Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair in the UK

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Pets, where would we be without them? We wouldn’t have to spend a fortune on food, vets, and insurance, and we wouldn’t have spent time and money investing in the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair…

We wouldn’t have to pick up poo (hopefully), go out walking in all weather, or get woken up in the middle of the night… I’m now finding myself rethinking this pet malarkey!

I’m kidding, of course, it’s worth it or we wouldn’t put ourselves through it. There are times when we all question the decision to have pets, though. I certainly did the other night at around 3 AM when one of our cats managed to get into the room (she hides under the bed!) and decided to dig her claws into my face! 

But I think the love of pets is just something that makes us human, and there are more homes with pets in the UK than homes without pets, with around 60% of us being pet owners. But if your home is one of the roughly seventeen million homes in the UK with pets, and they’re furry pets, then what is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair? 

In this article, we’re going to talk through some of the most important considerations when it comes to vacuum cleaners for pet hair, and we’re going to provide some suggestions in terms of the specific models that we’d recommend adding to your shortlist.

So what are the most important considerations for owners of furry pets when buying a vacuum cleaner?

Suction Power

Suction power isn’t the be-all and end-all, but without decent suction power, all of the other features are like icing and cherries without the cake. When all said and done, suction is what vacuum cleaners are all about, it’s easy for brands to shout about clever-sounding tech, but without great suction at their core, vacuum cleaners aren’t going to do a great job. 

This is even more so when talking about the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair, simply because pet hair requires more grunt to hoover up. Pet fur has a tendency to embed itself into fibres, we know this from the fact that one of our furry friends sitting on our knee for a few minutes can lead to hunting through the cupboards for the lint roller. 

Max Cleaning Time

When it comes to cordless vacuum cleaners, some of them may make very bold claims about their suction power rivaling corded hoovers, and this may be so, but for how long until you have to stick the battery back on charge? 

Most of us probably wouldn’t plan to be hoovering for hours at a time, so max hoovering time might not be your first consideration, but if you’re vacuuming pet hair, you’ll probably require the maximum or “boost” mode, and with some cordless hoovers you’ll get a maximum cleaning time on one charge of 10-15 minutes, sometimes even less, as these higher powered modes drain the batteries much quicker. 

This is one of the reasons you’ll not find many Dyson suggestions here, because some of the very best vacuum cleaners for pet hair are corded, and while Dyson do still manufacture corded vacuum cleaners, they stopped developing their corded technology a while back, so if you want to use Dyson’s latest features, it’s cordless or nothing.

Pet Tools

The pet tool is an attachment which is usually smaller than the main brush head, and it features a powered brush roll which is designed to dig deep into carpet pile to retrieve the deeply embedded pet hairs.

It isn’t only hairs that pet tools work for, though. They’ll dig out all manner of grime including pet dander (dead skin), dried pet saliva, dust, dust mites, and dust mite feces. This is all stuff that I think we all would like to be removed from our floors, but just be aware that to do a good job of not just retrieving these from your floors but also removing them from your home, the next feature is important…

Filter Seal

As I’ve just mentioned, most of us would prefer that our vacuum cleaners are powerful enough to remove tiny little particles of nastiness from our carpets, sofas and so on, but what is important is that these microscopic pesky particles are removed from our home altogether, and not just moved from the floor (where they were doing little harm) into the air. 

Many of the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair are bagless, and what this means is that instead of the air filter being part of the hoover bag (as there isn’t one in bagless hoovers of course) the filter is inside the vacuum cleaner.

The air can only be pushed out via the filter, and powerful hoovers expel air at high velocity, and what this means is that the seal around the filter has to be perfect. If not, some of the pet dander and so on, which wouldn’t have been doing much harm deeply embedded within carpet fibres, will end up being pumped into the air ready to be inhaled.

The best bagless hoovers for pet owners are those that have a perfect seal around the filter, and we’ve taken this into account when making our suggestions.

