Best Vacuum For Hard Floors

best hard floor vacuum

The best vacuum cleaner for hard floors doesn’t have to be expensive. Suction power is important when it comes to carpet but with hard floors, you don’t need as much suction because the dust and dirt will sit on the surface and not embed deep down in your carpet.

The best value for money way of keeping your hard floors super clean at all times is to combine a cheap cordless hoover with a steam mop.

That way you can suck up all the surface dust and dirt with the vacuum cleaner and then give it a once over with the steam mop to keep it looking like new.

I have always lived in homes with laminate or real wood floors and have tried lots of different combinations for keeping the floor clean.

With carpets, no matter how good your hoover is, you will always have to clean your carpet at some point because over time, dirt will become ingrained into the carpet and no matter how good your vacuum cleaner is, it won’t get the dirt out.

It’s the same with hard floors but you can deal with it on a weekly basis as opposed to once or twice a year with carpets.

It’s a major hassle to rent or buy a carpet cleaner and give your carpet a good wash but you can do the same thing with a steam mop in just a few minutes on all types of hard floor whether real or laminate.

The important thing to remember is to not use a manual mop and bucket because you don’t want a layer of water sitting on the floor. With a steam mop, you get a very thin film of water that is dry within 30 seconds and it therefore cannot have any adverse effect on any hard floors.

I have Amtico flooring throughout my home and I’ve been doing it for years.

The amount of suction you need depends on whether you have a sealed hard floor or whether its real planks of wood with gaps in them.

If you have real wood flooring then you may need better suction if dirt gets down into the gaps but all other types of hard flooring can be dealt with by a cheaper cordless, cylinder or upright vacuum cleaner.

So we have established that you don’t necessarily need to have super strong suction power for hard floors but what else do you need to take into consideration?

Rolling brushes. These are not really required as they are primarily designed to dig into the fibre of the carpet and sweep the dirt into the suction port of the hoover.

A soft roller is much better or no roller at all is fine so save yourself some money if you have only hard floors and get a hoover without a brush roller.

Attachments. A good all-round hoover for hard floors will also come with a suite of accessories and attachments that will allow you to clean a range of different surfaces so make sure it comes with everything you need for the other parts of your home.

Perhaps you have carpet on your stairs so a good upholstery tool will work fine on stairs and you’ll need one for you sofas as well.

Corded or Cordless? For ease of use and convenience you can’t really beat a cordless vacuum. Corded models tend to have more suction and you don’t need to worry about the battery running out.

For hard floors cordless is probably better because you don’t need the suction that you pay through the nose for with the premium brands so you can save money and still get a good cordless without paying over the odds.

Pets. Pet hair is less of an issue on floors but if you have cats or dogs then they will leave their hair all over the house not just on the floor so keep an eye out for a good pet tool.

These are the best vacuum cleaners in the UK for hard floors:

Beko Orion 6 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

This is a perfect example of low cost and good quality that is excellent for hard floors. It is corded but it does come with a 6 metre cord so for most homes you won’t need to need to change the plug socket very often and you never need to be concerned about the battery running out.

This has suction power that is as a good as a Henry Hoover but it costs a lot less making it fantastic value for money. With less powerful vacuums you may find you need to go over an area more than once to hoover everything up but the suction on this Beko is so strong you’ll only ever need one pass which saves time.

The waste container is 2.5 litres which is bigger than average for a cleaner at this price meaning you won’t have to empty it after every clean.

It also comes with a HEPA filter that is great for dust allergy sufferers as it ensures that all the dust stays in once it has been sucked in and it comes with the 3 most important attachments you need – Crevice, Upholstery and Dusting tool.

When you combine cleaning performance and price this is superb.


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Vytronix Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

One of the most expensive parts of a cordless vacuum cleaner is the battery that powers the suction and that’s why the big brands with the most powerful suction are so expensive but if you are cleaning most hard floors then you don’t really need that level of suction and something a lot cheaper will do just as good a job.

This low-cost hoover from Vytronix is super convenient if you just want to grab your hoover and zip round in 10-15 minutes. The suction power is more than good enough to pick up everything on all hard surfaces such as wood, laminate and tiles.

Its very lightweight at just 2.3kg and comes in at a fraction of the price of the likes of Shark or Dyson but will be as effective on hard floors.

It’s bagless and has a 0.5 litre capacity which is quite small and will need emptying after every couple of cleans but it is good practice to empty the waste container as often as possible on all bagless cleaners to maintain maximum suction power.

It easily converts into a handheld to be used all around the home for small spillages and comes with a suite of accessories for cleaning all surfaces around the home.


