random navigation robots because in tests they cover all of the floorspace to be cleaned anyway. they may take a little longer to do it but if you have it cleaning in the middle of the night or when you are at work who cares?

Battery life

It’s not as important as you think because most of the robots we recommend will return to their base and recharge when the battery gets low and then resume where it left off.

That’s said most robots these days come with 80 minutes or more of battery life anyway which is normally plenty to cover all but the largest of areas.

Do robot hoovers mop as well?

Some just come with a mopping function as a gimmick but a few actually do a really can replace your mop. A few of our recommendations double up as mops and really do work.

See the individual reviews for specific details.

Are expensive robot hoovers worth the money?

No they are not. Don’t waste your money on anything that costs more than about £350 because the jump in price is not reflected in the extra features and performance that the top end robot vacuums have.

The best value for money lies in the £150 – £200 bracket where you can get really good suction and perfectly good navigation that will cover all of the floor space that requires cleaning.

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