Waste bin volume

This isn’t purely a consideration for pet owners of course, but the size of the waste bin is worth taking into consideration especially for larger homes and for homes where getting to the outside bins (where you’d ideally want to empty the waste bin) involves a bit of a trek. Handheld vacuum cleaners in particular do tend to have increasingly petite waste bins.

Cordless Vs Corded

A really important consideration when choosing the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair is whether you actually need a cordless vacuum cleaner. The leading vacuum cleaner brands tend to focus on cordless, as this is the premium end of the market, and this is leading an increasing number of homeowners to opt for cordless.

As I mentioned earlier, while some of the latest and most expensive cordless vacuum cleaners boast the ability to compete with corded vacuum cleaners for suction power, but this is when on maximum power mode or boost mode, and although the cleaning time on max power modes is gradually increasing, battery-powered cordless hoovers will never be able to compete with corded vacuum cleaners for how long you can operate them at full power. 

This is important for pet owners, because decent suction power is required to get rid of pet hair, so if you have dogs, cats or less common furry pets such as Bushbabies, wild boars or wildebeest (probably not, but who knows?)  then if you’re going cordless, you’re probably going to need a premium cordless in order to have the power and the cleaning time to do a good job of keeping your home clean.

If you’re looking for the very best bang for buck, this is usually found with corded vacuum cleaners rather than cordless, so if you’re a pet owner shopping for a cordless vacuum cleaner I’d at least explore corded vacuums as well as cordless, which is why we’ve included both in the suggestions below.

These are the best vacuum cleaners available in the UK for pet hair that combine both quality and value:

Shark IZ400UK / IZ400UKT & IZ420UKT Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Shark aren’t messing about in their tussle for top spot in the vacuum cleaner market, this has been clear for a while with their release of some really impressive models over the past few years, but the release of their “Stratos” range has made it quite clear that they’re serious about continuing to give the mighty Dyson a run for their money. 

Many people see Dyson as being at the cutting edge where vacuum cleaner technology is concerned, and certainly, they’ve made some big developments particularly in the cordless stick market, but for me, while Dyson tend to deliver quite a bit of buzz-word tech that doesn’t always translate particularly well into actual features, many of Shark’s features deliver really practical benefits.

Their Anti hair wrap feature for example (which had been improved in the Stratos range) cuts hairs to stop them from wrapping around the roller, the benefit of this being very clear in that it means you no longer have to mess about trying to hack clumps of hair from your brush roll (which I would imagine is a task no one anywhere will ever miss!).

Their Duo clean feature is another impressive feature that delivers real obvious benefits, it improves the overall cleaning power, prevents the “snowplowing” effect when hoovering up larger particles (such as breakfast cereals for example) on hard floors, and even gives hard floors a polish while you’re hoovering them. 

Their Anti-Allergen Complete Seal feature is another one, this is a HEPA filter designed to filter out the aforementioned teeny terrors (dust mites, pollen, pet dander and other allergens) along with a complete seal which means that the microscopic particles aren’t pumped into the air.

They believe their Stratos range is a real game changer, though, and they have gone as far as to state that it’s going to change the way that people clean their homes. While that may be a very bold statement, it’s very much evident that Shark are thinking a lot about pet owners with this range, and it performs very well in all of the areas I mentioned earlier in terms of considerations for vacuum cleaners for pet owners. 

It’s their most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner to date, they say that the Anti-Hair wrap feature has been improved so that it deals with shorter pet hairs and pet fur better, and does a better job of ensuring pet hair doesn’t get wrapped around the roller.

It has the new “Clean Sense IQ” feature which enables the vacuum cleaner to sense the amount of dirt in the area of floor you’re cleaning so that it can adjust the suction power accordingly, and it features their new Anti-Odour technology which irradicates “wet dog smell” leaving your rooms not only pet hair free, but pet smell free, too.



