Bosch EasyAquatak 120 Pressure Washer

9.8 out of 10
9.8 out of 10

This is a budget pressure washer from a top brand that is specifically made for smaller jobs that would be completed on a more regular basis.

Bosch have 8 pressure washers in their range and the EasyAquatak 120 is the most powerful of 3 entry-level pressure washers.

The 3 least expensive models in the range all look exactly the same but deliver different levels of power.

Unless you are planning on using a pressure washer on a very regular basis or for hardcore commercial use then you don’t need to look beyond this type of machine.

The EasyAquatak 100 has a maximum 100 bar of pressure, the EasyAquatak 110 has 110 bar of pressure and the EasyAquatak 120 has 120 bar of pressure.

The EasyAquatak 120 is the best value for money of the three of them because at the end of the day you want a pressure washer to deliver a high enough level of pressure to be able to deal with all of the jobs around your home, not just the bike and the car.

The 100 and the 110 are ok but if you want to be able to clear dirt and grime that has been ground into the patio for the last 10 years then the 120 will deal with everything that you need to tackle.

When it comes to home appliance brands you can trust Bosch are right up there with the best. Most people have owned a Bosch product in the past but it is more likely to be a washing machine, fridge or dishwasher.

If you have owned a Bosch home appliance then you will know that they are high-quality products that are built to last and their pressure washers are no different.

Features and benefits

If DIY is not really your thing and you want something that is good to go straight out of the box then this pressure washer is going to be ideal.

There is no assembly or wheels to attach, just take it out of the box, attach the hose to the back of the washer, connect to the tap and you are good to go.

You get 3 nozzles that create different levels of pressure and direction for the water.

The foam nozzle is mainly for covering your car in a snow foam ready for cleaning but can be used for certain types of garden furniture like plastic chairs or metal items that have been a bit weather beaten over the winter and need a bit of detergent over them before being blasted down with high-pressure water.

There is the variable nozzle which provides the most focussed highest pressure and is the one you will keep on the vast majority of the time.

You also get a rotary pressure nozzle that allows you to adjust the pressure just by twisting the lance and can be used for washing down more delicate items instead of blasting them at full power.

You get a 5-metre pressure hose which is a good length and standard for pressure washers at this price level. It makes it easy to store and you can always add an extension cable if you need more reach.

It offers a very simple “click and fit” for each nozzle where you just press a button and pull out the nozzle and another one just clicks into the same slot. Really easy.

You can lock the trigger on the gun by pressing one button so that you don’t have to keep your hand pressed down on it to get constant water flow.

A good little feature with this washer is that you don’t actually need to connect it to a tap if you don’t want to.

If you have small job to do that may be a little further away from the tap and you don’t want get out the extension cable and have lots of cable all over the place, you can place the hose directly into a water container or tank and it will be able to suck the water straight out without any problems.

It offers onboard storage of the gun and lance for when it’s not in use and ensures that no parts will ever go missing.

This model is very different from most pressure washers because of its compact size and portability.

Most pressure washers come on wheels and you have to drag them around with you so if you are cleaning a driveway or bricks or the side of your house you can find yourself having to monitor the base unit and pull it along with you.

The Bosch is so small and weighs only 4 kg and that means you can literally lift it up and carry it around with you as you clean.

We really like how portable it is and it made it super easy when we were moving around the car to spray the whole car without having to drag a heavy base unit with us.

This is manufactured by a top brand and can be directly compared to Karcher who are the market leader when it comes it comes to pressure washers.

A lot of happy customers of this particular Bosch pressure washer have bought it as a replacement to Karcher and said that it is as good if not better.

Whatever you are cleaning, whether it is the car, bicycle, driveway, patio or garden furniture this will get the job done.


This is the best portable pressure washer we could find.

It’s small enough to store away without taking up much space in your shed or garage but powerful enough to deal with the most difficult tasks that haven’t been tackled in years.

A lightweight and compact pressure washer that is perfect for the small to medium-sized home

Here is a short video showing it in action: