DOFLY Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

9.9 out of 10
9.9 out of 10

There is a lot of choice at this budget price level and there is a lot of rubbish out there with poor suction power but as long as you choose wisely you can get your hands on a handheld hoover that is cheap and has powerful suction.

This handheld vacuum cleaner is one of those rare products where it isn’t actually too good to be true and you can pay out a small amount of money and get something that really does do an excellent job of sucking up all of the dirt and debris that you don’t want to get the main hoover out for.

This is an excellent budget option that eliminates the need to pay big money for a premium brand that is not going to provide better results.

The best value for money handheld vacuum cleaners are under £40 because 95% of what you want to use them for will be everyday light debris that is sitting on top of the surface that you want to clean.

Maybe you have just baked a cake in the kitchen and there is flower and sugar spread out on the worksurface or table or floor or perhaps the baby has made the usual mess and thrown some peas or chips on the floor.

It doesn’t matter whether the Dyson handheld has double the suction power because no-one is trampling mud into your carpet and then rubbing it in.

Only under those conditions would you be better of spending 7 times the price on a super expensive handheld vacuum but if you just want to suck up daily surface dirt like food or animal hair or the mess that children leave lying around then this is going to pick it up exactly the same way as other handheld vacuums at two, three or four times the price.

When you take into account that this type of hoover isn’t supposed to replace your main vacuum cleaner then you quickly realise that there is no need to spend fortunes because your needs are almost always going to be 60 second bursts of minor dirt and debris around the house.

That said it’s got a great battery life of at least 30 minutes and really good attachments that have specifically been designed for car use so you can save yourself the full £14 that most car washes charge for inside and out and just go for the outside wash for £7 and use this handheld to zip around your car in 5 minutes.

Features and benefits

2 key reasons why this is a great handheld hoover that carries no risk:

Amazon has an obsession with keeping their customers happy. It’s one of the reasons why they are the worlds largest retailer. You know you can trust them and if you buy something and you are not happy with it then you send it back and they will give you your money back.

Many happy customers. You know you don’t need to be concerned about choosing a brand you have never heard of when hundreds of people have already bought one and given the highest possible rating for performance and satisfaction.

The most important thing is the suction. It’s not going to replace your main hoover but it’s not supposed to which is why you don’t need to pay the sky high prices for some of the branded handhelds.

This is just right for doing the small jobs that you don’t want to be lugging the main hoover out of the cupboard to do and the digital display on the front will show you how much battery you have left to remind you to charge it when you get low.

Hair, dust, food debris, larger pieces like stones or animal droppings will all get sucked straight into the waste container.

It doesn’t come with a charging base so be aware of that if you would prefer to keep it on the wall inside a cupboard but it does come with 3 attachments that will cover any small job that you need to do.

The long crevice tool is perfect for edges, skirting boards the side of the cushions of the sofa and the brush attachments are great for pet hair or car mats.

The waste container is a good size so you won’t find yourself emptying it every day or after every use and it will also accommodate wet spills as well as dry. One button releases the waste container and its super easy to empty and rinse out.

The waste container opens from the front of the hoover which is better than a flap opening because you can empty it inside the bin whereas we have found that some of the ones that have a flap that opens up makes it difficult to direct the dirt into the bin and you end up with some of the dirt ending up back on the floor.

It has a good filter that makes sure the dirt is kept inside once its in and it just pops out for you to run under the sink when it gets dirty.

Some of the cheaper vacuums can roar like an airplane is passing by when you turn them on but this is surprisingly quiet for a budget handheld so you don’t need to risk waking the dog when it’s in use.


Perfect for all of the odd jobs around the house with a good suite of tools to help you get into hard to reach places that the main mouth of the hoover can’t get to like down the side of the sofa or the side of car seats.

Great suction for everyday use and a 30-minute battery life ensures that it will never run dry on jobs that take longer like the car.

Very good value for money. A low-cost handheld hoover than punches above its weight for the price you pay.