How to choose a cheap cordless vacuum cleaner

cheap cordless hoover

Cordless vacuum cleaners have become the most popular type of hoover in the UK because they provide ease of use without having to drag a cord around with you. Choose wrongly though and you can spend far too much but spend too little and they just don’t work.

The best cheap cordless vacuum cleaners have great suction and good battery life but most of them have poor suction and poor battery life. The most important factor in learning how to choose a cheap cordless vacuum cleaner is to make a selection according to the home you have.

Several things need to be taken into account before you decide on the best option that suits your home and lifestyle.

Size of your home

If you live in a flat or a bungalow or a smaller home then you can immediately remove any thoughts of having to spend a fortune on one of the top-end brands such as Dyson or Shark because you will never get the best out of them anyway.

The all singing all dancing mega suction hoovers can be used in smaller homes but you don’t need one to keep your home clean.

If you have a large 5 bedroom home then a cheap cordless vacuum cleaner is not going to work for you because the suction power won’t be strong enough for you and the battery will die before you have finished hoovering your home.

If you have a larger home but you don’t want to layout the very high prices you have to pay for a top-end Dyson or Shark but you still want to achieve the cleaning performance that they deliver then a far better option than a cheap cordless vacuum cleaner is to take a look at a corded hoover.

Corded vacuum cleaners offer cleaning performance and suction power equal to the best cordless vacuum cleaners because they don’t rely on a battery to generate the power and batteries for vacuum cleaners are really expensive.

This article explains more about the best solution for inexpensive vacuum cleaners that are effective in larger homes:

Best Corded Vacuum Cleaner

If however you live in a smaller home a cheap cordless vacuum is all you need. The problem is that at the cheaper end of the market there is a lot of rubbish out there but we have reviewed and researched them all and sifted out the poor ones and the best of the bunch are listed below.

How many people live in your home?

The more people that you have in your home the dirtier it will become and so if you have kids and pets and lots going on in your home a lot of the time then a cheap cordless may not be the right choice.

The fewer people there are the less likely your home will be to accumulate a lot of dirt and the more viable it is to look for a cheaper option that will do a good job.

How dirty does your home get?

You can get a cordless vacuum cleaner that will do a really good job of cleaning your home for around £50-60 but at that price level you have to be realistic.

If you live in the country and you are dragging mud and dirt through your home on a regular basis then a cheap cordless hoover isn’t going to cut it.

If you have deep pile carpets then the dust and dirt will settle to the bottom of the carpet fibre and you’ll need some good suction power and a robust brush that digs down deep into the carpet to scoop the dust out and for that you need to spend a little more.

However, if you live alone in a flat or it’s you and one other person in a smaller home and you take your shoes off when you come in and you generally keep your home clean and tidy then a low cost cordless will work perfectly for you.

You still need something that is going to get rid of the dust that accumulates on a weekly basis but if you don’t bring a lot of dirt though your home in the first place then the suction power on the best cheap cordless vacuums will be good enough to deal with everyday dust accumulation.

Also, if you have short pile carpet or laminate or any hard floor then mega suction is not required and a cheaper cordless hoover is fine.

Do you have pets?

Cats and dogs are very popular in the UK but not everyone does have pets and if you are one of those households then you certainly don’t need an expensive cordless hoover because you won’t need the suction power that a Dyson produces to deal with every day dust and dirt.

If you have a household with lots of furry friends then it’s going to be difficult to get the suction you need to deal with animal hair particularly if you have carpet.

You can still get a decent cheap cordless if you have a few pets but its best to go with one that has a pet tool as an option because they are specially designed to deal with pet hair that gets embedded in carpet and above floor surfaces.

These are the best and cheapest cordless vacuum cleaners in the UK:

Vytronix Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

A lot of handheld hoovers cost more than the total cost of this Vytronix cordless and this one comes as a 2 in 1 that operates as a full-size stick vacuum and then easily converts into a handheld with a few clicks to make it easy to get to the stairs, car and other above-floor surfaces.

This doesn’t have the suction power of the super expensive top-end brands but you wouldn’t expect that at this price level. It’s important to set your expectations at this price level because batteries alone that generate the power that a Dyson does cost more than this entire vacuum cleaner.

If you want mega suction you’ll need to spend more but the suction on this is the best out there for the money and will do a perfectly good job in small to medium-sized homes.

It’s perfect for hard floors and short pile carpets and for anyone that lives in a flat on their own or with one other person.

