Henry vs Dyson

henry vs dyson

Because of all the hype around Dyson and the huge advertising budget they have its easy to get carried away by all the marketing and believe that they are the best thing since sliced bread but to properly evaluate who is best between Dyson and Henry you have to take price into account.

There are not that many vacuum cleaner brands that everyone has heard of but if you live in the UK then it’s very likely you will know about Dyson and Henry. Henry has been around forever and Dyson has taken the world by storm with their revolutionary vacuum cleaners that have no cords but still deliver mega suction.

When you look at how much an average Dyson costs compared to how much Henry costs they are miles apart with Dyson costing far more than Henry so based on price alone you would think that Dyson would be much better but when you look at overall cleaning performance then there are some very surprising results.

When you see the Dyson adverts you can fall into the trap of thinking that they fall into the same category as a new TV or a new smartphone or something really desirable because they very cleverly sell it as an incredible appliance that is going to do something never done before.

Vacuum cleaners are not like that. What you are looking for when it comes to hoovering your home is something that does a good job and is easy to use.

When they are not in use they are stored in the cupboard and not left out on show for everyone to see because they are a functional item and as long as they clean well its worth asking the question as to whether you need to spend a small fortune on one.

There is no doubt about it, Dyson vacuum cleaners are excellent and do a tremendous job of keeping your home clean but in this article we will be looking not just at how well both Henry and Dyson clean your home but how much you have to pay out in the first place.

Because it’s not just about how good a vacuum cleaner is, it’s about the value for money you are getting from it.

For example, if we could we would all employ a cleaner to do the hoovering in our home and keep everything clean because no one would want to do the hoovering or clean if we didn’t have to.

But hiring a full time cleaner is just not realistic because although they would keep the place spotlessly clean you’d end up paying them £100 per week and that is simply not realistic for the vast majority of people so we have to buy our own hoover and do it ourselves.

The same principal applies when you come to buy your vacuum cleaner. If money is no object then you don’t need to read the rest of this article, just go out and buy a top of the range Dyson that will set you back up to £599 because you will get a hoover that is excellent across the board.

But many people cannot afford to spend that kind of money on a hoover or if you can afford it you want to make sure that it is going to do many things that another one that costs a fraction of the price can do.

If you forget price and just look at everything Dyson does then it wins compared to Henry but when you take price into account as well there is a strong argument for Henry being better than Dyson because Henry vacuum cleaners may not have all the bells and whistles that Dyson have but they have fantastic suction power and do a great job of cleaning your home.

So how do you decide between them both?

What’s the difference between Dyson and Henry vacuum cleaners?

The biggest reason why you would buy a Dyson over Henry is the convenience of not having to plug it into the wall.

Dyson is one of the few manufacturers that have managed to develop a cordless vacuum cleaner that has strong enough suction to compete with the best corded vacuum cleaners.

They used to do a corded cylinder vacuum and an upright corded vacuum cleaner but they stopped developing anything with a cord on it a few years ago and now only developing and releasing new hoovers that are corded.

Despite being cordless the suction power on all Dyson hoovers is very strong but you may be surprised to learn that Henry vacuum cleaners have suction that is as good as Dyson.

Suction power is by far the biggest factor in getting all the dust and dirt out of your floors and into the waste container of the hoover and all Henrys have a very powerful motor that is not reliant on a battery like Dysons are and therefore generate tremendous suction power.

So if you absolutely have to have no cord because you have a massive home and you don’t want to drag a cable around with you then Dyson wins.

But perhaps you live in a smaller home or a flat and the 10 metre cable that comes with a Henry means you only need to change the socket once or twice during your weekly clean then Henry wins because the suction is equal to a Dyson but it costs hundreds of pounds less.

Another benefit of Henry vs Dyson is that you will never need to worry about the battery running out but with a Dyson on full power you’ll only get about 10 minutes on full power before the battery dies so you need to keep an eye on it and only use medium power to preserve battery life if you want it to last longer.

Henry suction on full power is better than Dyson on medium so for that reason Henry wins if you need to hoover for longer than 10 minutes at a time.

The waste bins on Dysons are small and Henry’s come in various sizes starting at 6 litres and going up to 9 litres and beyond which is about 9 times more than a Dyson will hold.

