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best stick vacuum

The stick is possibly the most underrated invention of all time. The ancient Mesopotamian people clearly deserve a lot of credit for the wheel, hexagon-shaped dart boards or square babybels would be a travesty, but what about the stick? 

If it weren’t for the invention of the stick, I wouldn’t be writing this post about the best stick vacuum cleaner of course, but equally importantly, we wouldn’t be able to change gear, play the drums or even take decent selfies!

In terms of the invention of the cordless stick vacuum cleaner, while it’s difficult to attribute this invention to a single person, I can give you some great pub quiz-type info about this, which is that we have NASA and the Apollo program to thank for the invention of the cordless vacuum cleaner!

Mark Proett and Carroll Gantz are to thank for Black & Decker’s cordless Dustbuster handheld vacuum cleaner, which was released in 1978. However, the development of this mini handheld cordless vacuum cleaner was only possible because Black & Decker was given the mission of developing a drill to extract core samples from the surface of the moon.

In order to develop the motor for this handheld moon drill, Black & Decker found they needed to create a computer program and later, this same computer program led to the development of the cordless handheld vacuum cleaner. There you go, some completely useless information with which to endlessly annoy your friends and family :-).

Dyson created the cordless stick vacuum cleaner in the 1990s, but I think James Dyson himself would probably agree that some credit needs to be given to those who developed the cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, in addition to the ancient species of humans who invented the stick itself, including the big pointy one they invented to launch at woolly mammoths, and the smaller sticks they invented to rub together – can’t have a mammoth barbeque without fire, can you? 

Anyway, lots have changed since Dyson began to revolutionize the world of vacuum cleaners. Hoover was once the dominant force of vacuum cleaners, leading to the fact that most people did then, and still do now, refer to vacuum cleaners simply as “hoovers”, but since Dyson really started to develop the technology, they’ve become the global market leader in vacuum cleaners.

As a result of Dyson’s dominance and their focus on cordless sticks, this type of vacuum cleaner has become incredibly popular, however, the main problem with them is the cost. 

The best stick vacuum cleaners from Dyson and Shark are amazing when you consider things like how lightweight they are and how much suction power they have, but not everyone can afford to pay the kind of money they charge for a corded stick vacuum cleaner.

It’s important to point out, though, that not every home needs the power, features and functionality of latest Dyson cordless stick vacuum cleaners. 

So when we talk about the best cordless stick vacuum cleaners, we’re not only talking about the best in terms of the latest and most expensive, we’re talking about some of what we believe to be the best on the market for most, average households, with value for money in mind. 

These are the best stick vacuum cleaners in the UK:

Shark IZ400UK / IZ400UKT & IZ420UKT Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

There are some cheaper options for you to consider below but if you have a busy household and you want a hoover that is going to deliver under challenging messy circumstances and is a real workhorse that will keep going for years and you want something that performs like a Dyson but you don’t want to pay Dyson prices then this cordless hoover in the “Stratos” range is one to put on the shortlist.

Thousands of already happy customers and reviews confirm Shark as one of the most trusted brands of vacuum cleaners in the UK. Our detailed review which can be found below takes you through all the features and benefits.



See full review of the Shark IZ400 / IZ400UKT / IZ420UKT Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Shark Stratos HZ3000UKT Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Now with anti-hair wrap plus, you can be sure that no hair, pet or human, will get wrapped around the roller ever again. One of many enhancements Shark have made to the Stratos range over previous versions of their stick vacuum cleaners You can see my full review from using this product on a daily basis here:

See full review of the Shark Stratos HZ3000UKT Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner




Shark IZ300 & IZ320 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Shark took their best selling vacuum cleaner range and made it even better with the IZ300 and Iz320 cordless sticks. They managed to make the new range 50% more powerful than their previous best selling cordless stick range, and they also added “powerfins”.

Powerfins are plastic fins which are designed to dig deep into carpet piles, and also to help channel dirt towards the suction on hard floors. They also feature the Anti-Hair wrap technology, which might not quite be as important as the invention of the wheel, or the stick, but there are some small inventions that make a big difference, and this is one of them. 

