Best Shark Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair

best shark pet hoover

Shark are one of the best selling brands of vacuum cleaners in the UK, they’re even giving the mighty Dyson a very good run for their money, thanks to the fantastic value for money that Shark vacuum cleaners represent. This is particularly true with it comes to vacuum cleaners for pet hair.

The best Shark vacuum cleaners for pet hair won’t require that you re-mortgage your house to keep it free of pet hair, and most of the latest models from Shark come with features which make them great for dealing with the downside of having furry friends, even if you don’t opt for the pet-specific models.

There are lots of hoovers on the market which claim to be among the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair. The problem is, some of them are just ridiculously over-priced, and some of them are ridiculously underpowered or have poor performing accessories where pet hair is concerned.

Type of Vacuum Cleaners & Pet Hair

There are various types of vacuum cleaners, namely corded cylinders, upright vacuum cleaners, and corded uprights, some of which are now known as “stick” vacuum cleaners made popular thanks mainly to Dyson, and which are named such due to the fact that they’re relatively stick-shaped, I’d imagine. 

It’s important to realize that not all types of vacuum cleaners are equal when it comes to ridding your floors, furniture and your car of pet hair, mainly because of the difference in suction power. 

Cylinder vacuum cleaners and traditional corded upright vacuum cleaners, have two things going for them when it comes to suction power, and that’s the presence of a power cable and the relative insignificance of size and weight.

Modern cylinder and upright vacuum cleaners are smaller and more lightweight than they once were, but a reduction in their size and weight isn’t as important as with cordless sticks, where manufacturers (particularly Shark and Dyson) are racing with each other to develop the lightest, smallest and most powerful models.

What this means is that these kinds of cleaners have the upper hand over cordless vacuum cleaners, and particularly over the small, lightweight cordless sticks, where suction power is concerned. 

The most trendy, technologically advanced vacuum cleaners at the minute, are the cordless stick type hoovers that Dyson have popularized. They’re getting smaller, lighter, more advanced, and more powerful. However, what you have to remember is that these kinds of cleaners, being cordless, have to rely on battery power. 

While certain areas of vacuum cleaner technology have improved at incredible speeds (especially after the alleged downed spacecraft in Roswell New Mexico. Coincidence? Rumour has it they had no pet hair on that craft, so maybe not!) there’s one area that doesn’t seem to evolve at the same rate as other areas of technology, which is battery life. 

So yes, both Shark and Dyson (and to be fair to Dyson they really do lead the industry when it comes to cordless vacuum cleaner innovation) are now creating cleaners that can come very close to equalling the suction power of uprights and cylinders, but only for as long last the battery will last on max power mode, and right now this is often only a handful of minutes. 

Corded vacuum cleaners usually cost a lot less than cordless and deliver superior power for longer, as there are no batteries to worry about, they just plug straight into the wall.

Yes, corded hoovers can be less convenient, but it just comes down to how important the convenience of being lightweight and small is, in the grand scheme of things, versus performance and cost.

Ask yourself if you really need a cordless vacuum cleaner and how much you will be inconvenienced if you opt for a corded version instead.

If you have a massive home with lots of stairs and large bedrooms then maybe you will get the benefit of cordless but you’ll need to bear in mind battery life (especially when you’re using a higher power mode) to make sure you don’t run out mid clean.

If you live in an average-sized home or a flat, a corded hoover can be better than cordless because it costs less and does the same job.

Sharks corded hoovers tend to come with an 8 or 10 metre cord so if you live in an average-sized home you’ll find you hardly have to change the socket over anyway and will be able to clean multiple rooms before moving the plug to another socket.

What Makes Shark Vacuum Cleaners Among the Best for Pet Hair?

The great thing about Shark is that most of their current models, and I’ll share these with you shortly, have features which make them great for dog and cat hair.

Most have an option for a version with a motorised pet hair tool, and while these are great for people who need that extra oomph to dig out deeply embedded pet fur, many people will conclude that the standard (usually slightly cheaper) version without the pet tool is going to be more than good enough. 

Here are the specific features which make Shark vacuum cleaners, in my humble opinion, among the best when it comes to dealing with pet hair:

Supreme Suction Power

A manufacturer can bundle whatever tools they like with their vacuum cleaners in order to be able to state in the blurb that they deal with pet hair, but if they don’t have the necessary suction power, they’re relatively pointless.

