Dyson Absolute, Torque Drive, Animal. What’s the difference?


The suction power is the same on all the latest Dyson cordless stick vacuum cleaners but the prices are different. The difference between the Absolute, Torque Drive and Animal lies in the features that each one comes with and the number of attachments you get.

Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners have the most powerful suction of any cordless vacuums in the UK but that kind of performance doesn’t come cheap. Premium performance comes at a premium price and Dyson offers a number of different options for each cordless vacuum range that they have.

Dyson tends to release a new cordless vacuum once a year or every other year and each time a new one comes out the suction power gets a little better.

Historically, a vacuum cleaner with a cord has always delivered more suction power than a vacuum cleaner without a cord and the argument against cordless was that they simply could not deliver the same level of cleaning performance as a hoover that you plug into the wall.

That all changed in 2018 when Dyson introduced the V10 cordless vacuum cleaner that produced significantly more suction than its predecessor the V8.

The reason that the introduction of the V10 was so significant is that it fundamentally changed the way that Dyson thought about the entire vacuum cleaner market in terms of the range they would offer in the future.

Dyson believes that the suction power on their latest vacuums is so good that they are no longer developing any vacuum cleaners with cords as they think that the future of hoovering your home is cordless.

You can still buy a few corded models but they are old now with outdated features so they are not worth considering and since the launch of the V10 there is now an even better and even more powerful vacuum in the V12.

Not everyone agrees that the demise of corded hoovers is upon us and the cost of a powerful battery certainly makes your hoover more expensive so if you are not that bothered about a cord then its definitely worth checking out Shark who have a very comprehensive range of both corded and cordless vacuum cleaners to choose from.

This article explains more:

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But if you are set on a Dyson but are bewildered by all the different terminology they have on the different variations of each range then this article will break down exactly what you will get with each range and each variation within each range.

Dysons cordless range of vacuum cleaners that can still be bought today goes back to the V7 which is a few years old now but is still a decent vacuum cleaner and in 2017 it was one of the best vacuum cleaners out there so just because there are better ones now doesn’t mean that the V7 is bad.

As newer models come out the older models become cheaper and if you have the kind of home that is suited to one of the older models then they can offer really good value for money.

On the older models the suction is not as powerful as the newer models and the battery doesn’t last as long.

However, for example, if you live in a flat or a smaller home and you don’t have any pets then a V7 or a V8 will do a great job for you and you may well be spending money you don’t need to if you go for one of the latest models.

This is when each of Dysons models were released:

V7 – 2016

V8 – 2017

V10 – 2018

V11 – 2019 – discontinued 2021

V12 – 2021

Each of these models has their own pros and cons that are discussed in detail in this article:

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This article is specifically focused on the difference between each of the variations within each range.

These are the differences between Absolute, Torque Drive and Animal:

Prior to the V11 there were only 2 variations to choose from, Animal and Absolute but with the introduction of the V11, Dyson added the Torque Drive.

So what are they all and why would you choose one over the other?

Dyson Animal cordless vacuum cleaners

V10 & V11

The Animal is the cheapest option of them all. With the V10 Animal you get 6 tools and accessories and with the V11 you get 7 tools and accessories.

They both come with:

A mini motorised brush tool. This is a mini version of the big floorhead that you use to clean the floor but is best for stairs and sofas and other above-floor areas.

A combination tool. For cleaning up high and in corners and other hard to get areas that are not suitable for the mini motorised brush tool.

Crevice tool. For getting down the side of car seats, sofas and other narrow areas.

Mini soft dusting brush. For above floor delicate surfaces like desks, furniture, keyboards and anything that needs a lighter touch.

Docking station. For easy storage and recharging this easily fits to the wall to keep your hoover out of the way in your cupboard or any wall you choose to put it on.

Floor Head. This is the main head you will use to clean your carpets and hard floors.

In addition to the above the V11 comes with a wand storage clip so that you can store both the combination tool and the crevice tool on the stick of the vacuum cleaner for easy access and also for easy storage.

The V10 does not come with a wand storage clip.

Dyson Torque Drive cordless vacuum cleaners

The torque drive is available on the V11 only and has two main features that the Animal does not have.