See full review of the Shark IZ400 / IZ400UKT / IZ420UKT Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Shark Stratos HZ3000UKT Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Shark has done it again with their Stratos range of vacuum cleaners. Superb value for money, excellent cleaning performance and many thousands of 5 star reviews on Amazon. I have one at home and here is my full detailed review:

See full review of the Shark Stratos HZ3000UKT Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner




Shark IZ300 & IZ320 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


This is the previous range from Shark prior to their latest Stratos range, and as the Stratos models feature their latest feature and their best vacuum power to date, this model was their most advanced and most powerful vacuum cleaner prior to the release of the latest flagship models. 

If you’re a pet owner looking to get the very best in value for money, going one model down from the very latest flagship model is a great way to save some money while still getting some really good features.

Similarly to going for the flagship Apple or Samsung smartphone from last year or the year before instead of re-mortgaging the family home to afford this year’s model, you’ll get some great relatively new features with these Shark vacuum cleaners, without having to shell out quite so much cash.

This model might not have all of the features of the new Stratos range, it doesn’t have the Anti-Odour feature or Clean Sense IQ, and the Stratos models are even more powerful than this, which was previously their most powerful suction model, but there are still a bunch of really good features here for pet owners, and it’ll probably allow you to keep an extra hundred quid or so in your pocket. 

You get the “Flexology” feature, which allows you to hoover under sofas, tables, and so by allowing the wand to bend so that you don’t have to bend yourself into a position you may never get out of! It has the brilliant Anti hair wap feature to capture and cut hairs from the brush roll, and the power fins which enables the brush roll to dig deeper into carpet pile. You also get the duo clean feature and the Anti-Allergen complete seal. 

In my opinion, this is a great option for the money and is possibly in the perfect position of balance in terms of not going beyond the point of diminishing returns.



See full review of the Shark IZ300 & IZ320 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Vax Evolve Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Vax Evolve is a cordless vacuum cleaner from Vax that probably seems like it belongs in the too good to be true category. The price of this model does set the “buy right or buy twice” alarm bells ringing, but there’s actually a very good reason that this vacuum cleaner is so affordable. 

While the latest Dyson and Shark models are doing their very best to please absolutely everyone, offering just about every feature anyone could ever require for a vacuum cleaner for pet owners, the Vax evolve doesn’t attempt to do this, instead, it’s simply made for hoovering floors.

It doesn’t convert into a handheld vacuum cleaner, it doesn’t have any fancy airs & graces, it doesn’t come with accessories & attachments, it’s literally just made to be a lightweight (just a tad over 4 kg) cordless vacuum cleaner with fairly decent suction power and good overall cleaning power for the price. 

It’s also very simple to use, being a more old-school vacuum cleaner that you simply turn on via a simple button, and push in the direction that you want to clean. A great option for pet owners on a budget who want to invest in a well-known brand and aren’t fussed about bells & whistles.



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Shark CZ250UKT & CZ500UKT cylinder vacuum cleaner

If you have never considered a cylinder vacuum cleaner before because you thought that they were a bit outdated then perhaps Shark may be able to change your mind with their range of cylinder cleaners that both feature a motorised pet tool specifically designed to get up the most stubborn pet hairs above floor level. 

As a dog owner myself, I know how hard it is to get dog hair out of the sofa but this pet tool is like a mini hoover above ground, the roller spins and combines with very strong suction power to ensure easy removal of all pet hair.

Of course, it works as well at ground floor level and contains all of Shark’s latest technology including Flexology, anti-hair wrap, a Duo Clean floorhead and a whopping 5 year guarantee for full peace of mind



See the full review of Shark CZ250 & CZ500 cylinder vacuum cleaner


Shark HZ400UKT Corded Vacuum Cleaner

As you can see, the Shark HZ400 looks very similar in size and shape to their latest cordless sticks, but with one major difference in the form of a power cord. 

