130 Bar Electric Pressure Washer – Best Budget

9.8 out of 10
9.8 out of 10

This is the best pressure washer on the market for home use and will make quick work of any dirt that has become ingrained over years because it has the highest level of pressure that we could find within this budget price range.

This is not the best pressure washer that money can buy but not everyone owns a car wash and needs to clean 50 cars a day.

Everyone’s has different needs and if your tasks are around the home then this pressure washer is going to make light work of all of them.

The only way to properly rate any product is to combine quality with value. When you look at what this washer is capable of you quickly realise that this is very cheap indeed for the performance that it delivers.

If you have never owned a pressure washer before then this is a perfect place to start. Most budget pressure washers will start at around 100 bars of pressure because that’s the minimum amount of pressure that you are going to need to get rid of dirt that has been building up for years around your home.

Avoid anything below 100 bar of pressure because it would be difficult to call it “pressure” below that and some good hoses with a decent head would end up doing the job so stick to 100 bar and above.

The kinds of surfaces that would be suitable for cleaning with this pressure washer are:

Patios that have taken a beating during the winter and need to be given a once over ready for the Summer season.

Driveways can easily be neglected for years and will need some high pressure to cut through the grime that has set in over time.

Garden Furniture can be all weather and left out in all conditions but it will need a good clean down once in a while. A pressure washer is perfect for the task

The Barbeque might need a good blast to get rid of all the fat built up from hundreds of sausages and many bags of charcoal.

The Brickwork on your house. When was the last time you cleaned the bricks on the exterior of your home? Never? You’ll have the house looking like new by the time you are finished with it.

The Car. Sick of paying £15 down the carwash to get the car cleaned? use a pressure washer and clean the car in half the time it normally takes.

Anything that you use outdoors that gets dirty. Who ever cleans the lawnmower? Maybe you give it a wipe down but a 2 minute blast with this pressure washer will have it coming up like new. Perfect for motorbikes as well as bicycles. Boats, trailers and even window cleaning on a very low setting.

These are just a few examples of how handy a pressure washer can be and there is no reason to spend any more than the cost of this budget version as it will clean all of the above and more to a very high standard.

Features and Benefits

This pressure washer comes with 130 bar of pressure which is the best pressure we could find at this price.

The soap tank is integrated into the body of the machine itself and is transparent so all you need to do is fill it up and the detergent or soap or whatever cleaning fluid you choose to use will be automatically sucked up through the machine and the pump will seamlessly blend the cleaning liquid with the water and push it through the lance at high pressure onto the surface that you are cleaning.

It also comes with a good length 5 metre power cord and a 5 metre hose which is plenty for most jobs. You can always add a cheap extension socket if you need to if you need to cover even more distance.

It only comes with one power setting as the power is controlled from the nozzle on the lancehead which is fully adjustable so you can make it super powerful if you are cleaning paving stones for example and more of a medium level of pressure if you are cleaning the car. It’s so powerful that you will definitely need to take it down from the maximum setting for more delicate surfaces like car exteriors and woodwork.

You get a full 1 year warranty so if anything goes wrong in the first year they will replace it for you.


You can easily pay a lot more for a branded pressure washer that has less pressure than this one does. The reason you pay more is because someone has to pay for the advertising of the brand and that person is you. it gets added to the price of each product.

For any job around the house that you care to think of this will do the trick on 99% of them. With some products the brand will have better technology or better component parts.

With pressure washers, the pressure is the same whether you are using a Karcher branded product or this unbranded one. Sure you may get slightly better components with some of the more expensive brands but if you are using this for occasional to regular use around the house and it’s not going to be used intensively every day or even every week then this is going to be more than satisfactory for your needs and there is every reason to believe that it will give you a good number of years of happy service.