You’ll get about 30 minutes out of one charge and it comes with a wall bracket to store easily against the wall in your cupboard if storage space is tight.

It also comes with a long crevice tool attachment and the waste container easily clips off so you can empty it in the bin.


See the full review of the Vytronix stick vacuum cleaner


Budget Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

You won’t have heard of this brand but that’s a good thing because a big chunk of the money you spend on any branded vacuum cleaner goes towards advertising but with this one there is no advertising so that saving gets passed straight on to the customer.

This is ideal for smaller homes and has particularly good suction power for a hoover at this price point. There are two power levels and you’ll get 30 mins on one charge in the low power setting and 15 minutes on high.

The filtration is excellent with a HEPA filter making sure that over 99% of all the dust that goes in stays in and it easily converts into a handheld as well.

Excellent value for money.


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Vax Blade 4 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Where the above recommendations are more suited for small to medium-sized homes this is meant more of a  Dyson killer at a much more reasonable price.

This is the most expensive “cheap” vacuum cleaner on our list and although it may not be super low cost it does represent tremendous value for money as it delivers about 90% of the performance of a top end Dyson or Shark but costs an awful lot less.

It has also been cleverly designed by Vax to maximise battery life and they have done that by enabling you to turn off the brush roller when you are not vacuuming carpets to increase the amount of time you get on one charge.

On full power which is not that far off what you get with the suction on a Dyson you’ll get about 30 minutes of vacuuming time which is very impressive for suction this strong.

It also weighs only 3kg which is really light for something this powerful and makes it easy to move around and get up and down the stairs.

When you see the price this may not strike you as super affordable but when you compare what you get versus some of the most expensive vacuum cleaners out there the Blade 4 compares very favourably.

If you have a busy home and you need the convenience of a cordless hoover but you dont want to pay silly prices then this is well worth considering.

You’ll pay a little more than some of the vacuums on this list but you are getting close to Dyson performance for about half the price of their super expensive vacuums.

The suction is very strong and the battery will last you way longer than a Dyson on full power as you can use this one on full power on one charge for about 30 minutes.

You can achieve that by controlling whether you need to use the brush roller on the floorhead by switching it on and off with your thumb. Not all surfaces need a spinning brush and so when you are hoovering the kitchen or any hard floor surface just turn the brush off and turn it on again when you do the carpets.

That way you can use it on full power to clean the whole house without the need for a spare battery or having to worry about the battery running out but still be able to use it on max power.

This is a very clever vacuum from Vax and it weighs only 3kg.

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Morphy Richards 732007 Supervac Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

If you don’t want to pay much but you want a brand you can trust then Morphy Richards may be more well known for their kettles and toasters but they have been around for a very long time in the UK and they have their reputation to protect.

This vacuum cleaner has been around for a long time and enjoys a good number of positive reviews and is best suited to smaller and medium-sized homes.

Suction power is good for a hoover priced at this level and you can expect about 30 minutes of runtime on one charge.

The handle is collapsible making it easy to store if space is a premium


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What should I look for in a cordless vacuum cleaner?

Suction power is crucial to getting the level of performance you need to keep your home clean.

But the level of suction required is very different depending on the type of home you have. Lots of people and dirt requires more suction but fewer people and no pets requires less.

Also, the bigger your home is the more time it will take to vacuum so always check the amount of time you can expect to be able to vacuum on one full battery charge.

Whilst cheaper cordless vacuums may come with several power settings you will almost always need to use them on full power to get decent suction so look at the time you get on full power and not what you get on low power.

Dyson are experts with this and may claim 60 minutes on one charge but you’ll be lucky to get 10 minutes if you use it on full power the whole time.

Vacuum cleaners with lots of accessories add to the overall price you pay so check what you get and ask yourself if you need 7 different tools or if 3 will be just fine for your needs.

Affordable cordless hoovers that do a good job are hard to come by so it’s best not to take a chance on one that hasn’t been around for long.

Check the reviews and select one that has a decent number of reviews and has between 4 and 5 stars.

If you buy something that has already been bought and tried and tested by a good number of people then you are less likely to be disappointed.

Are cordless vacuums as good as corded?

It depends on the price you are willing to pay. At the very expensive end of the market with Dyson and Shark you will find the performance of cordless as good as corded.

Batteries are expensive though and so as you go down the pricing ladder it becomes harder to produce a cheap battery that does a good job.

For smaller to medium sized homes a cheap, well researched cordless can do a good job but the cheaper you go the better corded vacuums compare to cordless.

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