One of the great things about Shark Vs Dyson, is that Shark are still developing cordless vacuum cleaner technology. With Dyson if you want to stick to corded vacuums you have to be happy to stick with fairly old technology. If you want their latest features you’re forced to go cordless, as they’re only developing new cordless vacuum cleaners. 

The HZ400 gives you most of the same features as the popular IZ300 & IZ320 but with no worries about charging batteries, allowing you to hoover away to your heart’s content with great suction power, without any concerns about running out of power. You get a long 10 metre power cable, so I think most people wouldn’t even notice that it’s not cordless, unless you trip over the flipping thing in which case you obviously will, but you might not be as clumsy as me.

Suction is excellent and the top half clips off so that you can easily clean the stairs and sofa with full suction power. You get the great Anti Hair Wrap feature, the duo clean feature with power fins, the Anti Allergen complete seal, so this is a brilliant all-round vacuum cleaner for pet owners that delivers ultra-premium performance without the super expensive price.



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Shark IZ201 & IZ251 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

If you really don’t want the hassle of dealing with cords and plugs then a Shark cordless hoover is the best value for money when you combine convenience and the suction power to deal effectively with pet hair.

Dyson cordless cleaners do a tremendous job but Shark cordless cleaners do an equally good job but cost less and you get more choice so you can tailor a vacuum to your needs.

There are 4 Shark cordless stick vacuum cleaners in the range with various features and accessories. 2 of them have a pet brush attachment which is going to help if you are specifically looking for a hoover that can properly deal with dog and cat hair so make sure you go for one that has the pet brush attachment because it’s going to make life a lot easier when you are doing the sofa and cushions and beds and stairs.

You then need to choose the battery life that you want and the ones that come with the pet brush attachment are available with either 40 or 80 minute battery life. The 80 minute battery life models actually come with 2 batteries and means that you just need to switch the batteries over if you are doing a long clean.

Give some thought to how long you actually spend vacuuming your home at any one time and you can probably save yourself some money as you will probably have no need for the 80 minute twin battery versions. Do you really spend more than 40 minutes hoovering in one go? If not the single-battery version will be fine.

Finally, Shark offers anti hair wrap technology which is basically a brush that has been designed to stop hair getting tangled. If you have pets then you will know how frustrating it is when your hoover stops picking up properly and you realise there is a mound of hair wrapped around the brush and you have to spend ages attacking it with a pair of scissors. This is no gimmick either, it really works and is well worth the upgrade.

The suction on these Shark cordless hoovers is excellent and more than good enough to deal with pet hair.

Prices do vary and different models are promoted at different times but for pets the 40 minute battery life with pet attachment and anti hair wrap is a really good option.



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Shark ICZ160 & ICZ300 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This is my personal favourite because when you look at everything you want in a vacuum cleaner this delivers across the board.

There are three different options in this range. The standard model with 50 minutes runtime, then there is a 50 minutes runtime model with a specific pet tool attachment and finally the one with the pet tool attachment with a spare extra battery that increases cleaning time to 100 minutes.

In order to buy the one that has a 100-minute runtime you need to first of all have a home big enough that you can’t get around it in 50 minutes and then you have to have the will power to actually vacuum for more than 50 minutes at a time!

Therefore with the exception of really big homes and super keen cleaners, you can safely rule out the 100 minute version and that leaves the 50 minute runtime with pet tool as the perfect option for those looking to clean up after their cats and dogs and the ICZ300 comes with an even better battery life than the ICZ160 

The suction power is exceptional and when you combine it with the pet tool nothing gets left behind.

From an ease of use perspective, the “lift away” option that allows you to go into handheld mode whilst maintaining the same high level of suction is excellent. The main motor that powers the hoover is easily carried around and makes it super simple to do stairs and sofas and more.

Anti hair wrap technology is included on the brush roller and ensures you will never have to cut out all the hair that normally gets wrapped around it because there won’t be any.

