Budget Corded Stick Upright Vacuum Cleaner

9.9 out of 10
9.9 out of 10

If you can’t afford or justify spending hundreds of pounds on a hoover from the likes of Dyson or Shark but you still want something with good suction power then an upright vacuum cleaner with a cord is the way to go.

The trap that people fall into is buying a cheap cordless hoover below £100 and expect it to have the suction power of one of the expensive brands.

To get good suction on a cordless hoover you need a good battery and they don’t come cheap which is why the good ones cost so much money.

If you buy a hoover with a cord then you don’t need to worry about any of that because there is no battery as the power is generated by plugging it into the wall.

It’s not as convenient as a cordless hoover but it’s the best way to save money and get good suction.

Features and benefits

By far the most important factor with any vacuum cleaner is that it generates enough suction to effectively clean you home.

If you spend £400 or £500 then you are pretty much guaranteed very strong suction but when you start going below £100 it becomes much harder to find a good one.

Many hoovers at this price level disappoint when it comes to pick up ability but this one delivers.

It works really well on short pile carpet and if you have hard floors it’s as good as other hoovers we have tested at double or triple the price.

It’s fine as well if you have one pet that doesn’t shed lots of hair but it’s not suitable if you have several dogs that trample their hair into a long pile carpet.

You have to be realistic when it comes to vacuum cleaners at this price and understand its limitations. If you have long pile carpets and messy children and/or multiple pets then you will need to invest in something a bit more expensive.

The waste container is a little on the small side but you’ll still get a good few cleans out of it before it needs emptying if you live in an average size flat.

One of the things we like the most is the size of the cord. At 10 metres it’s the longest we have come across at this price level and when you combine that with the length of the pole you are looking at about a 12 metre total reach.

That’s plenty to clean a good part of any small to medium-sized home without changing the socket and so you are looking at changing it over maybe once or twice maximum in a single clean which is a small price to pay to maintain good strong suction.

You get 4 accessory tools that give you everything you need to clean the floor and all above-floor surfaces as well.

1 x crevice tool for getting into small areas that are hard to reach.

1 x upholstery tool for sofas, mattresses and stairs

1 x floor head specifically for hard floors

1 x floor head specifically for carpets

It easily converts into a handheld as well with just one click to remove the top from the main wand and then clip on any of the accessory tools.

It comes with a good base to store the cleaner and the accessories so it’s neat and tidy in the cupboard and nothing gets lost.

You also get good filtration as it comes with a HEPA filter ensuring that over 99% of what goes in stays in until you empty it.

You also get a 12month warranty as well for peace of mind.

If you are not up for lugging a heavy hoover around you’ll also be pleasantly surprised by how incredibly light it is at just 1.5kg.

Who is this vacuum cleaner for?

If you live on your own and generally keep the place clean there is no need to spend hundreds of pounds on a hoover that is intended for much more intensive work.

If you are elderly and don’t want to lift a big heavy hoover around this is about as lightweight as it gets.

If you live in a flat and maybe you don’t have much storage room this will be a great fit.

There is no technology to have to learn with this vacuum cleaner just a simple on/off switch so it’s very easy to use.


This is not a Dyson or Shark. It doesn’t have the suction power the top brands have and nor would you expect it to for such a low price.

It does, however, have suction power plenty strong enough to deal with a large number of homes in the UK.

If you have a large 5 bedroom home with lots of messy feet trampling through it and maybe a cat and a dog then this hoover is not for you.

This vacuum cleaner is not for large busy homes but if you live on your own and you generally keep the place clean then this is absolutely ideal.

The suction is better than expected for a vacuum cleaner at this price level and you are guaranteed continuous strong suction for the duration that you clean for unlike cordless equivalents because you have to plug it into the wall.

The inconvenience of a cord is more than offset by the benefit gained from much stronger suction than you can ever get from a similarly priced cordless hoover.

This also comes with a very unusually long 10-metre cord so the cleaning radius without changing over the plug socket is about 200 square metres and that’s enough to clean a lot of small to medium-sized flats or bungalows.

Its lightweight and small so if you don’t have much storage space this is not going to take up too much valuable storage.

An excellent value for money vacuum cleaner for small to medium-sized homes or for elderly people that need a light hoover to do the weekly clean.