While you do have to keep in mind that, as I mentioned earlier, the cordless models are only going to be able to match the power of their corded counterparts for relatively short durations until you change or recharge the battery, Shark vacuum cleaners are up there with Dyson when it comes to power from a cordless hoover.

Where the Shark range has the edge over Dyson here, however, is that while Shark still develops corded cleaners, and therefore their range includes modern cleaners capable of delivering constant higher power over prolonged periods, Dyson made the bold decision that their cordless vacuum cleaners are powerful enough that they no longer need to bother with corded cleaners. They are still currently offering their older models of corded uprights, but they’re no longer developing these kinds of vacuum cleaners.

Anti Hair Wrap Technology

This is a feature that I think will enhance the lives of most people, whether or not they have pets. Hair getting wrapped around brush rollers is something most people will be familiar with, and it’s something I find especially irritating, especially when it ends up being wound so tightly that it cuts through the rollers or the fins, and causes damage. 

Shark have developed this very clever and seemingly obvious innovation which simply catches the hair and breaks it before it can wrap around the roller. The best inventions in my opinion are like this, they just make so much sense you find it hard to believe that there was a time when it wasn’t a thing. Take gravity, for instance, it’s hard to believe that before Newton invented it, people just floated all over the place, amazing.

Anyway, silly jokes aside, this feature is very helpful to anyone who has long-haired pets, and/or long-haired family members, and this is a feature you’ll find on most of the Shark vacuum cleaners below.

Motorised Pet Tool

As I alluded to earlier, unless you’re particularly plagued by the malting of poofy pooches, furry felines or even bouffant bunnies, you may find that the model of Shark vacuum cleaner you’re looking at is adequate to deal with the level of pet hair you need a hoover to deal with, without buying the option that comes bundled with the motorised pet tool. 

If, however, pet hair is the bane of your existence, then going for the option with the pet tool will give you the Shark motorised pet tool, which is a powered brush head made specifically with dog, cat and other pet hair & fur in mind. 

Anti-Allergen Seal

One of the main reasons we want to eliminate pet hair is to eradicate pet allergens. If you have pets, allergens such as dander (dead skin), saliva and urine, along with other allergens including pollen, can end up in your carpets and furniture, both on the pet hair itself, and independent of it & just lurking within carpet fibres for example.

Having a hoover which has the ability to deal with pet hair, and the grunt to beam up every single skulking particle of pollen or dust is great, but what’s even better with Shark vacuum cleaners when it comes to pet hair is the Anti-Allergen seal. This feature ensnares these kinds of ultra-tiny (that’s a scientific term I believe) particles & separates them in specific holding areas where these super fine particles can’t escape from until you empty the waste container.


As will already be apparent, and I’ve only mentioned the features so far that I think are of interest where pet hair is concerned, Shark vacuum cleaners are feature-packed. In fact you might say vacuum cleaners from Shark have more features than you could shake a cordless stick at, but that would be a truly awful pun. 

These don’t tend to be gimmicky features either, we’re mainly talking about features that really do make a difference.

Some of these are little touches like LED headlights which make it easier to see where you’re hoovering, and the fact that unlike some brands, the batteries can be simply clipped in and out as you would do with a cordless drill.

There are bigger, more crowd-pleasing features too, including the anti-hair wrap feature, duo clean system, powered lift away (which turns Shark hoovers into powerful handheld vacuums), and the “Flexology” wand which some Shark models have which means you don’t even have to bend down to reach under beds and sofas. 

While there are lots of options in their range which have different features, most people would probably find that if they closed their eyes and just picked a model, many of the features would make their lives easier when it comes to keeping their home clean.

Versatile Range

Shark really seem to understand that different homes and different lifestyles require a different kind of vacuum cleaner. 

If you live alone in a small flat with no pets, then what you would need from a vacuum cleaner would be completely different to someone living in a 6 bedroom home full of pets & kids. That’s just one obvious example, but there are lots more differences, some of them more subtle, that would make the hoovering needs of one home different from another. 

Shark obviously get that, which you’ll see from looking at the full list of all of Sharks vacuum cleaners, on which you’ll normally find 40 or more products to choose from and wonder how on earth do you find what’s right for you.

If you’re wondering why Shark offer so many options, the main reason for the seemingly huge range from Shark is that they’re not ignoring any part of the market, so when it comes to the models they’re currently developing, they’re not only coming out with new models of cordless vacuum cleaners. 

Dyson have clearly now set up their stall as a developer of cordless vacuums, they’re still offering their older models of corded cleaners, but if you want the latest technology from Dyson, it’s cordless only as they’re no longer bothering to produce corded cleaners. 