So if you think you are going to find it a pain emptying the waste bin every other time you hoover then Henry wins again.

From an accessories point of view they both come with a large number of tools for cleaning above floor so its pretty much a draw on that front.

What it boils down to is whether you want to pay a huge premium for the benefit of no cord. If you don’t mind a cord then Henry cleans as well as a Dyson but costs a lot less.

These are the best Henry and Dyson vacuum cleaners in the UK:

Henry Hoover Xtra HVX200 Vacuum Cleaner

Henry has been around since the 1980’s and is still a best seller to this day in the UK and for good reason. It has tremendous suction power and is not expensive compared to other manufacturers that charge an awful lot less for similar cleaning performance.

It started all those years ago with just one model but the range has been expanded in recent years to accommodate different home and lifestyle needs.

This is one of the best with a huge 9-litre waste bin which is way bigger than the vast majority of hoovers and a 10-metre cable to ensure that you won’t need to change the socket often even if you have a medium-sized home.

It comes with 3 different floorheads to cover all surfaces you need to clean and a full suite of accessories for above floor cleaning.

henry hxx200 accessories

You get exceptional suction power that is as good as anything you will find anywhere and that includes Dyson.




Henry Hoover HVR160 Vacuum Cleaner

This model has the same exceptional power as the Extra model shown above but has fewer floorheads and a 6-litre waste bin instead of 9-litre which is still very large.

This version is very similar to the Xtra version except it is smaller and has less accessories.

Bear in mind that 6 litres waste capacity is still very large compared to the vast majority of vacuum cleaners.

You get the same 620 watt motor that provides exceptional suction that will leave nothing behind no matter how muddy or deeply ingrained in your carpet.

These are the accessories that come with this so you can compare to the Xtra above.

henry hvr160 accessoires

This version is perfect for small to medium-sized homes that just don’t need the extra floorheads that the Xtra comes with and a 6-litre waste bin is fine for most homes considering that’s about 6 times more than you can expect from most other vacuum cleaners.



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Henry Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

If you can’t decide between Henry and Dyson because you are not sure if you want to drag a cable around with you when you are hoovering your home then there is a cordless option to consider.

It’s not quite as powerful as the corded versions but it still has great suction power for the money and will be plenty good enough for most homes.

Corded Henry’s have one power level – super strong but in order to preserve the battery cordless Henry has two power level so in lighter areas like kitchens or hard floors the low power setting is fine and then you can switch to high power for carpets.

You still get 6 litre waste bin and a whole bunch of accessories to clean all surfaces and there is an option to buy it with an extra battery to make sure you never run out of charge.

henry cordless accessories



Hetty Hoover Vacuum Cleaner

If you are not keen on red then but you like what Henry is capable of then you can opt for Hetty which is exactly the same as the Henry HVR160 but is pink instead.

Everything other than the colour and name is the same.



Harry Hoover Vacuum Cleaner

Harry is effectively the version of Henry that you should consider if you have pets.

You get all of the best of Henry including a 9 litre waste bin, 10-metre cord and all the accessories but Harry comes with an extra accessory that is important if you have a lot of pet hair to deal with.

You get a “Hairo” motorised pet brush that that really gets into your carpet fibres to make sure all the hair gets safely into the waste bin and is well worth considering if you have cats or dogs living with you.

Here are all the accessories that come with Harry:

harry accessories



George Hoover Vacuum Cleaner

George is the most capable of all the Henry’s and combines dry hoovering and wet carpet cleaning all in one appliance.

You can use George for your regular weekly clean and just by switching the waste bin and the floorhead over to the carpet cleaning head (supplied) it converts into a carpet cleaner.

Many carpet cleaners cost more than George on their own so when you take into account that George does wet cleaning and regular hoovering as well it really is great value for money.

It washes hard floors as well with a specific attached that you can see in the below image of all the accessories and attachments that George comes with:

george accessories

If you want something that does everything when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your floors then George is a great value for money option.



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Dyson V7 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Release Date: 2016

Battery runtime on a single charge: up to 30 minutes

Number of power levels: 2 (maximum and minimum)

Battery recharge time: 3.5 hours

Waste Bin Capacity: 0.54 litres

Noise level measured in decibels: 66

Suction power (measured in air watts): 100

This may be one of the older Dysons that is still available but it costs an awful lot less than when it first came out and is well worth considering is you have a flat or a smaller home.

