How to choose the best Dyson Vacuum In The UK


The best Dyson vacuum cleaners are the cordless stick models that are at the cutting edge of technology for home cleaning. In March 2018 Dyson announced they would no longer be developing any vacuum cleaners with cords so if you want the best, latest cleaning technology then cordless is the future.

There is no question that Dyson hoovers deliver the best cleaning performance out of all the premium manufacturers of vacuum cleaners BUT there is always one problem with them that always niggles us and that is…. are they worth it?

If money is no object then you need look no further than one of Dysons top of the range cordless stick vacuum cleaners because they are light, easy to use and deliver suction power that is the best there is bar none.

The big BUT though is are you prepared to pay up to £600 for one. Life has a lot of competition for your money and paying that amount of money for a hoover is a pretty big ask and you need to consider if the power and performance that Dyson hoovers offer are required for the home you have.

The good news is that if you love Dyson but you don’t love the super expensive prices you have to pay for the latest model then Dyson tends to have the last 4 to 5 years worth of models available before they discontinue them completely.

As a new model comes out with better cleaning performance, better battery life, lighter in weight and with better accessories the previous model gets reduced in price and becomes better value for money than it was the year before.

Dyson has always had the best cordless vacuum cleaners in the market and just because the latest ones are better than the previous models that doesn’t mean the older models are bad.

It was only a few years ago that the Dyson V7 and then the V8 were being hailed as the greatest thing since sliced bread and for good reason. They do a really good job of cleaning your home even though they are now a number of years old and they are also a lot cheaper than they were when they first came out in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

You only get the maximum value out of the most expensive and latest Dyson vacuum cleaners if you have a large busy household with lots of feet treading in and out all the time and perhaps a couple of cats and dogs as well.

If that’s you then you can consider one of the latest models but if you live in a smaller home without children or maybe a flat and you are not creating a huge mess all the time then one of the older models will offer you much better value for money because you’ll get the most out of it rather than only using say 50% of the features and suction power from the latest all singing all dancing model.

In this article we won’t be reviewing or recommending any Dyson vacuum cleaners that have a cord attached that you need to plug into the wall.

Whilst some corded options are still available to buy Dyson has made it perfectly clear that they are not developing these any more after March 2018.

At the end of the day do you really want to consider spending a lot of money on a corded vacuum cleaner that was developed years ago and is now old technology and out of date?

That’s what Dyson corded vacuum cleaners are, old, out of date and overpriced for what they are so they definitely are not worthy of being on the list of “best Dyson vacuum”.

Things move on and Shark, in particular, do a brilliant job with corded vacuum cleaners and have introduced many new models with fantastic features that have been developed and introduced long after Dyson stopped working on the corded side of things.

So if you are not bothered about having a cord you can save a lot of money and get cleaning performance the same as the best Dysons for a fraction of the price.

We go into that in detail in some of our other articles that you may find useful:

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If it’s the convenience of cordless you are after then Dyson is where it’s at in terms of premium performance and we will discuss in detail the merits of the top of the range Dyson cordless models and also the difference between the most expensive and the lowest costs options.

We have evaluated the suction power, the ease of use, battery life, cleaning performance, accessories and more so you can decide whether it’s worth shelling out for the most expensive model or whether your home will get a deep clean from one of the older but still excellent cordless models in the range.

These are the best Dyson vacuum cleaners available in the UK in order of date released:

Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V8
Release Date: 2017

Battery runtime on a single charge:  up to 40 minutes

Number of power levels: 2 (maximum and minimum)

Battery recharge time: 3.5 hours

Waste Bin Capacity: 0.54 litres

Noise level measured in decibels: 70

Suction power (measured in air watts): 115

Charge remaining: Dyson realised that the charge indicator on the V7 was a bit rubbish so on the V8 you now have 3 lights that give you a feel for how much charge you have left. 3 lights is full and 1 light tells you its running low.

Accessories: The V8 is only available now as the “Animal” version and has the same accessories as the V7 “Animal” so you can’t get this with a soft roller therefore if you mainly have hard floors you may be better off with the V7 as the soft roller is specifically designed for hard floors.

Overall: The V8 has a redesigned brush on the main floor head that makes it more effective than the V7 at digging into the carpet fibres to pick up all the dust and dirt.

It also has a more efficient battery so you get up to 40 minutes of runtime compared to 30 minutes with the V7.

It also has 15% more suction power making the V8 more effective than the V7 and it will last for longer on a single charge.



Dyson V10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V10

Release Date: 2018

Battery runtime on a single charge: up to 60 minutes

Number of power levels: 3 (minimum, medium and maximum)

Battery recharge time: 3.5 hours

Waste Bin Capacity: 0.76 litres

Noise level measured in decibels: 75

Suction power (measured in air watts): 150

Charge remaining: The same 3 lights as the V8 to show you full charge, halfway, and running out. There is an additional indicator on the V10 telling you when you need to clean the filter as well which is handy.

Accessories: The V10 is available as an “Animal” and “Absolute” The Animal accessories are the same as the V8 but Dyson decided to get rid of the reach under tool so it doesn’t come with that.

The Absolute also comes with a soft roller which is specific to hard floors

Overall: This is my personal favourite out of all of them and the one I think offers the best value for money.

It is a significant improvement over the V8 but the V12 which came after the V10 has not improved much and does not justify the extra hundreds of pounds that they are asking for it.