It’s basically a comb that catches the hair (human or otherwise, possibly even Mammoth but sadly they’re extinct, I suppose that stick invention came with its pros and cons!) and snaps it so that it can be hoovered up, instead of getting coiled around the roller meaning you have to hack at it with scissors.

It features the duo clean technology too, which means there is a pair of brush rollers which work both independently and in unison in order to ensure all particle sizes are dealt with, and that hard floors get a nice polish, and the flexology wand which “bends because you might not be able to get back up again”.

OK that’s not their slogan but I think it should be, and it would be accurate in my case, although my weekly chiropractor appointments are definitely helping. The battery lasts longer than ever, too, with up to 60 minutes of cleaning power from a single charge on one battery.

If that’s not enough then you can get a twin battery version to ensure you will never run out of charge no matter how big your home is and there is an option for a motorised pet tool as well to make dog or cat hair pick up a doddle.

A detailed review can be found on the link below.



See full review of the Shark IZ300 & IZ320 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Shark IZ201 & IZ251 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

While Dyson are often regarded as the master of modern vacuum cleaners, especially when it comes to cordless as that is all they’re focused on these days – Shark are much better in my opinion when it comes to allowing you to pick a particular vacuum cleaner tailored to your specific needs, therefore meaning that you end up with better value for money.

Dyson tend to throw everything at each model, instead of offering various options to give the user the flexibility of being able to pick the model that suits their home and lifestyle. Shark don’t force people who don’t own pets to pay for the motorized pet tool, for example. If you don’t have pets, you can opt to pay a bit less for the version which doesn’t come with that tool.

Also, to be fair the suction is so good on this range that even if you do have pets, you’ll probably find that the standard brush roller is more than adequate to deal with a moulting moggy or shedding schnauzer.

Another thing that is great about the Shark cordless vacuum cleaners is that the batteries can simply be removed and replaced, which means there’s the option of buying one with a twin battery, so that you can always have a fully charged one ready to go, and they’re simply removed and replaced with one click. 

It’s important to be aware that the power setting you set your cordless hoover to is going to predict how much cleaning time you’ll have from a single charge, but even on constant full power you’ll get 20 minutes of cleaning time, so 40 minutes with the twin battery option, which should be enough for even sprawling mansions. 

It has the features Shark hoovers are known for, including the “Flexology” wand which allows you to simply use the folding stick to hoover under sofas, tables and so on – and the clever anti-hair wrap technology which makes the thankless task of cutting hair from brush rollers a thing of the past.

With the soft roller and a brush roller incorporated into the duoclean floorhead, it performs brilliantly on both hard floor and carpet and it converts to a handheld with just a few clicks. 

Thanks to the choice of options such as with or without pet tools and with single or twin battery, IZ201 & IZ251 are just as suitable for small homes and apartments as it is for larger homes. 



See the full review of the Shark IZ201 & IZ251 cordless stick vacuum cleaner


Budget Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

While this might not be breaking any design moulds, in fact to me it does look very similar to the very first cordless vacuum cleaner the Black & Decker Dustbuster simply with a standard hoover pole and brush roller attached, the emphasis here is on “Budget” – and if you read through the many online reviews for this very low priced cordless vacuum cleaner, you’ll probably come away with the impression that this is a lot of performance for the cost. 

What most users agree on is that the suction power is remarkably good for the price, and while it might not give the same kind of cleaning power from a single charge than you may get if you spend several times the price on a more premium cordless hoover, it does offer the convenience of no cords and being super lightweight at a very low price. 

If you’re looking for a cordless stick vacuum cleaner purely for stairs, or for a small apartment or house, and/or for hoovering the car, boat or caravan or motorhome for example, this does have surprisingly good suction for a cordless vacuum cleaner at this price.

This doubles as a handheld lightweight hoover, too, and there are standalone handheld vacuum cleaners that cost a lot more than this so this does work out great value for money as a two in one full sized cordless stick and handheld hoover and its really light at just 2.9kg.

It’s not going to give you quite the same in terms of suction power and overall cleaning power, or cleaning time as a Dyson or a Shark, but lots of people just don’t need the kind of power and battery life that would justify such a spend. Really good value for money here for anyone who doesn’t have a big space to hoover or is looking for a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner for specific use.


