How to hoover stairs

how to hoover stairs

There are two important things to consider in order to understand how to hoover stairs. Technique and the choice of hoover or vacuum cleaner that you use will make one of the least desirable jobs in the house faster and will achieve better results.

You can have a great method but if your hoover is rubbish then your stairs will never be properly clean and if you have a great hoover for stairs but your technique is all wrong then you will leave dust and dirt behind that can easily be hoovered up if you know how.

It also depends on whether you have hardwood or laminate flooring on your stairs and although hardwood flooring is a lot more popular around the home than it used to be most people still have carpet on the stairs even if it is in the form of a runner carpet that runs up the middle of wooden stairs.

We will focus on the best way to vacuum carpeted stairs as that’s what the vast majority of people will have running up the staircase.

Basic Rules for vacuuming stairs

If you don’t have a cordless vacuum cleaner make sure that you keep the hoover on one of the stairs beneath you and not above you.

If the hoover falls down a few stairs from below you it’s not the end of the world but if it falls on you from above then it could injure you or you could fall.

Most of the dust and debris will settle on the edges up against the bannister and the skirting board on the other side as well as the edge that runs across each stair.

Almost all vacuum cleaners come with a range of accessories. Cleaning the stairs can be a real pain and its normal to want to get it over with as soon as possible.

Don’t be tempted to use the large head that is used to clean the floor with for the stairs. If you want to get the best deep clean possible then be sure to switch to one of the accessory heads and push right into the corners and edges of each stair.

The part of the stair that everyone stands on should be given the most attention but don’t forget to clean the vertical part of each stair as well.

If you leave that part uncleaned then the dirt will accumulate quickly and dust will fall down onto the flat part of the stair that everyone walks on and grind it in.

Cleaning the vertical part of each stair every time you clean the stairs will make them easier to clean.

Tips for cleaning stairs without a vacuum cleaner

Use a lint roller. These are good if you are a little OCD and want to make sure that all of the dust is out of the stairs after vacuuming and is a good guide for how well you hoovered in the first place.

Beware though, a lint roller will pick up even the tiniest amount of dust so you could be running it over the stairs for quite some time trying to get every last bit out!

Rubber-soled shoes. If you have a cheap pair of trainers that you don’t wear any more or any other type of rubber-soled shoes like flip flops then rub them in a strong sweeping motion across the stairs and watch a ball of hair and dust appear in front of you.

This helps to get the worst of the debris out of the carpet on the stairs ready for a hoover to suck up the rest.

Dustpan and brush. This works particularly well on hardwood or laminate stairs but a good old-fashioned vigorous sweep with a handheld brush will get out dust lurking at the bottom of the carpet pile.

What’s the best kind of vacuum cleaner for cleaning stairs?

This article goes into detail on the vacuum cleaners that are most suited for hoovering stairs:

Best vacuum cleaner for stairs

Advertising and marketing from the big brands like Shark and Dyson fool us into thinking that you need to spend hundreds of pounds on a hoover or vacuum cleaner to clean your stairs and home but for most homes it’s just not the case.

For large homes that have a lot of dirt being trodden through them and pets thrown into the mix as well will definitely benefit from a vacuum cleaner that has very strong suction.

If you have a lot of deep pile carpet throughout your home and on your stairs then a more expensive hoover with strong suction will work better for you because the dirt and dust settle right down at the bottom of each thread of the material used to weave your carpet pile.

But what if you take your shoes off every time you come into the house and don’t stomp up the stairs in your muddy shoes?

Maybe you don’t have any pets or just the one cat that sleeps on the sofa for most of the day.

Perhaps you have a hard-wearing, short pile carpet anyway and so the dirt cannot settle right down at the bottom out of sight.

Houses were perfectly clean long before Dyson and Shark came along with their mega suction vacuum cleaners that have transformed the amount of money we are prepared to spend on a home appliance to hoover up the dirt on our floors.

The easiest way to clean your stairs is to go with a cordless vacuum cleaner. It’s certainly not the cheapest but it’s the most hassle-free.

If you have a corded upright hoover or a cylinder vacuum cleaner then you’ll need to balance it on one of the stairs whilst you use an attachment to clean each stair.

Cordless stick vacuum cleaners are best for cleaning stairs because you can detach the long pole and clip on one of the attachments effectively turning it into a handheld hoover making it super easy for you to zip up and down the stairs in no time.

Remember, you don’t need to spend a small fortune on one of the well-known brands. If your house does not get filled with dirt and pet hair on a regular basis then one of the lesser-known brands that cost far less will work just fine.

Here are some cordless vacuum cleaners to consider that will work great on the stairs:

Best cordless vacuum cleaners

Handheld vacuum cleaners for the stairs

Lots of people have a handheld vacuum cleaner for doing small jobs around the house and for hoovering the car.

This avoids dragging out the main cleaner every time there is a small spillage that needs clearing up.

Handheld cleaners often get overlooked for stairs because of their perceived lack of suction power.

If you have hardwood flooring on your stairs and you are using a handheld to vacuum the car then it will certainly be good enough for the stairs as well.

A handheld hoover will also work on short pile carpet on stairs as long as you have one with decent suction.

If you have never tried hoovering your stairs with a handheld then its worth trying. If the suction is good enough then you can clean the stairs in half the time it normally takes with a regular full-sized vacuum cleaner.

Here are some to consider:

Best handheld vacuum cleaners

Hoovering the stairs is one of those painful jobs that no-one wants to do but at least you can now do it quicker and more effectively.

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