How To Get Dog Urine Stain & Smell Out Of Carpet

The best way to remove the smell of dog urine from a carpet is with a bottle of stain remover and a packet of baking soda. Applied correctly with a few other household items you can eliminate urines stains and smells permanently.

There are several times in a dog’s life when they are more likely to pee on the carpet and that is when they are really young and when they are really old.

If you have ever had a new puppy then you’ll know the toilet training process takes a good few months and even longer to get to a point where they never pee indoors.

It’s also easy to get caught off guard when your dog starts to get into their golden years because they have spent their whole life telling you when they need to pee and obediently go outside.

But just like their human counterparts as they get older it gets harder to hold it in and accidents start to happen.

If you notice it immediately then you can deal with it quickly but it’s impossible to keep an eye on your dog 24 hours a day and they will inevitably have an accident that you don’t spot straight away.

Over the course of a few days you’ll notice the smell and then you’ll see the spot where it took place and by that time it has dried in and left a nasty stain that has discoloured the carpet and there is a nasty odour that seems to fill the whole room.

The secret weapon for removing the smell of urine from your carpet is baking soda.

Applied correctly at the right time in the cleaning process the smell will be lifted from the carpet and you’ll never even know it was ever there.

The quicker you get to a stain the easier it will be to remove it completely and the odour that goes with it. If you have a stain that has been there for weeks or even months then this will still work but you may have to do the process twice.

Some suggest that you need to make up your own homemade stain removal solution but you really don’t. White vinegar and Hydrogen peroxide are a few of the ingredients suggested but these are things you probably don’t have in your home anyway and do you have a spare spray bottle to mix them all up in the right way?

If you don’t want to bother with any of that just get a cheap bottle of stain remover from the supermarket, it will work just fine. You can go for Vanish if you want but the supermarket own brand will also work fine because they use the same active ingredients as the popular brands anyway.

This is what you need to do to remove dried in dog pee from your carpet:

1. Get together the bits you need

An old spoon, A few cheap white cotton face flannels or old white towel, stain remover and a packet of baking soda.

2. Spray the carpet

Turn the nozzle on the bottle of spray to a “jet” spray so it’s a single jet of solution that is being sprayed onto the stain, not a fine spray that will scatter across the surface of the stain.

Spray the solution from the bottle directly onto the stain from about 10cm and keep going until the stain is completely covered and you can’t see it anymore.

Leave for 5 minutes until it is soaked in and then get your old spoon and massage the cleaning solution into the fibres of the carpet and leave for a further 10 minutes.

3. Soak up the stain

Take the white face flannel or towel (it needs to be white so that no colour gets transferred from the towel onto the carpet), fold it in half and place onto the stain.

Do not scrub the stain. All this will do is spread it. You need to soak it up into the flannel. It’s very tempting to rub or scrub it but that will just make it worse and is a common mistake that everyone makes.

Put the towel down and then place something heavy on top of the towel and leave it for 2 hours to let the towel soak up all of the wet moisture and stain.

Check back later and you’ll be amazed at the results. If it’s not quite gone then repeat the process again.

That will remove the stain but there may well still be a smell.

4. Apply the baking soda

Once its dry sprinkle the baking soda (or bicarbonate of soda which is the same thing) onto the area where the stain was and rub it in. Leave for 2 hours and hoover it up.

The area where the stain was will be stain-free and the area will smell better than before your dog pee’d on it.

Here is a short video showing this method in action:

Alternative method to remove dog urine from carpet (more expensive)

This method is worth considering if you think that dog urine stains and smells on your carpet are not going to be a one-off and are more likely to happen on a regular basis.

It’s quicker and incredibly effective and maybe not as expensive as you thought it might be.

A full-size carpet cleaner can be a considerable investment to make but they are intended to clean whole rooms and large areas of carpet.

But if you are just looking to remove pet urine from the carpet then a spot-clean carpet cleaner is cheaper than a full size one and will eliminate the stain and odour in just a few minutes.

They are not just cheaper than full-size carpet cleaners but they are much easier to use because they are smaller and lighter making them easy to store and easy to grab and deal with the dog pee quickly and effortlessly.

Instead of going through all of the preparation in method one, the carpet cleaner does it all for you.

The hardest thing to achieve in method 1 is sucking up the stain and smell once the stain remover has broken down the carpet fibres because if you don’t suck it straight up then it is more likely to spread onto another part of the carpet and the problem won’t quite go away.

Using something absorbent like a towel will get up a lot it but not as much as a spot carpet cleaner will because it does 3 things all at the same time.

Firstly the cleaning solution gets applied to the stain and then the brush digs right into the carpet fibres to break down the stain and smell and then the powerful suction sucks it right out of the carpet.

All that happens simultaneously and within literally a few minutes you have a stain-free, smell-free carpet even if the dog has peed on the area you are cleaning a week ago and it has dried in.

If you think it that it’s just a one-off accident then its probably not worth the outlay and you can go with method 1 but if it’s something that might happen more often then a spot carpet cleaner could be a good investment.

And it’s not just good for pet-related issues but any kind of spillage that can cause you a big problem like red wine for example can be dealt with quickly and easily.

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