Here is a short video that shows it in action:





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Tineco Pure One S12 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This may not be a brand you have heard of but they are big in the United States and have been around for more than 20 years. The performance is as good as the best Shark or Dyon hoovers and you get more accessories and more batteries as standard.

The latest sensor technology is incorporated that enables the hoover to sense when there is more dirt requiring to be sucked up and it automatically increases the suction power to accommodate then reduces it when dust and dirt levels return to normal so that it’s not used on full power unnecessarily and makes it quieter and the battery lasts longer.

If the battery does run out then you can just pop in the spare in seconds and one of the main accessories includes a powerful motorised pet tool that can just be clipped on for effective management of all cat and dog hair.

A great Dyson alternative at a lower price.


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Dyson V10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Although the V12 is newer and provides slightly better suction than the V10 this is a rare occasion where you are better off buying the older version because when we access how good a product is evaluating value for money is a hugely important factor.

Before the V10 came the V8 and there was a huge difference in the suction power between the two but although the V12 does have more suction power than the V10 it’s not enough to justify paying the extra. 

The V10 is already an outstanding hoover for pet hair. The brush head agitation is excellent and really does make sure that no hair remains stuck in the fibres of your carpet because of the combination of the super-strong brush and exceptional suction power.

You get 3 power settings – low, medium and high. High is only to be used for extremely stubborn dirt as you’ll only get 6 minutes out of it if you keep it permanently on high but the medium setting on the V10 is stronger than almost all other cordless vacuum cleaners on high and will give you about 25 minutes of cleaning time.

There is a reason that people are prepared to pay hundreds of pounds for a Dyson, it’s because it does an exceptional job of keeping your home clean and pet hair is right up its street.

With the V12 you get more suction power and a fancy digital display so if you absolutely have to have the latest technology then the V12 is not going to disappoint but the V10 does an outstanding job in its own right and costs less.




Bosch BCS122Gb Unlimited Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This Bosch cordless hoover gives you unlimited cleaning time when using it in normal cleaning mode. Most batteries take 3-4 hours to charge but this one takes only 60 minutes and you get two of them.

In normal cleaning mode you get 60 minutes of battery life so if one battery runs out you can just switch it for the other battery and you can do that all day long if you want!

This vacuum cleaner gives you the longest cleaning time at the highest level of suction than any other cleaner on the market without recharging.

In turbo mode you get 9 minutes per battery so 18 minutes in total out of both batteries, A Dyson will give you just 6 minutes on max power before you have to recharge for 3 hours.

The turbo mode doesn’t have quite the same level of suction as the Dyson V10 or V12 but it’s pretty close and it’s more than capable of dealing with dog and cat hair.

Most people can get around the house in 20 minutes and this is the only vacuum cleaner out there that will let you do that on maximum turbo power and is cheaper than Dyson and therefore you are getting maximum power for longer for less money.



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Miele C3 Complete Powerline Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

If you don’t mind a cord that you have to plug into the wall then this hoover represents seriously good value for money. No need to worry about battery life or whether the suction is going to be good enough.

For less than half the price of some of the top cordless cleaners, you are getting a hoover from one of the most trusted small appliance brands in the world. Miele has been around for decades and consistently produces high-quality products that last for years.

Normally you have to pay top dollar for a Miele product like a washing machine or dishwasher but this Cylinder vacuum cleaner is surprisingly cheap for Miele but still offers top-level cleaning performance.

There are multiple levels of suction power that are easily adjustable and the highest level is so strong that you will almost never use it because on thick pile carpet it will pretty much stick to the floor.

This is a bagged vacuum cleaner and it has a large 4.5 litre capacity so it’s going to last a while and you are certainly not going to have to empty it every 5 minutes like with some of the cordless bagless cleaners. Its also self-sealing so when it’s full there will be no puff of dust coming out like when you empty bagless waste containers which is great if there is anyone in the house with a dust allergy.

It also has a HEPA filter that ensures 99.99% of the dust that goes in stays in.