Shark haven’t done that, they’re still fulfilling the needs of all households, including those who don’t want to pay the price of a holiday for a vacuum cleaner, and those who don’t need or want to put up with the cons of buying the most modern corded stick, including of course, price. 

No matter what your specific needs are when it comes to vacuum cleaners, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the huge range from Shark.

Value for Money

Most of us have a relatively modest budget when shopping for a vacuum cleaner, and Shark seem to keep this in mind when developing their range, as even their models towards the top of the price range tend to be fairly reasonable, certainly compared to some of the highest end Dysons. 

If money is no object then you can go straight for the top of the range Dyson Or Shark and “fill your boots” as they say, which is a weird saying, but nevertheless, if you want to spend several hundred pounds on a vacuum cleaner, there’s nothing to stop you from doing so, and who am I to tell you this isn’t a good idea?

Whether or not it seems to make sense to me, some people see vacuum cleaners, particularly Dysons, as gadgets in a similar category to smart phones, where they feel severe FOMO if they’re not upgrading to the latest model.  I’m not like this even with smart phones, I’m certainly not like this with cars as the 11 plate car I’m glancing at through my window attests to, but hey, we’re all different – I’m coffee-mad, and my espresso machine costs more than even the most expensive Dyson, so some would ask who am I to talk? ;-). 

The point is we’re all different, we all have different priorities, and for many of us value for money features fairly high up on our list of important elements when buying a vacuum cleaner. 

These are the best Shark vacuum cleaners for pets in the UK:

Shark IZ400UK / IZ400UKT & IZ420UKT Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Shark just keep getting better and better with their ethos of continuous improvement and the “Stratos” range is no exception.

Compared to previous models this comes with extra powerful suction, anti-hair wrap plus, Anti-odour technology and the best suction power ever from a Shark vacuum cleaner.

This is on top of the usual things like Duo clean flexology and a motorised pet tool. Who needs Dyson when you can get a hoover this good? See below for the full review or check out the pricing.



See full review of the Shark IZ400 / IZ400UKT / IZ420UKT Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Shark Stratos HZ3000UKT Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The Stratos range of vacuum cleaners takes everything to another level again with more effective cleaning power across the board and almost all pet owners happy to recommend this product. You can see my full review from using this product on a daily basis here:

See full review of the Shark Stratos HZ3000UKT Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner




Shark IZ300 & IZ320 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Shark may be the market leader in the UK for hoovers but they never rest on their laurels and are constantly looking to improve performance with every new release and this range is no exception.

The IZ300 & IZ 320 are the updated versions of the previous best selling range, the IZ201 and IZ250. Shark have kept prices the same as the older range but have made the vacuums better.

All of Sharks usual features are included with Anti-hair wrap, duo clean and flexology but now the suction power is better than previous models for even better cleaning performance and this range comes with a new feature called “powerfins” which are plastic “fins” that dig down into the carpet or brush across the surface of hard floors to ensure nothing gets left behind in the first pass making it easier than ever to deep clean your home.

Unlike Dyson, Shark offer their hoovers with different specifications that allow you to choose the one that best fits your home and lifestyle so that you don’t need to spend money on features that you’ll never choose.

Select from one or two batteries or with or without a pet tool. 



See full review of the Shark IZ300 & IZ320 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Shark NZ801 / NZ850 / PZ1000 Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner

These are among the best value for money Shark vacuum cleaners for pets. They have all of the best features of the most expensive models in the range but are a lot cheaper because they come with a cord so you’ll need to plug it into the wall.

A cord is not as much of a hindrance as you think and there are some significant benefits to be had as well. You’ll always pay less than a cordless equivalent but get the same level of performance because you don’t have to pay for an expensive battery.

You’ll also never need to worry about the battery running out and these come with an 8-metre cord so for small to medium-sized homes you’ll hardly be changing the socket over anyway.

There is the NZ801 / NZ850 and the PZ1000. The only difference between the 3 of them is the size of the waste container so if you have a large home and you want to empty the waste container as little as possible then the PZ1000 has a huge 1.6 litre capacity. Most homes will be fine with either the NZ801 with 0.83 litres and the NZ850 1.3 litres

For maximum pet hair removal always look for the model that ends in a “T” as those come with the pet tool that is essential for all above floor pet hair removal.

