Dyson V10

Dyson V10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

The Dyson V10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a brilliant vacuum cleaner and we will explain why this is still the best option for you and why you should choose it over the V12.

Dyson is the undisputed king of cleaners. The market thought that is was making good vacuum cleaners and then James Dyson introduced a product that put everything else to shame but that was in 1993. Many years have passed since then and Dyson cleaners have become better and better as the years have rolled on.

No-one is disputing that Dyson vacuum cleaners are brilliant but are they brilliant enough to justify the high price that you need to fork out if you want to own one?

After all, there are many alternatives out there that claim to do the job just as well so is the V10 worth paying a premium for and is it worth considering the even more expensive Dyson V12?

Let’s take a look at exactly what you get with the V10.

Features and Benefits

The V10 replaces the V8 and there are some noticeable and significant differences between the two. It is worth paying more for the V10 versus the V8 but in our opinion it is not worth paying hundreds more for the V12 versus the V10.

First of all there are 3 choices for the V10 – “Animal”, “Absolute” and “Total Clean”. The best value for money probably lies in the middle of the range option which is the “Absolute”.

The difference between the 3 of them is simply the number of accessories that you get with each one. The Animal does not come with an important cleaner head accessory which is called the “soft roller cleaner head”. This is specifically for non-carpet surfaces and is brilliant on bathrooms, kitchens and any part of your home that has hard floors.

For an extra £50 over the Animal the Absolute is worth the upgrade for the soft roller cleaner head but the Total clean is not worth paying more for than the Absolute because you will never use the extra two accessories it comes with  – 8 accessory attachments on the Absolute is plenty.

The quality of the cleaning capability of all the V10’s are the same so save yourself some money and stick with this entry level version.

The V10 has 25% more brush head agitation power than its V8 predecessor which means that it will effectively shake your carpet or surface and it will pick up a LOT more.

The V8 was not great at picking up larger items from hard flooring so if that matters to you then the V10 has a height adjuster on the brush head that will allow you to raise it to pick up bigger items.

Suction power is a lot greater on the V10 compared to the V8 so when you combine that with the brush head agitation then you are getting significantly better all round results.

In terms of battery life you now get more options to make your Dyson last longer as it comes with 3 settings for the first time – Low, medium and high as opposed to just low and medium previously.

On low power you now get a full 60 minutes of use before the battery dies which is more than enough even for the largest of homes. High power should be reserved for only the very toughest of grime as you’ll only get 6 minutes of use but now with Medium power which is REALLY powerful you will get about 25 minutes which is more than enough for most homes.

A big plus there for the V10 with the addition of medium power.

Another new introduction is the reduction of a dust cloud when you empty the container when its full. It basically pushes the dirt out eliminating the need to get your hands in there and remove any residue that remains.

All in all the V10 is definitely worth the small upgrade price from the V8 but the V12 is not worth the upgrade from the V10.


Buying the Dyson V12 is a bit like buying the latest iPhone if you just bought the latest iPhone a year ago.

The very newest one may have a better chip to make it go a little faster and a better camera that takes higher definition pictures but the one you have works perfectly well and 99% of what you do on the phone will work exactly the same as if you got the latest one. But is it worth paying hundreds of pounds more for?

That’s how we view the Dyson V12. Is it a superb vacuum cleaner? Yes, it is.

But in order to make it a truly great vacuum cleaner it has to not only do an incredible cleaning job but it has to also offer great value for money as well when compared to the alternative which in this case is the Dyson V10.

So the question is, Is it worth spending several hundred pounds more on the Dyson V12 when you can buy the V10 for several hundred pounds less?

In our opinion it is not which is why the V10 gets our highest rating of 10/10.

I think we are getting to the point where there is not really that much cleaner that any vacuum cleaner can make your home. If the V10 makes your home unbelievably clean and spotless (which it does) how much cleaner can the V12 possibly make it?

Not much if at all in our opinion and certainly not the hundreds of pounds more they are asking for it.

If money is no object and you absolutely have to get the very latest technology there is then go for the V12 but in our opinion the V12 does not add enough on top of what you get with the V10 to justify the very high price that is being asked.

The V10 does a brilliant cleaning job so if you want to combine extremely high quality and excellent value for money then the Dyson V10 is where that balance is perfectly struck.