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Beko Orion 6

Certain types of homes are much better off with a small vacuum cleaner because the bigger ones are much more expensive and tend to be made for larger homes that get a lot of dirt trampled through them.

The best small vacuum cleaners have great suction power and have the ability to clean your home in the same way as hoovers that are much bigger and more expensive. To access the best value for money small hoovers you need to combine how well they clean relative to their size and the price you pay.

A lot of vacuum cleaners these days seem to be made for 5 bedroom homes and for people with pets dragging mud through the house every day.

But what if you have a cat or a dog that minds its own business or maybe you don’t have any pets at all and you live in a one or two-bedroom flat or a bungalow that you just want to be able to whip round in 10-15 minutes?

Or maybe you simply don’t have the storage space for a great big Shark or Dyson with 7 accessory tools.

Smaller vacuum cleaners tend to be cheaper than larger ones as well so if you have a limited budget then there is some great value to be found in a small hoover.

These are the best small vacuum cleaners in the UK:

Beko Orion 6 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is small and cheap but it has amazing suction power and that makes it outstanding for the price. This is a great example of how much more money you have to pay for the same performance from a cordless hoover.

This is corded but it costs a fraction of the price of one of the big brands but it delivers really good cleaning performance. And it’s small.

As long as you are happy to compromise on plugging it into the wall you are getting great value for money.

It comes with a 6-metre cord and when you combine that with the 4-metre hose you get a reach long enough to clean several rooms without having to change the socket. 

It’s bagless and comes with a large 2.5-litre waste container despite its small overall size. 

The power is controlled by a dial on the main unit and we found that high is too strong for most surfaces and you can easily find it sticking to the carpet making it harder to push along so you’ll find yourself using medium or low power a lot of the time which is more than sufficient to suck up everything that gets in its way.

It also has really good filtration ensuring that everything that goes in stays in. It comes with the 3 main accessories as well for above-floor cleaning – upholstery tool, long crevice tool and dusting tool.

An excellent choice if you live in a flat or small to medium-sized home.


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Miele C3 Powerline Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

This is a little more expensive than some of the other small vacuum cleaners on this list but it still comes in a lot cheaper than the expensive cordless models from the likes of Dyson and Shark.

Miele is well known for their top-end kitchen appliances like washing machines and dishwashers and they are recognised as a brand you can trust to deliver a high-quality product that lasts.

It has a massive 890-watt motor that to be honest provides more suction than you actually need so keeping it on a medium power setting is as far as you’ll need to go most of the time.

This is a bagged vacuum cleaner that has a huge 4.5-litre capacity ensuring you won’t need to change it more than once a month with standard use. The bag is self-sealing as well so it just pops out already sealed with no messing about and no release of dirt back into the air.

The cable is 8.5 metres and has a self rewind mechanism so its easy to get back in once you are done and when you add the length of the hose to that you get a very long reach allowing you to clean two or three rooms before having to change the socket.

The accessory tools sit inside the hoover so you never lose them and can just grab them on the go whilst you are cleaning.

This is really well priced for a top brand.



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Amazon Basics Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Available as a bagless model or as bagged with a larger capacity this is an exceptional value for money budget small vacuum cleaner.

If you live in a flat or small home and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a hoover this is a really good option. 

It already enjoys a very high level of positive reviews but you can buy this with confidence as Amazon have excellent customer service and a very simple returns process if you are not happy.

It comes with really good suction power and a telescopic pole so you can adjust it to your height and make it easy to hoover with.

There are 3 accessory tools for cleaning above floor and at 4.5kg it’s very easy to move around.


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Swan Eureka Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

This is a very low-cost vacuum cleaner from a brand you know and trust. These two things don’t normally go hand in hand because brands normally cost a lot of money but this is an exception to the rule.

Swan is normally associated with toasters or kettles but they have partnered with Eureka who have over 100 years of vacuum cleaner experience and when you add that to Swan being around for a similar amount of time they know a thing or two between them when it comes to small appliances for the home.

It is corded so your need to plug it into the wall and when you do you’ll be pleasantly surprised how strong the suction is that gets generated from the 700-watt motor and it works as well on hard flooring as it does on carpets.

A telescopic pole, a two-litre waste container and accessories for cleaning above floor make this an excellent value for money compact hoover for smaller homes.


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Budget Corded Stick Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This a very affordable and extremely compact hoover that generates more suction power than you would expect from something this small. It does come with a cord so you need to plug it in but the cord is 10 metres long which is a lot longer than any other vacuum cleaner we have come across at this price level.

It’s most suited to smaller homes that don’t need a mega deep clean every week and it’s really effective on both carpet and hard floor with 2 x floor heads that are made for each surface and you also get another 2 accessory tools for above-floor cleaning.

Included is a base to store the vacuum cleaner in a cupboard making sure you keep everything together and don’t take up too much space and it’s super light as well at just 1.5kg.

A 12-month warranty is included as well for peace of mind.

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Gtech Mk2 Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This is a super light no-frills small vacuum cleaner that is perfect for anyone that just wants something simple that does a great job without having to get involved with anything technical.

This a modern version of an old school hoover. It’s cordless so no cables or plugs to worry about and you’ll get up to 40 minutes from one full battery charge.

It’s not brilliant on stairs but is excellent on all carpeted and hard floor surfaces so is ideal for flats and bungalows and is extremely light at 3.2kg.

This is ideal for anyone that can’t lift anything heavy and isn’t tech-savvy. You just turn it on and go.