Full review of the budget cordless vacuum cleaner


Tineco Pure One S12 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Founded in the United States over 20 years Tineco has quietly gone about their business of producing a cordless stick vacuum cleaner to contend with the likes of Shark and Dyson and with the S12 they have come up with a cordless stick hoover that matches or possibly even beats their performance but at a lower price!

Tineco Pure One S12 may be a bit of a mouthful to say, and I’m not sure what would have been wrong with simply “Tineco Pure One” or “Tineco S12”, but it’s lighter on the arm than it is on the tongue, weighing in at a mere 2.88 kg, which is very light given the power.  

It delivers exceptional suction power, and it also comes with two batteries as standard, which last for up to 50 minutes each, allowing you to hoover for up to around an hour and forty minutes straight, if you feel so inclined.

I have to comment here that I think they’ve potentially got this slightly wrong, and it’s an area Shark get right, which is that they’re essentially making this only a cordless hoover that someone with a bigger home to clean would buy, as they’re not offering a single battery option available for people who just wouldn’t need the second battery.

The S12 has a very clever feature it shares with the very latest (very expensive) Dyson V15 detect, which is that it senses the dirt level and automatically changes the suction to the appropriate level. It also features a digital display so you can easily monitor exactly how much battery life it has left. 

While it doesn’t have Shark’s clever anti hair wrap technology, it does have a feature which warns you when the brush head is getting tangled with hair, so you can manage it before it comes a big deal, and it comes with many accessories for every possible job in your home and car.

This isn’t a cheap, and it comes with a lot of accessories and two batteries, with no flexibility to choose a different version, if you don’t have a large house or pets, but for bigger homes with pets it does seem to be a very interesting contender to the mighty Dyson.


Full review of the Tineco Pure S12 cordless vacuum cleaner


Budget Corded Stick Upright Vacuum Cleaner

OK this isn’t a cordless stick, it’s a corded stick – mainly due to the fact that it has a power cord… But I’m throwing this in as a suggestion because not everyone who wants the “stick” part, needs the “cordless” part. Being a stick vacuum means it’s very light, and easily converts into a handheld, and for a lot of people, this is enough. 

If this is enough, then the benefit of going for corded vs cordless is that you’ll save money, and you’ll have greater suction power, and for longer. We tend to take new technology for granted, and it’s very easy to forget how much more expensive more modern technology can be.

Remember, cordless vacuum cleaner technology is partly a development of space travel, we’re talking about cutting-edge technology, and it’s so easy to forget that and just assume that cordless is an old-hat technology, but it’s really not, and while cordless technology is improving, it’s not improving in all areas at the same time. 

Dyson have pioneered the suction power side of things with cordless hoovers, with really clever engineering to allow cordless vacuum cleaners to have a similar power to corded vacuum cleaners, and this is really something. But, battery technology hasn’t caught up to the point that even the latest Dyson cordless stick vacuum cleaner would be able to match a much cheaper corded vacuum cleaner for very long before the battery runs out. 

When you plug into the wall, you have a constant supply of power to draw from at up to 13amps, for as long as you feel like hoovering for. When you rely on a battery, you’ll have something like a 1.1 AH (amp hours) battery, so what this means is that even with the most powerful most up to date cordless hoovers, you’re really quite limited in terms of how long that battery will allow you to clean for, especially on the high power setting. 

Cordless sticks need to be light, so if they overcame this by providing a battery pack the size of a small hatchback, that would fix one issue and cause another. 

So then, if you’re not too fussed about having to step over a cable, and re-position the plug every so often, going for a lower cost corded stick like this one, is a way to get much more bang for your buck. This one really does give you a lot of value for money, and the power cable is 10m so it’s not as if you’ll need to be bending down to unplug & relocate the plug every couple of minutes.

By the way, while we’re on this point – why are most power sockets (except in the kitchen) so low down? If you’re reading this and you’re an electrician, why not put lounge, bedroom, hallway etc sockets at waist level and sink them into the wall with some kind of a pretty cover, so we don’t have to constantly bend over? Just saying…

So, this budget corded stick vacuum cleaner easily converts into a handheld hoover, and it comes with a HEPA filter too, so it traps in the vast majority of the dust and allergens it inhales, unlike many other vacuum cleaners at this kind of price point.


