Beko VCO62602AB Orion 6 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

This hoover comes with as much suction power as a Dyson but at a fraction of the price.

If you have a flat or a bungalow or small to medium sized home this Beko VCO62602AB Orion 6 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is going to be a great vacuum cleaner to put on your shortlist.

It doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of the premium brands such as Shark and Dyson but is does do the job it is supposed and packs a real punch at a very affordable price.

For the majority of people you simply do not need to spend the kind of money that is being asked for some of the top end cordless cleaners because if the area that you need to clean is relatively small and / or you don’t mind a cable to plug your hoover in then you can save some serious money.

The world survived for decades with hoovers that you plugged into the wall and if you don’t want to pay big money for a cordless cleaner you can pay way less than £100 for a corded cylinder vacuum cleaner that will do the job of a cordless cleaner that costs 5 times as much or more.

The main thing that you will compromise on is convenience. One of the most expensive parts of a cordless hoover is the battery so you take that straight out of the equation with a corded cleaner like this one.

You then have some other subtle differences when you are looking at a budget cleaner but as long as performance is not compromised then there is no reason why you cant save money and buy what you need rather than get lots of things that you will never need.

For example, our top rated cylinder vacuum cleaner is Henry the Hoover that has a 10 metre cord and a 6 litre waste container capacity.

This Beko cylinder vacuum cleaner has a 6 metre cord and a 2.5 litre waste bin.

The suction on this cleaner is as good as the Henry but the cord is shorter and the bin is smaller. For a lot of homes that is not going to matter and you pay A LOT LESS for this Beko than you will for Henry the hoover and its not even in the same ball park as the sky high prices of a Dyson or a Shark.

Features and Benefits

Its bagless so you never need to worry about buying replacement bags and the waste container is released by simply pulling down one lever to release it from the main body of the hoover and then another to open the lid and empty the contents. Super easy.

One of the concerns with cheap bagless cleaners is the amount of dust that gets released back into the air once it has been hoovered up. Very surprisingly for a vacuum cleaner at this price point it comes with a hepa filter which is a specialised filter that will ensure 99.9% of all the dust stays in once its in.

That’s the kind of thing that hoovers at this price don’t normally come with because it helps to keep the price down so that’s a big plus here if you have anyone with allergies in the house or you just want to make sure as much dust as possible is retained in the hoover.

The suction is so powerful that it is unlikely you will ever need to use it on maximum suction but there is no harm in keeping it on max for hard floors and it will certainly leave nothing behind with even just a single pass but with carpets you will probably want to turn it down a bit because it is so powerful that you may find it hard to push across a deeper pile carpet.

You adjust the suction via a dial on the machine and even on medium and lower settings the suction is going to be ample for most floor surfaces.

There is also no need to be concerned about the height of the pole because it is telescopic and can be adjusted to accommodate whatever height best suits you.

It has a 4 metre hose which is an average length and will cover the average flight of stairs but it will easily sit on a stair if you have to lift it up to reach some of the upper stairs.

It weighs just under 5kg which isn’t the lightest but nor can it be classified as anywhere near heavy and can be easily lifted by anyone without any trouble.

The cord is 6 metres which isn’t the longest but its certainly long enough to ensure that you will not have to switch plugs inside the same room.

The accessories that is comes with are perfect. Some of the top end cordless cleaners come with 7 or 8 different attachments and you will never use the vast majority of them.

This Beko cylinder vacuum cleaner comes with 3 accessories tools that can easily be clipped onto the end of the telescopic pole. A crevice tool to get you down the back of the sofa and to run across the top of skirting boards along with any other hard to get to nooks and crannies.

The dusting tool is great for running over higher level surfaces and the upholstery brush is great for pet hair and to cover larger fabric surfaces that would take ages if you used the crevice tool.

It also comes with a UK plug so no need to worry about this coming in from China with a two pin plug that requires an adaptor. It’s good to go straight out of the box.


Ask yourself if you are happy to plug in your hoover and also if you don’t mind a shorter cord and having to empty it a little more often.

If you are fine with those things then this is a tremendous value for money hoover with fantastic suction that will perform the same job as other much more expensive hoovers but with slightly less convenience but you will save a lot of money.

This is one of the best value for money cylinder vacuum cleaners out there for small to medium sized homes.