Amazon Basics Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

9.9 out of 10
9.9 out of 10

There are three reasons that this makes it into the top ten.

1. It’s by Amazon. This is a no risk purchase. All vacuum cleaners come with at least a one year warranty but it can sometimes be difficult to contact the suppliers of some of the 3rd party sellers that may be based in China or elsewhere in the world to resolve any issues.

Because this is an Amazon branded product, should you not be happy or the product becomes faulty then Amazon customer service will refund you or sort the problem out very quickly.

Amazon is well known for their incredible customer service and its one of the key reasons why they have become one of the largest and most successful companies in the world.

You know you can trust them and they will not let you down.

2. It does a good job. It is very easy to recommend hoovers that cost hundreds of pounds because at that price they had better be good but what we prefer to do is seek out products that do a good job AND they do it at a really good price.

We have taken into account performance and price when recommending this vacuum cleaner. It’s not perfect but the performance hugely exceeds what you would expect at this price.

3. Price. This is another example of what makes Amazon great. The most important thing to them is customer satisfaction and with this vacuum cleaner they have delivered something at a price that would have been impossible a few years ago.

Who is this vacuum cleaner for?

This vacuum cleaner is going to be best suited for smaller to medium sized homes and is going to be perfect if you live in a one or two bedroom flat, apartment or bungalow.

Most homes simply do not need to spend hundreds of pounds on a cordless beast of a hoover from the likes of Dyson or Shark.

It’s like buying a £1000 laptop and using it to search on the internet. A laptop for £300 will do a perfectly good job because you have no use for the extra power or features.

It’s the same with vacuum cleaners. If you don’t have children that make a huge amount of mess or loads of cats and dogs and people are not running mud through your home every day then this hoover is going to be absolutely fine for you.

At this price you do need to take into account what you can expect for your money and you will have to compromise a little on some things.

There is a cord. You will need to plug it in but for the price it’s a small price to pay.

The waste container is small. At 1.5 litres you will need to empty it more often than the average cleaner but again at this price it is a small price to pay.

Features and Benefits

There is no bag so you will never be burdened with the additional cost and hassle of buying bags. Just make sure that you empty it on a regular basis and before it gets completely full because when it is nearly full you risk it losing some suction. If you keep it well maintained it will do a great job for a long time.

Clean the filter on a regular basis. It’s like a car. It will run well for a long time but if you don’t service it then it will eventually break down.

The filter on this cleaner pops out very easily. Run it under the tap, let it dry and pop it back in. Check it once a month and if it looks a bit messy give it a quick clean. It will last longer and maintain the suction power if you do.

It comes with a UK plug so no need to be messing around with adaptors or anything like that, it just plugs straight into the wall.

The suction is so powerful you will probably never use it on maximum power.

In fact we would recommend that you don’t because you will find it harder to clean because it will stick to the floor and may even suck up the carpet it’s that strong but you can easily turn the power down from the handle to a level that suits the surface you are cleaning.

It comes with a 5m cord but the surface area that it cleans to is around 6m because of the length of the pole so unless you have some really big rooms you won’t need to unplug it within the same room.

The pole is telescopic so you can adjust it to suit your height.

It also comes with a surprisingly good filtration system for a hoover at this price. The Hepa 12 filter will retain 99.5% of everything that it sucks up which is better than some cleaners that are a lot more expensive.

You also get a rewindable cord which again is something you don’t always get as standard on a cleaner at this price level.

The accessory attachments clip on and off easily and you get everything that you need to clean all surfaces.

A long crevice tool for getting into hard to reach areas, a dusting brush for more delicate higher level area’s and an upholstery nozzle.

It weighs just 4.5kg making it light enough for anyone to easily manoeuvre around.

Most vacuum cleaners around this price come with a one year guarantee but if Amazons excellent customer service isn’t enough you get 2 years with this for extra peace of mind.


This is difficult to beat for quality and value. If you want a simple hoover to clean your home and you don’t want to pay fortunes for one then this is for you.

When you add to that the fact it is an Amazon branded product and that means it is effectively risk free because Amazon customer service is so good it makes this vacuum cleaner an excellent budget option.