I have used the V10 in my own home for the last couple of years and it is an exceptional vacuum cleaner that keeps my home sparkling clean and never leaves any dirt behind.

It’s easy to forget the filter needs a clean and Dyson has added a light to remind you its due for a clean.

Compared to the V8 it has a lot more suction power and the battery life has jumped to a whopping 60 minutes so you’ll have no problem cleaning even a large home quickly and efficiently on one charge.

This hoover is so good that has left me asking myself many times if a vacuum cleaner can deliver performance this good and keep my home so clean and be this easy to use, why would I ever want anything better?



See the full review of the Dyson V10 Cordless vacuum cleaner

Best value – Dyson V10 cordless vacuum cleaner

The Dyson V10 is the best value for money out of all the current cordless hoovers that are available in the range.

There was a big jump in overall performance from the V8 to the V10 in terms of suction power and battery life and the introduction of the V12 in 2021 saw the price of the V10 come down as a result, making it a very good price when you look at what you get for your money.

It performs significantly better than the V7 and the V8 and not quite as good as the V12 but the V10 is so good that you have to ask yourself do you really need what the V12 has to offer.

I have used the V10 hundreds of times in my home and I have never had to make multiple passes over the same area because the suction power is so strong.

You get more suction power with the V12 but unless you are treading mud through the house every day and you have 5 dogs then you are not going to get any additional benefit from the V12 over the V10.

The top of the range V12 has a digital display on the top that shows you the percentage of battery you have left in each mode that you use it in but in our opinion it’s a bit of a gimmick that adds no real benefit.

You are, after all, just hoovering your home and the most important thing is getting it as clean as possible so knowing if you have 43% battery left or 23% battery left isn’t going to change what you do.

As long as you put it on charge after each use the indicator lights on the V10 will show you if it’s full, half used or running low. I’ve never had a problem with battery life in two years of using the V10.

If you have a massive house and love to hoover for more than 30 minutes continuously in one go then maybe there is an argument for knowing the exact battery percentage left.

But if you normally use the hoover in bursts and spend around 20 minutes or so each time you get it out you don’t need to know the battery percentage left.

The bottom line is that the V10 delivers exceptional cleaning performance but is much cheaper than the V12.

You do get a bit more suction for the V12 but you don’t need it unless you have a huge filthy home.

If you are looking to combine high-quality cleaning performance with good value for money then the V10 strikes that balance perfectly.



See the full review of the Dyson V10 Cordless vacuum cleaner

Best low-cost – Dyson V7 cordless vacuum cleaner

The V7 was the best vacuum cleaner out there in 2016 when it first came out and just because there are newer and better ones now doesn’t make this a bad vacuum cleaner.

Quite the opposite in fact. It’s still a good hoover now and it is also a lot cheaper than it was when it first came out and so if you have the right kind of home this may well be the best option for you out of all the cordless Dyson vacuum cleaners.

The suction power is not as strong as the latest models and you will only get up to 30 minutes of runtime out of one battery charge but the suction power on the V7 is still stronger than most other cordless vacuums on the market.

Maybe you don’t have pets and you live in a flat or smaller home. If that is you then you probably won’t benefit from the 60 minutes runtime of the latest models have to offer anyway.

If you normally whizz round in 15-20 minutes and you live in a home that doesn’t have people trampling mud through it all the time then the V7 will be perfectly suited to your needs.

Great value for money and is often available for less than half the price of the latest models.



What’s the difference between the different Dyson Cordless vacuums?

Suction Power

 As you step up through the models the suction just keeps getting better and better but at some point you simply don’t need any more suction to suck up every last bit of dust and dirt.

We would argue that the V10 achieves all you will ever need and is a tremendous workhorse for even the busiest and most messy homes.


As time has gone on Dyson has developed newer and better batteries that charge quicker and last for longer on a single charge.

If you are looking for the longest possible life then look at the models such as the V10 or V12 but if you normally only spend 15-20 minutes hoovering at any one time then the V7 or V8 will work just fine for you.


There isn’t a great deal of difference feature wise as you step up through the range of Dyson cordless cleaners until you get to the V12.

It has a digital display showing the battery life remaining displayed in both minutes and percentages and the new floorhead senses the surface you are on and adjusts suction power automatically.


Each model within the range comes with different variations and have names like “Absolute” and “Animal”.

Each name reflects the different number and type of accessories they come with.

The “Absolute” comes with the most accessories including different floor heads for carpet and hard floors, motorised mini brush heads for above floor cleaning and a whole bunch of others to cover every eventuality no matter what you are trying to hoover.

Each individual review above explains the accessories in more detail.

The important thing is to look through what each variation comes with and decide what you need and what you don’t so that you don’t pay more for a whole bunch of accessories that you may never use.


All models after the V7 come with HEPA filtration which ensures that even the smallest particles of dust stay inside the vacuum cleaner once they are hoovered up and don’t get released back into the air.

If anyone in your household has dust allergies then go for a V8 or above.

This article explains more about the benefits of HEPA filtration:

What is a HEPA filter?

Waste container

The waste container on the latest models hold 50% more than the older models so for larger homes look at the V10 or V12 if you don’t want to be emptying the dust bin frequently.

Here is a video showing each model lined up side by side showing the different features and put through a few tests:

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