Bosch BCS122GB Unlimited Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

9.8 out of 10
9.8 out of 10

Is it possible to purchase a hoover from a premium manufacturer that is not Dyson or Shark and still achieve a high quality cleaning experience AND save money as well?

We think it is. Bosch are certainly more well known for their washing machines and dishwashers but they one of the most trusted and respected brands in the UK for electrical appliances.

Their vacuum cleaners in our opinion have managed to stay below the radar and we think that this particular Bosch BCS122GB Cordless Vacuum Cleaner deserves its place in the limelight alongside the Dysons and Sharks and we will explain why.

First of all though it is important to know that this particular model only makes it into our list of recommendations because it comes as standard with 2 batteries that have a very quick charging time that we will go into detail with below and explain why that means this cleaner is potentially better than a Dyson but cheaper.

Don’t bother with the cheaper version which looks the same but has a model number of BCS111GB. It only comes with one battery and that makes it a non-starter.

Features and Benefits

This vacuum cleaner has been branded “Unlimited” which refers to the amount of time that you get to clean your house – unlimited.

The reason they can make this claim is that each battery will give you 60 minutes of cleaning time and you get 2 batteries with each battery taking only 60 minutes to fully charge. So you can clean with one battery whilst the other is charging and clean all day if you choose to.

With most other premium manufacturers taking 3-4 hours to fully charge this is a pretty amazing achievement from Bosch but there is a caveat.

The 60 minutes cleaning time is based on using the cleaner in “normal mode”.

Normal suction mode is fine for regular cleaning but the thing we really love about this vacuum cleaner is the ability to use it on turbo mode for 20 minutes all in one go.

This is the only cordless vacuum that you can use on maximum power and be able to clean your entire house with a deep clean ultra-powerful suction.

Most people can vacuum the whole house in 20 minutes especially if you don’t have to mess about with any cables and having to change plug sockets.

However, you have to put up with using normal mode for most of the time and have to save turbo mode for the areas that need a deep clean because you don’t want to run out of battery because you get around 6 minutes on turbo with a Dyson or a Shark

To put this into perspective the Dyson V10 and V12 only give you around 6 minutes on maximum power before the battery dies and you have to charge for 3.5 hours.

This Bosch BCS122GB gives you 9 minutes of cleaning with turbo mode and when you switch to the 2nd battery you get 18 minutes of cleaning with a level of suction that is on a par with the latest Dyson that only gives you 6 minutes.

If you put the first battery on charge whilst you are using the second one you can switch back to the first one when the second one dies and get another few minutes on turbo giving you 20 minutes total cleaning on the very highest level of suction possible – Turbo. If you can clean your house in 20 minutes that makes this Bosch better than a Dyson and its cheaper.

Dyson has better suction in normal mode but in Turbo they are both on a par and you can use this in Turbo the whole time as long as you can vacuum your home in 20 mins.

At around the 3kg mark this is a very light vacuum cleaner and is incredibly easy to manoeuvre with great weight distribution making it easy on the wrists and forearms.

The waste container is a little on the small side but not so you will ever need to empty it mid home clean. Emptying it is simple and straightforward, just unclip from the cleaner head and pull down on a lever to release the lid.

It comes with the usual suite of accessories and the one we really like (and it makes you wonder why everyone doesn’t have one) is a flexible crevice tool which is both sturdy yet bendy at the same time so you can get down the back of radiators or into any space that a solid piece of long plastic would not reach like down the side of car seats.

With other cordless hoovers you need to keep your finger on the power button to keep it on but this one has an on/off switch so once it’s on it stays on without you having to keep your finger in exactly the same place whilst you are cleaning.


You can probably pick this up for £100 less than a Dyson V10 and shed loads of money less than a Dyson V12 and that makes this an excellent value for money vacuum cleaner on the basis that you can use the turbo mode for 20 minutes as described above versus 6 minutes with the latest Dyson.

If you use this cleaner the right way (turbo mode) then there is definitely an argument for this being one of if not the best value for money premium cordless vacuum cleaners on the market.