See the full review of the budget corded stick upright vacuum cleaner 


Shark HZ400UKT Corded Stick Upright Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re sold on the idea of going for a corded stick instead of cordless, but you want to invest a bit more on a known and trusted prmium brand, then the Shark Shark HZ400UKT is well worth a gander. 

It’s cheaper than Shark’s cordless stick vacuum cleaners, and it has great and continual suction power, at a really low cost given that it’s coming from such a premium brand. 

The only sacrifice you’re making to get a lower price vs their cordless sticks is that you have a power cable to contend with. You still get the usual clever Shark features, including the Duo Clean floorhead, Anti Hair-Wrap technology, Lift-Away Technology which allows it to simply transform into a lightweight corded cleaner.

It also comes with the “TruePet” hair removal tool which also has the Anti Hair Wrap technology, which will come in particularly handy if you have long-haired pets, such as an Angora Rabbit, Afghan hound, or maybe you have a couple of Highland cattle chilling in your lounge, in which case cleaning up hair will probably be the least of your worries! 

It also comes with Shark’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal feature which makes it a good choice for allergy sufferers, which they state traps 99.9% of allergens. It’ll stand up by itself, which makes storage options easier, and as it’s a Shark which means you get a 5 year extended warranty.



See the full review of the Shark HZ400UKT corded stick vacuum cleaner


Dyson V10 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

I mentioned earlier that not everyone needs to shell out for the latest and greatest Dyson cordless stick vacuum cleaner, but this doesn’t mean that a Dyson isn’t a good choice, it just means that the newest Dysons tend to be incredibly pricey. 

There are, however, earlier Dysons that are now much cheaper and offer much better value for money, and in my humble opinion the Dyson V10 is the best Dyson cordless stick where value for money is concerned, better than the V12 where value is concerned given that the V12 costs so much more but doesn’t actually do that much more where cleaning power is concerned. 

I’ve used the Dyson V10 for several years, and yes there are many newer Dysons now that I could shell out several hundred pounds for, but I’m not sure what would possess me to do that given that this does such a great job, and literally leaves nothing behind. For me, this cordless stick has everything I could need in terms of ease of use and performance, with the best suction I’ve ever experienced.

In an ideal world I’d like a bit more battery life, as I do find that I need to keep an eye on the battery and on what power I’m using it on, if I leave it on full power all the time it’ll be flat within 10 minutes –  but would I be prepared to spend hundreds of pounds more just to not have to pay as much attention to the battery life, nope.



see the full review of the Dyson V10 cordless vacuum cleaner here 


Gtech AirRam MK2 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

OK at first glance this may look like a kid’s toy, but don’t let looks deceive you – as this is a powerful cordless vacuum cleaner. OK, it’s not officially a stick hoover, but it’s a lightweight (3.2kg) cordless hoover with great suction power, and I think it may be the right choice for many people reading this article, which is why I’ve included it.

This isn’t the very cheapest option, but comparatively speaking it’s relatively low priced, and it’s very powerful – in fact, the powered brush head moves the hoover around, so you don’t even have to push it. Although, if you lose hold of the handle you may need to chase it, similar to walking the dog although you won’t need poo bags, or hoover bags either as it’s bagless. 

It features Gtech’s edge-cleaning technology thanks to the brush bar which is made to get right into corners and close up to skirting boards, and it’s remarkably simple and no fuss. If you’re just looking for a powerful, lightweight cordless hoover that you can turn on, hoover up, turn off and very easily empty the bin, then this might be your perfect cordless vacuum cleaner. 

You’ll get up to 40 minutes cleaning from one charge, too, which is plenty for most homes.



Full review of the Gtech AirRam MK2 cordless vacuum cleaner


Vytronix Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Vytronix might not be quite a household name, but the brand is owned by a very well-established UK firm, (A P Taylor Ltd) with a lot of experience with vacuum cleaners, which makes me view this brand in a slightly different light than other unknown brands that tend to crop up online at prices that seem to good to be true. 

