Dupray Heavy Duty Multipurpose Steam Cleaner

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

This is a steam mop and some. It mops the floor and will clean pretty much any part of your home above floor level as well.

Dupray may not be a brand you are familiar with but this multifunctional steam cleaner is arguably better than Karcher who are the most well-known brand for this type of product.

This quality steam mop that will stand the test of time and will provide a huge array of additional functionality that allows you to clean a lot more than just the floor.

Sometimes it is worth paying a little more to get a product that will actually save you money in the long term by reducing your spend on cleaning products and makes your life easier as well with the power of steam.

It can be difficult to pay for a premium-priced product from a brand that you are not familiar with due to the unknown factors. Can you trust them? Will it last? Will it be as good as they say it will be?

There is no better way to answer all of those questions than relying on hundreds of people that have already made that leap of faith and have bought it and used it for a lengthy period of time with over 90% of people rating it either 4 or 5 stars.

Everyone has different expectations for any product and it’s really hard to make everyone happy so when you get something that is as highly rated as this is by a large number of people it’s a good indication that it performs to a very high standard.

Hundreds of reviews from verified buyers of this steam cleaner testify to it being good value for money despite it being an above-average price for this type of product.

If you are only in the market for just a steam mop then you can certainly consider one of the cheaper options that only mops floors but if you want to efficiently clean your entire home without the use of chemicals then it’s worth looking at a steam cleaner that does everything.

This is going to work best for households that mainly have hard floors. It’s not for regular hoovering of carpets but it is certainly powerful enough to remove stains in carpets.

Features and Benefits

There is no fancy design with this steam mop. It’s made to do a job, not to look good which is reassuring because you don’t really want to show your steam cleaner to guests, you just want it to do a really good job of cleaning your home.

The main unit is a square white box with a hose attached that allows for multiple attachments for all sorts of different jobs to be easily clipped on and off.

One button turns it on and there is a screw cap to take off for filling it up with water. There is also a neat little handle that sits flush on top of the main unit and it just pops out whenever you want to pick it up. Super simple operation.

It will hold up to 1.6 litres of water which is a LOT more than the vast majority of home steam mops and cleaners and will give you about 50 minutes of cleaning time before having to refill it.

It weighs 4kg which is light for a unit of this type and it feels super light when using it because the vast majority of the time you are pulling it around on its wheeled base anyway so it feels almost weightless to use and at 4kg it’s not going to cause anyone a problem if you want to take it up the stairs.

Heat up time is 7 minutes which is not the quickest but you do need to remember to turn it on in advance of using it. You’ll get a big green light when you are good to go.

You get a 5-metre cord that tucks nicely into the main unit and when you combine that with the 2 metre hose its easily going to be long enough to cover the vast majority of rooms with a total reach of 7 metres for all usage and more if you are using the steam mop pole attachments.

For mopping it comes with a microfiber cloth to attach to the bottom of the mop head but a really neat feature that you don’t get with regular steam mops is the ability to easily clip your own towel or cloth to the mop head ensuring you don’t have to shell out for replacement cloths and you can just wash and reuse your own cloths or towels for floor mopping.

In addition to the steam mop you get a whole bunch of other stuff including:

1) A window squeegee which makes light work of all glass in your home.

2) 5 x nylon brushes for cleaning delicate areas that may have ground-in stains or dirt.

3) 1 x brass brush for attacking stains that may have been ground in for months or years. the power of the steam and the toughness of this brush is going to get rid of almost anything however long its been there for.

4) A microfibre cloth for the mop head.

5) A triangular head attachment which is great for clothes steaming and getting into tight corners.

6) A thin nozzle attachment for blasting very focused small areas.

As well as your floors there are an almost unlimited number of uses for this steam cleaner with some of the most common being:

1) Grout cleaning on floor tiles or bathroom tiles.

2) Clean your own oven and hob in a fraction of the normal time and with no chemicals.

3) Steam clean your furniture and bed mattresses.

4) Freshen up car interiors.

5) Steam clean the creases from your clothes.


This multifunctional steam cleaner would not be out of place in a commercial work environment but it is priced for the domestic home market.

It has industrial cleaning power but its size and versatility make it ideal for home use.

The multiple attachments it comes with actually fulfil a genuine purpose rather than just being thrown in for the sake of it.

Combine that with the cleaning power it possesses and the Neat steam cleaner from Dupray offers outstanding cleaning performance and superb value for money.