A brilliant all round cleaner at a very competitive price with very strong suction perfect for pets.



See the full review of the Miele C3 complete powerline cylinder vacuum cleaner


Henry The Hoover

The happy-faced Henry hoover is one of the best selling vacuum cleaners of all time. It’s been on sale for over 30 years and it’s still going strong to this day and for very good reason. It’s cheap AND it cleans really, really well.

Henry may look really friendly, but he’s not friendly to dirt, with really powerful suction. There are many vacuum cleaners out there that are cheap and don’t clean particularly well, there are also many vacuum cleaners that are very expensive, and that do clean well, but to get a hoover that is cheap and cleans really well, is very rare, and I think that’s why Henry has done so well.

Another big selling point for Henry is how popular it is among professional cleaners. It’s very easy for brands to claim that their hoovers are amazing, but the fact that the majority of professional cleaners choose to use this hoover is something that just can’t be overlooked. Ask any cleaner who does it for a living and needs a hoover to clean really well and to be ultra reliable what vacuum cleaner they have, and you’ll rarely hear any other reply than “I have a Henry!”.

With a lot of hoovers these days you get loads of accessories and attachments and all sorts of things that you won’t ever use but with Henry there are none of those bells and whistles. It just cleans, simply but effectively, and you don’t end up paying for bits of plastic you’ll never need to use.

You get a six-litre drum so you’ll hardly ever need to change the bag and a 10-metre cord so it will reach a long way so you won’t have to change the plug socket in every room.

It has a long hose so that you can do all the stairs in one go without shifting it to the top of the stairs to do the rest. 

And it has one level of suction – strong, really really strong. More than good enough to get up all the pet hair in your home.

This is an amazing value for money vacuum cleaner.



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Gtech AirRam Mk2 Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Gtech AirRam is the lightest vacuum cleaner out there that is capable of doing a good job with pet hair. Perhaps you don’t want to put any pressure on your back or you may have trouble getting a hoover up and down the stairs but you won’t have any problems with this one.

At 3.2kg it really is incredibly light and can easily be lifted anywhere by anyone with no bother. It may be light in weight but it packs a big punch with its suction power and will last for 40 minutes with one charge.

For most homes with one dog or cat this is going to work really well and is a great choice if you don’t want to spend big money on a top of the range Shark or Dyson and you want something that is really easy to move around your home.



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How to choose a vacuum cleaner for pet hair

There are a number of different types of vacuum cleaners that are suitable for pet hair and there are some really good ones within each category.

Choosing the one that works best for you can very much come down to personal preference and what you have been used to over the years.

There are 4 categories to consider and each one of them has their own individual merits.

Cylinder Vacuum cleaners are often overlooked as most people now gravitate towards cordless stick cleaners but some of the best value for money can be found in this category.

They tend to be lighter and easier to use than the bulkier upright cleaners and because they are corded as long as you choose wisely you are guaranteed the suction power you need to tackle pet hair.

Because they tend to be a lot more compact and smaller you can balance them on stairs easily enough and they have long hoses ensuring you can get into hard to reach areas without any bother.

Upright corded hoovers are also a very sound choice when it comes to keeping pet hair in check.

The power they generate when combined with the right motorised brush head can dig right down to the very bottom of your carpet fibres and dig out the hair that other hoovers can’t get to.

Cordless stick vacuum cleaners are the default choice for a lot of people these days but when it comes to pet hair you do have to pay through the nose to get the right level of suction that you need.

They are very convenient and battery life is continually being improved as each year goes by so from an ease of use perspective this type of hoover is a really good way to clean your home as long as you can afford it.

Robot Vacuum cleaners have moved on leaps and bounds from the clunky poor performing products of just a few years ago.

When it comes to pet hair though we are still not convinced the technology is quite there yet to pull up all the hair from the pets in your home.