Not many years ago this was one of the best cordless vacuums you could buy and just because their recent models are better doesn’t make this one bad.

It doesn’t have the same level of suction or the features of the latest models such as an LCD screen but it will still do a good job and is great value for money compared to the latest models.

There are two different variations –  “Animal” and “Absolute”. The difference is the number of accessories that come with each one.

The Animal has 7 accessories and the Absolute has 8 accessory tools. The 7 tools with each one are exactly the same but the Absolute comes with a soft roller attachment which is much better on hard floors.

The other accessories are a combination tool for dusting, a reach under attachment for easy cleaning underneath furniture without bending down, docking station for charging, a mini motorised brush tool which is great for stairs, soft dusting brush, crevice tool and main brush head.



Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Release Date: 2017

Battery runtime on a single charge:  up to 40 minutes

Number of power levels: 2 (maximum and minimum)

Battery recharge time: 3.5 hours

Waste Bin Capacity: 0.54 litres

Noise level measured in decibels: 70

Suction power (measured in air watts): 115

With the V8 you get a better battery with longer run time than the V7 and a better battery level indicator that gives you more information on when the battery is running out. You also get 15% more suction power than the V7.

The V8 is only available as the “Animal” version that doesn’t come with a soft roller that is good for hard floors so if that is important to you take a look at the V10.



Dyson V10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Release Date: 2018

Battery runtime on a single charge: up to 60 minutes

Number of power levels: 3 (minimum, medium and maximum)

Battery recharge time: 3.5 hours

Waste Bin Capacity: 0.76 litres

Noise level measured in decibels: 75

Suction power (measured in air watts): 150

This was a bit of a game-changer for Dyson as it was a big improvement on the V8 and caused Dyson to announce that they were not going to make any corded vacuum cleaners anymore as they believe their cordless models are as good as any corded hoover.

The suction power is a lot stronger than the V8 and it comes without or without a soft roller for hard floors you can choose either depending on your needs.

A brilliant vacuum cleaner that I have used in my home for the last couple of years



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Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Release Date: 2019

Battery runtime on a single charge: up to 60 minutes

Number of power levels: 3 (minimum, medium and maximum)

Battery recharge time: 4 hours

Waste Bin Capacity: 0.76 litres

Noise level measured in decibels: 76

Suction power (measured in air watts): 185

One of the latest and greatest from Dyson with even more suction power than the V10 and you can get a version (the Absolute) that has an LCD display that tells you how much battery you have left down to the nearest 1%.

We are not convinced it’s worth paying the extra compared to the V10 but if money is no object go for it!



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Are Dyson vacuums worth the money?

There is only one reason why you would buy a Dyson over other brands like Shark or Henry or Miele and that is if you are not that bothered about the money.

Dyson vacuum cleaners are really good and they do an excellent job of cleaning your home but they are also really expensive.

There are other vacuum cleaners out there that do an equally good job of cleaning your home but they cost an awful lot less.

When you compare the price of a Dyson vacuum cleaner to a Henry and then you look at what you get for your money for both then Henry wins hands down.

Dyson maybe give you a bit more in terms of ease of use with no cord but is that really worth paying hundreds of pounds more for?

You can get lcd displays and fancy accessory tools but Henry also comes with all the tools you need and you don’t need an lcd screen to tell you how much battery life you have left because its plugged into the wall so you get unlimited usage without having to worry if the battery will die on you.

With suction power the same on both and all the accessories you need to clean all the surfaces in your home also available on both Henry and Dyson then as long as you don’t mind a cord then Henry is the clear winner as it costs hundreds of pounds less but will do the same job.

  • John Evans
    Posted at 13:40h, 03 May Reply

    To me a Henry every time
    No time for a dyson they feel and look cheap although they are not
    They are clumsy and the cylinder ones so un balanced.
    Henry is robust and and strong ideal for commercial and industrial use.
    Just gets on with the job so does not require all the expensive advertising.

    • Steve
      Posted at 14:52h, 03 May Reply

      Thanks for your opinion John – I agree! Henry vacuums do a fantastic job at the fraction of the price of a Dyson

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