Coredy R500+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

This is an outstanding value for money budget robot hoover that punches well above its weight when you compare what you get for what you pay.

It would be very reasonable to ask if it is even possible to get a budget robot vacuum cleaner that is actually capable of doing a good job of cleaning your home without any interaction from you whatsoever.

Things have changed a lot over the last few years with Robot hoovers and they have basically gone the same way as LCD TV’s.

Not so long ago you would have to spend well over £1000 to get a decent TV that you could hang on the wall but over time the same TV is now available for perhaps £300.

Technology improves and the more volume of something you can produce the lower the price becomes.

Exactly the same thing has happened to Robo cleaners. They have actually been around for about 20 years but until now no-one has really taken much notice of them because they have been overpriced and underperforming.

You can still pay over £1000 for a robotic hoover and for example Dyson’s version will set you back a small fortune but in our opinion that sort of price is simply not worth paying and there are now much cheaper alternatives that will do a sterling job of keeping your home spick and span whilst you are sleeping or at work.

The Coredy R500+ is probably the cheapest robotic vacuum cleaner that actually works.

You can get cheaper but we would not recommend any lower than around the £150 mark because the only way to get to that price is to cut back on a number of features that reduce the level of cleaning to an unacceptable level.

Interestingly Dyson has a slogan for their robotic vacuum cleaner which is “twice the suction of any other robot vacuum cleaner”.

This may well be true but they don’t mention that it is at least 3 times the price of some of the other robot vacuum cleaners that actually do a very good job in their own right.

It is very possible to get a Robot hoover for under £200 that will clean your home very well indeed.

The Coredy R500+ is one of them and we explain why in detail below.

Features and Benefits

This cleaner is extremely similar to one of our other top-rated robot cleaners, the Eufy 11S.

It’s made by two different manufacturers but they may very well make them in the same factory somewhere in China because they have a number of parts that look identical and the overall performance compared to the Eufy is extremely close.

There is one significant difference though, this one is cheaper.

You need to make sure that your robot cleaner has enough suction power to pick up dirt, dust and debris across both hard floor and carpet.

The way to get the price down with these types of hoovers is to reduce suction which is why we have been very careful to research and test suction power using a number of different methods to make sure you will not be disappointed with what it is capable of picking up.

This has been put through its paces with fine debris, large pieces of waste like bits of cereal and hair which is very important for anyone with pets.

The results across the board were very impressive and there is a very good reason why. This cleaner has great suction.

With 15 cubic feet per minute of suction it comes in a lot higher than many others that are more expensive and that ensures it has excellent pickup ability for all types of debris.

One of the most extreme tests that these Robot cleaners go through is sand rubbed into the carpet and then the percentage that is picked up is measured.

Bearing in mind that this is an extreme test and you will of course never rub sand into your carpet, the best corded and cordless cleaners achieve around 90%.

The Coredy managed to pick up over 70% of the sand which for a Robot vacuum at this price is simply staggering and means that it’s going to pick up over 95% of whatever you have in your carpet because it’s not going to come close to the difficulty of picking up sand.

One of the problems that budget cleaner can encounter is edge cleaning. Getting into the corners can prove to be tough but in tests, this did particularly well at getting into the corners and cleaning right up to the edge of skirting boards.

Some of the top end robotic hoovers have a navigation system that allows the actual area to be cleaned to be programmed in so that it definitely covers every inch of the area you want to be cleaned.

At this price, you only get random navigation coverage but it is surprisingly good at getting to almost every part of your flooring during each cleaning cycle.

You will probably have it on a lot when you are out so that when you come home the cleaning is done and you don’t have to watch a small circular device hovering around for an hour or so but if you did want it on whilst you are in your home then it is surprisingly quiet and would not disturb you whilst you were sleeping for example.

Battery life is very good at 120 minutes which should be more than enough to clean your entire space in one go.

As with most robotic cleaners these days once the battery is almost depleted it will return to its charging base to recharge.

The waste bin is a good size measuring in at 600ml of waste which is above average for a hoover at this price and plenty for a full clean without having to empty in between.

A remote is included enabling you to schedule cleaning for whenever it suits you and it also offers a number of different cleaning modes as well.


We thought that the Eufy 11S was an absolute bargain budget robot cleaner that offered a level of performance that far outweighed the asking price but at the time of writing this Coredy R500+ costs even less than the Eufy which quite frankly makes it an absolute steal.

Suction is excellent. It cleans great on carpet as well as hardwood. Battery life is more than enough to cover a very large area and the navigation performs extremely well, covering all of the floor space that needs cleaning each and every time.

This is a superb value for money robot vacuum cleaner that is additionally backed up by some very strong reviews from hundreds of happy owners.