It has a sensor that automatically detects the surface you are cleaning on and adjusts the suction power accordingly.

As a general rule you don’t need as much suction power on hard floor as you do on a deep pile carpet because its harder to dig down deep into a carpet fibre than just scoop dust and dirt off the surface of a laminate floor.

You can adjust the power level yourself with a flick of your thumb but if you don’t want to do that then the Torque drive will do it for you.

You also get an LCD screen that shows you the battery life to the exact % point.

With the Animal, you get 3 lights to show you the battery life but you don’t know exactly where you are at so if you want to know that you have 12% battery left instead of just 1 green light telling you that you are running low you’ll get that with the Torque drive.

Dyson Absolute cordless vacuum cleaners

The Absolute has everything that the Torque Drive and the Animal have as listed above but it comes with one additional attachment which is a soft roller.

You’ll only need to consider this option if you have a decent amount of hard floor in your home.

The main floorhead that all Dysons come with are really good but a soft roller does an even better job than the standard one.

If you have all hard floors then this is a good option to go for and if you have no hard flooring then there is no need.

These are the best Animal, Torque Drive and Absolute Dyson vacuum cleaners in the UK:

Dyson V10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V10

Release Date: 2018

Battery runtime on a single charge: up to 60 minutes

Number of power levels: 3 (minimum, medium and maximum)

Battery recharge time: 3.5 hours

Waste Bin Capacity: 0.76 litres

Noise level measured in decibels: 75

Suction power (measured in air watts): 150

Charge remaining:  There are 3 lights telling you how much charge is left. All 3 lights represent a full charge and 1 light means its starting to run out. The top of the range models now have an LED display that tells you exactly to the nearest percentage how much charge remains

Accessories: The V10 is available as an “Animal” and “Absolute”  with the absolute having the same accessories as the Animal but also comes with a soft roller that is specifically for hard floor use.

Overall: Probably the best value for money Dyson out there at the moment because it’s not the latest one but it still has amazing suction power and delivers exceptional cleaning performance.



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Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V8

Release Date: 2017

Battery runtime on a single charge:  up to 40 minutes

Number of power levels: 2 (maximum and minimum)

Battery recharge time: 3.5 hours

Waste Bin Capacity: 0.54 litres

Noise level measured in decibels: 70

Suction power (measured in air watts): 115

Charge remaining: 3 lights with 3 being a full charge and 1 light tells you its running low.

Accessories: The V8 is only available now as the “Animal” version and has the same accessories as the V7 “Animal” so you can’t get this with a soft roller therefore if you mainly have hard floors you may be better off with the V7 as the soft roller is specifically designed for hard floors.

Overall: The V8 has a redesigned brush on the main floor head that makes it more effective than the V7 at digging into the carpet fibres to pick up all the dust and dirt.

It comes with 15% more suction power than the V7 so will certainly be more effective on harder surfaces to clean such as deep pile carpets.



Which Dyson version is best?

Regardless of the version that you go for they all have the same suction power.

The V11 has more suction power than the V10 but each of the variations have the same suction power.

Whether you go for the Animal or the Torque drive or the Absolute the suction power will be the same and the best there is in the UK.

There are two things to consider. The torque drive and absolute on the V11 will switch suction power automatically when it senses that you are moving from hard floor to carpet so you don’t need to.

If you are not bothered by that and you don’t mind flicking the switch to go from low to medium or medium to high power then you won’t need this feature.

LCD digital display. The V11 absolute and torque drive has an LCD display that shows you the percentage of battery that remains so you know exactly how much battery power is left.

If that’s important to you then it’s worth considering because if the battery is starting to run out on high power and you switch to medium power then it will automatically show you how much more power you have left because you switched to a power level that is draining less battery so you’ll now get more out of it.

If you don’t have the led display (the animal doesn’t) then you’ll still get 3 lights to show you how much is left but you just won’t know the exact percentage.

It really just depends on whether you want the latest tech or not. Flicking a switch to change from medium to high power when you move from hard floor to carpets is hardly a big deal and do you really need to know if you are on 5% or 7% battery when you have the 3 lights to tell you anyway?

The choice is yours but the Animal probably represents the best value for money because the cleaning performance is the same but it just doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that the Torque drive and Absolute has.

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