Black and Decker PD1820L Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

9.95 out of 10
9.95 out of 10

Black and Decker have a huge range of handheld hoovers or “Dustbusters” and most of them are pretty average but the PD1820L stands out from the rest in the Black and Decker range for a variety of reasons.

Not only is it the best one that they do but it offers something different to almost all handheld hoovers in the UK.

Most are a single unit of about 30cm in length that enables you to efficiently suck up any small spills and mess that is very close to you and the vacuum cleaner.

This is to ensure you have something that is compact and quick but most are not very versatile when you want to get into other areas that are out of reach for most other handhelds.

That’s where the black and decker PD1820L comes into its own with the 1.5metre hose that allows you to do so much more with it.

There are several models in the range that come with a 1.5-metre hose but this one is by far the best as it has the strongest suction power.

This is the difference and comparison of the black and decker Flexi hose handhelds:

PD1820L – 15 minutes runtime and 25 air watts of suction power

PD1420L – 12 minutes runtime and 20 air watts of suction power

PD1020L – 10 minutes runtime and 20 air watts of suction power

Air watts represents the suction power and the PD1820L has 25% more than the PD1420L which is a big difference that you’ll notice when you are doing the stairs or trying to pick up dirt that is ingrained into the carpet or the car.

With the PD1820L the battery is better and lasts longer as well so you get more suction and more time than the other models before you have to recharge.

Features and Benefits

There are two main features that make this handheld stand out above many others and that is the flexible hose and how compact it is.

It’s a very clever design that ensures the whole thing sits on a very small footprint.

First of all the charger is flat and the hoover just sits on top of it to recharge and takes up virtually no space so it can easily sit on the work surface in the corner without looking unsightly or on the floor of a cupboard if you prefer.

Somehow they have managed to fit everything into 30cm in length, 27cm wide and just 16cm tall which is pretty impressive when you consider there is a 1.5-metre hose, a charger, a battery, a motor to power it and a handle on top.

This picture gives you an idea of how flexible and far reaching it can be despite how compact it is:

black and decker hose

Battery life. With a lot of handheld vacuum cleaners you will be lucky to get 10 minutes out of them and the ones with decent suction will be less.

To get good suction you need a good battery because to get the power you need for the required suction, the battery drains very quickly.

This model comes with a lithium-ion battery which is the best quality for the kind of cleaning you’ll be doing.

Because it’s a good quality battery you will get 15 minutes of cleaning time before you need to recharge it.

With cheaper handheld hoovers what you find is that as the battery starts to empty the suction power goes down as well but that won’t happen with this one.

We found that you get the same amount of high-quality suction power from it whether the battery is full or nearly empty.

Suction Power. Of the 3 models that are available with the long flexible hose this one has the most suction power by far and is strong enough to deal with pretty much everything you would expect from a handheld hoover.

It is particularly good on hard floors and we found that any spillage in the kitchen or any laminate flooring was dealt with easily and quickly.

It’s also really good on stairs because the thin hose makes it super easy to get into the edges and across stairs as well as the top edges of skirting boards as well.

It’s excellent for the car because the hose can get right into many areas that would be impossible with other vacuums such as down the side and underneath seats.

The waste container sits on the side and is see through so you can easily see when it needs emptying. It’s a decent size as well so you won’t need to empty it every 5 minutes, unlike some cheaper handheld hoovers.

Hold it over the bin and one click on the side opens the waste container to easily empty it within a few seconds.

As with all hoovers, you’ll need to clean the filter once every few months. It’s nice and simple with the filter easily accessible and removable so you can give it a clean under the tap. Always make sure it’s completely dry before putting it back in.


If you don’t want to spend the very high prices that Dyson ask for the most powerful suction but you want something that is compact and versatile that is good enough for all the jobs you don’t want to get the main hoover out for then the Black and Decker PD1820L should be a strong candidate.

It’s very lightweight at just over 2kg yet flexible enough to get into all the nooks and crannies that your full-size vacuum cleaner struggles to get to.

This sits firmly in the middle of the pricing range of handheld hoovers.

Its been around for a few years now so you can pick it up for a lot less than it was when it was released as a brand new model and that makes it really good value for money.

It’s cheaper than the premium models from Dyson and Shark yet it’s more flexible than they are and the suction power is good enough for the vast majority of what you’ll need it for without getting the main hoover out.