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Vytronix Animal Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

For a fraction of the price of a Dyson cordless, this small corded cylinder vacuum cleaner delivers high end cleaning performance at a budget pricepoint.

You get a 6.0 metre reach with a 5-metre cable and a 0.8 metre hose, plenty for all room sizes and it comes with a telescopic extension so you can adjust it to be more comfortable for your height.

They have called it the “Animal” because they have pets in mind. It comes with a tool designed to pick up pet hair in addition to the normal accessories, not something we would expect from a hoover as cheap as this.

It weighs 6.0kg so small and light enough to easily carry up and down the stairs if required and the large waste container means you can do many cleans before having to empty it.

Combine all of that with an 800-watt motor that produces very strong suction, this is a very capable small vacuum that punches well above its weight for the price.


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Eufy 11S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners have really come into their own in the last few years and this is definitely one of the best of the bunch.

They used to be really expensive and not very good but they are now very affordable and if you choose wisely they also do a great job of maintaining your home with no effort required from you.

The Eufy 11s won’t replace your main hoover entirely but it will mean you can keep it in the cupboard for two or three weeks at a time.

It’s very small and very slim so it will fit around and under most pieces of furniture and has suction powerful enough to pick up most dirt and debris on all hard flooring and short pile carpet.

Once you let it loose it will go about its work and return to the base to charge on its own when done ready for the next time.

This is one of the highest-rated robot vacuums with thousands of happy customers.


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Dyson V7 Trigger Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

If you absolutely have to have the best then the Dyson V7 handheld is unequalled when it comes to overall cleaning performance.

It costs a lot of money but if you are prepared to pay a premium price then you should expect the best and it certainly delivers. It has the best suction out there and in our experience, nothing gets left behind.

Ingrained dirt and pet hair get dealt with like a breeze especially with the motorised brush tool that acts as a mini full-size vacuum cleaner.

Brilliant for the car, stairs and smaller jobs all over the home.



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Shark WV200UK Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This is super small and looks so good that I keep mine out on the work surface ready to be grabbed at a seconds notice to pick up any mess as and when it happens.

It’s not as powerful as the Dyson but it’s so slim and slender that it acts as an extension of your arm. It’s perfect for all the odd jobs around the home and you never need to go into a cupboard to get it out.

At just 38cm tall and 9.5cm wide, it sits neatly in its charger ready to go at all times.



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Why buy a small vacuum cleaner?


Around 14% of all homes in the UK are flats so about 9 million people may be better suited to a small hoover because the amount of space you need to clean is less and so a larger hoover is not required and could be a waste of money.

If there are just one or two of you in a flat you don’t need a great big vacuum cleaner and you may well have limited storage space and not have enough space in your cupboard or you’d rather use the cupboard space for something else anyway.


Bungalows tend to have a smaller floor area to clean than a home with two floors so a smaller hoover should easily be good enough to provide a deep clean on a weekly basis and you won’t have to fork out big money for one of the big brands.


Who wants to be lugging a large hoover around when you get into your 70’s and 80’s?

Things that used to seem light all of a sudden weigh a ton and the last thing you need is something heavy to drag around with you when you are cleaning your home.

Opting for a small vacuum cleaner generally means a lighter one as well making the whole vacuuming process much more manageable.


There are over half a million caravans in the UK and if you own one of them you’ll know how limited space is but you will also be aware of how dusty and dirty they can get as well.

A small vacuum cleaner with good suction is the perfect solution for a quick tidy up after a long walk in the countryside or on the beach.

Second Home

If you have a holiday home or an apartment that you don’t live in permanently or use very often then a smaller hoover is all you need.

Just because its small doesn’t mean that it won’t do a good job, but if you are cleaning less frequently it just makes sense to buy something according to your needs.

Additional Hoover

A small hoover can work really well in larger homes that want to keep another one upstairs and for smaller jobs that don’t require dragging the main hoover out of the cupboard for.

Maybe you just want to do one room or clean up some mess that the kids or the dog have made so you can just grab the spare small one and have it done quickly rather than bringing out the main one that is tucked away downstairs and gets used for the main weekly clean.

A low-cost small hoover is really good as a backup as well in case the main hoover packs up or needs to be sent off for repair.

A bit like a spare tyre in case you get a puncture, it will get you by until you can replace the main one.

Single People

If you live on your own a small hoover is going to be all you need to vacuum your home.

The fewer people there are the less dust and dirt accumulates and if you are the type of person that takes your shoes off when you come in then there is no need for an all singing all dancing large hoover.

Car Cleaning

A smaller hoover is ideal for cleaning the inside of your car especially if you can get your car onto a driveway and you go for a corded vacuum cleaner.

This way you get maximum suction power and with small cylinder hoovers you can attach the crevice tool to the hose and you get the same level suction performance as you would at a car wash but without the high price.

Smaller means that it’s more versatile as well ensuring you can get into all the hard to reach areas of the car without having to drag around a heavy piece of equipment at the same time.

If your car is too far away from the plug socket to reach then you can go for a cordless option but they are not as powerful as corded when it comes to smaller hoovers so a handheld may be a better option.

These are the smallest vacuum cleaners of all and are designed for smaller jobs around the home and the car so you can avoid bringing the main cleaner out when you are not hoovering the whole home.

This article goes details all the best options for the car:

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Smaller is lighter

One of the key benefits of a small hoover is that they tend to be lighter than bigger ones and are easier to manage, store and move around.

If for any reason you are unable to move anything heavy around then a small vacuum cleaner is a good solution for cleaning your home effectively.

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