This is a two-in-one vacuum that operates equally well as a lightweight high-powered handheld as it does as a full-size cordless stick. It doesn’t quite have the same kind of suction power of the likes of Shark and Dyson cordless hoovers, but I think the power is probably fine for most hoovering jobs, and it’s worth keeping in mind that you probably couldn’t buy a Shark or Dyson replacement battery for the RRP of this cordless stick!

It’ll give you about half an hour of cleaning time from a single charge, it comes with a crevice tool attachment, the bagless waste bin is easy to empty, and it comes with a wall bracket for simple storage. 


See the full review of the Vytronix cordless vacuum cleaner


Shark HZ500 Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner

One of Shark’s biggest strengths is offering a large selection of vacuum cleaners so that you can handpick the one that works perfectly for your needs. 

The Shark HZ500 is another corded stick option from Shark, which is very easy to manoeuvre, is very lightweight and it folds in half – also unlike the aforementioned HZ400UKT, the HZ500 features the shark flexology “bends because you’ll struggle to get back up again” feature, which is a great one for anyone like me who would prefer the hoover to do the bending.

It also comes with the other usual Shark features such as Duo Clean &  Anti Hair Wrap, but simply because it has a cord, it’s much better value for money than other shark hoovers which have the same list of features but are also cordless.

The standard version comes without a pet accessory tool but if you have pets it’s worth the small upgrade price.



See full review of the Shark HZ500 Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner

What are the different types of stick vacuum cleaner?

Most people think that a stick vacuum cleaner has to be cordless because Dyson stick hoovers are cordless and they were the first brand to introduce them to the market.

But you actually have two main options when it comes to a stick hoover, cordless and corded.

With a cordless stick vacuum the main benefit is the convenience that comes without having to worry about making sure the cord is long enough for the room you want to clean and then having to change the plug socket when you go into different rooms.

The flip side of the convenience is the premium you have to pay with a cordless cleaner compared to a corded one.

A lot of the price you pay for a cordless vacuum cleaner is for the battery that powers it. In order to get good suction, you need a good battery and they are expensive and because of the amount of power they use they tend not to last a very long time before they have to be recharged.

There are a number of things to consider when deciding to go for a cordless stick hoover or a corded one:

Suction Power. Technology has advanced in the last few years to the point where suction power is as good on the best cordless vacuums as it is on a corded hoover.

The best cordless are as good as a corded equivalent but once you go down the price ladder that’s when cordless will start to disappoint you.

The key thing to take into account is price. An expensive cordless will do exactly the same job as a mid-price corded hoover so you just need to decide if you are willing to pay the extra to not bother with plugging it into the wall.

It’s important to not fall into the trap of thinking that a cheap cordless hoover will do a good job.

Once you go below £200 suction starts to be affected significantly and will make it only suitable for hard floors or light use on short pile carpets.

If you are on a budget then you are much better off going for a corded over a cordless because you are going to get much better performance for your money.

It’s not worth the convenience you get from a cheap cordless because it won’t be able to deliver the suction you need and at the end of the day that’s the most important thing.

Battery Life. Even the most expensive cordless hoovers have a limited battery life so that needs to be taken into account when choosing what’s right for your needs.

If you normally whizz round in 10-15 minutes then a cordless should be fine but if you normally take 30 minutes or more to do the main clean then you have to start thinking about preserving battery life by way of not using it on full power the whole time or you risk running out of charge before you are finished.

Some brands like Shark are well aware of this and offer some of their cordless hoovers with a twin battery option so you swop over for a new one if you run out of charge mid clean.

That in itself can become an inconvenience as you have to stop and swop the batteries over which isn’t that much of an issue but just something to be aware of.

In addition to that, it costs more to start with when you buy the hoover because cordless costs more and then you have to pay more on top of that for the extra battery.

Weight. One of the benefits of stick vacuum cleaners is that they tend to be very light because the long central wand (the “stick”) can be made out of material that makes it light.

The difference in weight between corded stick and cordless stick isn’t very much because the weight you save on a cord with corded gets added back with the weight of the battery on cordless.

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