This model comes with lift away so you can unclip the main unit from the vacuum and walk around with it in your hand to easily clean the stairs, sofa, furniture, the car and anywhere above the floor with ease.

You also get powered lift away and the pet attachment has a spinning brush that basically makes it as good as the brush head that cleans the floor when you are cleaning other surfaces above the floor.

All of Sharks corded upright range come with the “lift away” feature that allows you to remove the central unit making it super easy to clean stairs and other above floor areas that are hard to reach.

It’s easy for pet hair to get stuck on the brush roller on most vacuum cleaners but not with Shark as they have a comb built in that removes hair and stops it from becoming tangled in the first place.

This video shows how anti hair wrap technology works:

See full review of the Shark NZ801 / NZ850 / PZ1000 Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner






Shark HZ400UKT Corded Stick Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This is the final corded recommendation before we turn to the cordless options

You get all the main features with the HX400UKT including a duo clean floor head, anti hair wrap and lift away for easy cleaning of the stairs. 

Filtration is really good as well so this is great for dust allergy sufferers as the dust will not escape back into the air once it’s been sucked in.

The 10 metre cord is long enough that it will allow you to clean more than one room at a time and it easily converts into a handheld as well with the pet tool a must have if you have cats and dogs in your home



See full review of the Shark HZ400UKT Corded Stick Upright Vacuum Cleaner


Shark ICZ160 & ICZ300 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This may be the best cordless vacuum that money can buy and it certainly represents tremendous value for money compared to the top end Dysons out there.

It’s cordless so offers the ultimate in convenience with a battery that will last up to 50 minutes on the ICZ160 and 60 minutes on the ICZ300  if you use it on variable power settings as you clean. If you keep it on full power the whole time then expect about 20 minutes on one full charge.

If you need more then the battery literally just comes out with one click and you can swap it for a spare which is available at extra cost. With two batteries you’ll get the same performance as a top-end hoover without ever needing to be concerned that you’ll run out of battery mid clean.

This comes fully featured with all of the best that Shark has to offer including Duo Clean, Anti Hair Wrap and Powered lift away all without any cords or cables. The ICZ300 also comes with powerfins which is a set of plastic fins attached to the roller that digs down into the carpet for Sharks best ever clean.

This really is a brilliant vacuum cleaner and ideal for medium to large homes with pets.





See full review of the Shark ICZ160 & ICZ300 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Shark IZ201 & IZ251 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This is a cordless stick option with many different options according to your home size and needs.

It comes with and without a pet tool and single and double battery options so no matter how small or large your home there is an option to suit without having to overspend on features you dont need.

Flexology and a Duo clean floorhead come as standard with this model.



See full review of the Shark IZ201 & IZ251 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Are Shark hoovers good for pet hair?

Shark hoovers work particularly well if you have pets to cater for as they have three specific features that don’t come on most vacuum cleaners.

Strong Suction power. With suction power similar to Dyson you can always be sure that you are getting the power you need.

Pet tool. If you have cats or dogs or both you will know that pet hair gets everywhere, not just on the floor.

When looking for the best Shark hoover for pet hair make sure you check that the one you like comes with their pet tool option.

This is a mini floor head with a motorised brush roller that is perfect for all above floor surfaces such as sofas and stairs.

Anti hair wrap. There is nothing more annoying than hair getting wrapped and tangled around the brush as it causes loss of performance and it’s pretty disgusting when you realise that it’s not picking up as well and you need to chop it out with scissors.

Shark have put anti-hair wrap into most of their hoovers now so you don’t need to concern yourself with that ever again.

The design of the floor head makes sure that hair gets combed out of the floorhead before it gets a chance to get tangled.

This article explains in detail:

Shark anti hair wrap

Is Shark a good vacuum cleaner brand?

Shark are one of the leading vacuum cleaner brands in the world with millions of units sold across the globe.

They are one of the most trusted hoover brands with countless positive reviews from many happy customers.

They have a huge choice that accommodates all types of lifestyles and all home types and sizes.

Are Shark hoovers good on Hard Floors?

Shark vacuums are particularly good for all non-carpeted or hard floor surfaces because they come with duo clean technology.

Duo clean means that the floorhead comes with two elements to it that ensure no matter what the surface being cleaned, you’ll get the best results.

Hard floors clean best with a soft roller and carpets are best being cleaned with a brush roller.

Shark have both covered because the duo clean floorheads have both a soft roller and a brush so you get the best of both worlds all the time.

This article explains more about Duo Clean:

What is Sharks Duo Clean technology?

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