Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

9.9 out of 10
9.9 out of 10

Dyson vacuum cleaners are outstanding. The V11 Cordless Vacuum cleaner is their flagship product and it does an incredible job.

It’s the Harrods of hoovers, it is the Ferrari of the cleaning world.

BUT you will pay Harrods prices for this cleaner and you will pay the Ferrari equivalent in vacuum cleaner prices to get your hands on one of these.

To justify the price that Dyson is asking for the V11 it needs to do something extraordinary. It almost needs to clean your house for you in order to make you part company with what amounts to an amount of money that could go a decent way towards a holiday or the price of a very good laptop.

In this review we will explore the question of “how clean can a cleaner make your home”

What we have seen since Dyson came on the scene in the early 1990’s is a complete transformation in what is possible with a vacuum cleaner and overall cleaning performance of all Hoover’s has improved beyond recognition.

The predecessor to the V11 is the V10 which is our 10/10 rated cordless vacuum cleaner.

In order to rate a product correctly you have to evaluate performance and price together in order to understand if you are getting value for money.

If a vacuum cleaner costs £50 but it doesn’t clean properly then it’s not worth it so how far up the pricing ladder should you go in order to buy a hoover that does an outstanding job of cleaning?

 Our view is that the Dyson V10 does an unbelievably good job of cleaning already and is several hundred pounds cheaper than the V11 so why would you buy the V11?

Let’s explain

Features and Benefits

You have 2 choices with the V11, the Absolute and the Animal.

What’s the difference between the V11 Absolute and the V11 Animal?

First of all and most importantly the Absolute is around £100 more expensive and for that you get a soft roller cleaning head as an accessory which is supposed to be better for hard flooring.

If you don’t have hard flooring then you don’t need it and, in our opinion, if you do have hard flooring you also don’t need it because the standard cleanhead does an amazing job at picking up everything on every surface anyway. Also, if you have the soft roller on and you want to go from hard flooring to a rug or carpet then you have to switch heads. The soft roller cleaning head is more of a hindrance than a benefit.

Also, both come with a digital display that shows battery life but the Absolute will show you percentages so that you have a clearer picture of exactly how much power you have left.

The Absolute also has “dynamic load sensor technology” which means that it can sense the surface that you are cleaning on and adjusts the level of suction accordingly. So on a deep pile carpet it will apply more suction than if you are on hardwood flooring. Is it good? Yes. Is it worth paying more money for? No. For most people you don’t need it.

Is it worth paying extra for a soft roller head that you won’t use and an LCD screen so you know the exact percentage of battery left?

No. If you do go for the V11 then save some money and get the Animal instead of the Absolute.

The V11 has more suction power than the V10 but we would ask the question, how much suction power do you actually need?

Under extreme testing conditions 100 grams of sand was rubbed into a carpet and the V11 picked up 7% more sand than the V10 but here’s the thing. When was the last time that you poured and rubbed in 100 grams of sand into your carpet? Never right.

You would have to not clean your carpet for 6 months to replicate these conditions. Our point. The V11 has the best ever suction power of any cordless vacuum cleaner but the V10 does an outstanding job as well with incredible suction power in its own right.

You do get more battery life with the V11 around 30% more on average which may be important to you if you have a very large house. You will get 60 minutes with the V11 on the low power setting (low power is very good suction) but you get 45 minutes with the V10 which is plenty for most households.

The extra battery life comes at a price with the handle weighing about 1kg more than the V10. It doesn’t make it heavy but you may feel it in your arm with long periods of use.

It also takes 4.5 hours to recharge compared to 3.5 hours with the V10. Not really a problem unless you want to clean again quickly.

The filtration on the V11 is amazing with nothing escaping once it gets hoovered up which cannot be said for some other cordless cleaners but the V10 is as good in this respect.

One good thing that the V11 achieves compared to its predecessor is a reduced noise level. Not that the V10 is very loud but the V11 is quieter.

The waste canister on the V11 holds the same amount as the V10 at a very respectable 0.75 litres with emptying very simple – just pull down on a lever to release the lid and the dirt gets pushed into the bin.


Save some money and get the V10

If you are constantly running through the house with muddy boots on and you have 4 dogs and 4 cats that moult then the extra suction power that you get from the V11 may be of benefit to you but in our opinion the outstanding suction power that the V10 offers is more than good enough for 99% of households in order to get a thorough deep clean that will leave no dirt behind.

The V11 is at the cutting edge of technology so if you absolutely have to have the very latest thing and you are not bothered about shelling out an extra few hundred quid then you will most certainly not be disappointed but if you want to combine quality AND value then the V10 is the way to go.