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Gtech Airram MK2 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

If you are happy to pay a little bit more for really strong suction but still not have to pay the premium prices of Shark and Dyson then the Gtech Airam Mk2 cordless hoover sits in between the low-cost vacuums and the expensive ones.

Especially when it comes to hard floors, this is going to be just as efficient as the top end brands but it won’t cost your nearly as much.

It may weigh only 3.2kg but as soon as you turn it on you instantly feel the amazing suction and for hard flooring in particular the brush head moves it along the floor making it effortless to control and it feels like it just glides across the floor.

The waste container at 0.8litres is a decent enough size but it compresses the dirt as it gets sucked in and you will get up to 2.3 litres of dust into it before it needs emptying.

If you are after really strong cordless suction without a high pricepoint then this is the best out there for hard floors.



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Vytronix Animal Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

An exceptional low-cost vacuum cleaner that punches well above its weight and delivers fantastic suction power that will leave nothing behind with just a single pass.

It is corded but the 6-metre cord ensures you won’t need to change the plug socket very often and is perfect for small to medium-sized homes with hard floors.

This is a perfect example of a product that delivers high performance for a small outlay. If you combine this vacuum cleaner with a steam mop that’s all you will need to keep any hard floor surface looking permanently new.

You get a pet hair tool and a 2 in 1 crevice tool that doubles up as a dusting tool as well giving you everything you need to clean all surfaces, high and low.

This is a bagless vacuum cleaner has a large waste container that will see you good for many cleans before the bag needs to be replaced.


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Amazon Basics Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Sometimes the cheapest can be just what you need. For smaller homes with hard floors and in particular if you have a flat then there may be no need to look further than this basic Amazon branded vacuum cleaner.

It has good suction and a bagless 1.5 litre capacity waste container. It’s ridiculously cheap for the performance that it delivers and it is backed by Amazon themselves.

One of the best things about Amazon is their incredible customer service so if it doesn’t meet your expectations you know for sure that Amazon will sort it out for you making this a no-risk purchase.

Most people don’t send it back because it does what it’s supposed to do, clean your floors effectively for a small outlay.


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Shark S6003UK Steam Mop

The secret to having the cleanest hard floors for the lowest cost is to get a cheap vacuum cleaner and combine it with a decent steam mop and they don’t come much better than the Shark “Klik N Flip”.

It combines high-level cleaning power with ultimate ease of use. You don’t even need to bend down to change the pads. One button releases the dirty pad and you just slot the new one into place whilst it’s on the floor and it clicks into place.

There are 3 levels of steam but i have used this mop on my Amtico flooring for a few years now and never gone to the highest level, its got such great cleaning power. It must be something to do with what the cloth is made of but it just glides across the floor and cuts through dirt like a knife through butter.

It does cost a little more than the average steam mop but you won’t regret it. Thousands of happy customers agree.



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Shark S1000UK Steam Mop

If you don’t want to fork out the money for Sharks premium steam mop this one is normally about the price of the S6003Uk and its lighter as well.

It doesn’t have multiple steam settings or a shot of steam for stubborn stains but if you just want something simple that does the job this is really good value for money.

Fill up the water tank, turn it on and in about 20 seconds you are good to go. We haven’t come across a bad Shark product yet and this steam mop is no exception.

It glides across the floor with ease and does what it says on the tin.



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Above are the best value for money hoovers for hard floors. We have deliberately left out the big brands because we don’t believe it is necessary to spend hundreds of pounds on a vacuum cleaner for hard floors to get really good cleaning performance.

Here are some of the other things to take into account when choosing a vacuum cleaner for hard floors:

Power. You don’t need mega power for hard floors because the dirt sits on top of the surface not deep inside the carpet pile. Decide whether you want the convenience of a cordless or the low cost of a corded cleaner.

A corded cleaner will provide more power at these price levels but a cordless will give you more freedom without any wires.

Weight. Most of our recommendations are very light anyway but if you have issues with your wrists then go for something light.

Storage. Check the dimensions and make sure that whatever you buy will fit into the storage space that you have available.

Bag or Bagless. Bagless means you don’t need to buy replacement bags but the vacuum cleaners for hard floors with bags hold a lot more than the bagless versions so need emptying a lot less frequently. Bagged vacuums also hold onto everything that goes in whilst some bagless ones can release some of the dust back into the air.

That’s everything you need to know about hoovers for hard floors.

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    I’ve been told NOT to use a steam mop on Amtico flooring

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      Hi Penny – i have been using one for years and its fine (low setting)

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