There are a few that can deliver but for the price you have to pay you can buy two of the best cordless cleaners so therefore for value for money you are better off going down that road.

Robot cleaners also can’t reach above floor level so if you go down the robot route then you are going to have to invest in something else as well to clean your furniture and upholstery.

Handheld Vacuum cleaners are not really capable of dealing with the challenges of pet hair unless you go for a super expensive Dyson and combine it with a super expensive robot cleaner so that you can cover the whole house.

That’s only really a good idea if you don’t care about money as you can do as good or better a job with one of the other hoover types listed above.

What hoovers are best for each floor type?

Some vacuum cleaners are more suited to carpet and others to hard flooring and others are really good all-rounders.

If you have a mixture of different surfaces such as carpet, rugs, tiling and hardwood floors then choose an all-rounder.

If you have only one surface such as hard floor then you will be able to save some money because you won’t need something with all of the functionality such as automatic switch of suction depending on the surface you are hoovering.

There is no need to pay for something you don’t require so check what the different features are on each hoover and ask yourself if you need them.

Don’t bother going for the all singing all dancing vacuum cleaner if you can get away with something simpler that will clean your home just as well.

How much money do you want to spend?

No one would have believed 10 years ago that anyone would be prepared to spend £600 or more on an appliance that hoovered up the mess in your home.

There is no doubt about it, the top of the range branded vacuum cleaners from Dyson and Shark do a really good job of cleaning your home but do they clean good enough to justify the prices that they are asking?

It’s hard to answer yes to that because there are plenty of hoovers that will clean 90% as well as the best and most expensive ones but they are half the price.

Most people would be happy with 90% of the absolute best at 50% of the price.

The bottom line is that everyone has a budget and for most people that can’t afford a top of the range Dyson, a little bit of digging and you will find something that can do a sterling job of removing pet hair without the super high price.

What about the features?

There are some key differences in terms of features depending on the type of vacuum cleaner you choose to go for with some being more obvious than others.

Bag or no bag? In the good old days all vacuum cleaners had a bag that all the dirt and debris would be sucked into and when it was full you had to throw it away and put a new one on.

Then the bagless vacuum cleaner was invented so all the dirt and dust accumulate in a see-through container and when it’s full you simply empty it and put it back on.

So why would anyone ever want to bother with a bag when you don’t need to?

While bagless means you don’t have to buy any bags using a vacuum cleaner that takes bags means you will have to empty the dust and debris a lot less often because the bags are always a lot bigger than the bagless containers.

If you have allergies then a bagged hoover may be the way to go because they tend to release a lot less dust into the air because everything gets trapped in the bag.

This is especially the case when it comes to emptying because bags can be sealed before being removed and thrown away but bagless have to be emptied into the bin and that always releases some dust back into the air.

Filters. Not all vacuum cleaners retain everything that goes into the bag or bagless container.

Choosing one that has good filtration makes sure that the dust stays in. The best way to achieve that is to get a hoover with a HEPA filter.

If your vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter then it is guaranteed to retain 99.99% of everything that goes in.

If your hoover does not have a HEPA filter then you will be surprised at how much dust actually gets released back into the air even if it’s not immediately visible when you are vacuuming.

If you have any allergies then it’s definitely something to be aware of when you make your next hoover purchase.


Most expensive vacuum cleaners come with loads of accessories that you will never use. Dyson adds as many as 9 different tools but most people won’t use more than 3.

When it comes to pet hair a really good addition is a motorised upholstery attachment which basically means that you get the same level of suction and brushing when you are getting the hair off of anything that is higher than floor level.

Suction alone is not always good enough when it comes to stairs, pillows, sofa’s and more so checking that the accessories package is suitable for your needs.

Equally as important is not getting more than you need. Most people will never need more than a crevice tool (the long thin one) so you can get down the side of things, a dusting tool for furniture and fragile items and an upholstery tool.

If you have those 3 then that will cover 99% of anything you ever want to clean.

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