Dyson V7 Trigger Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

If you absolutely have to have the best then the Dyson V7 trigger handheld hoover sits right at the top of the tree.

It’s basically a cut-down version of a full-size Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner with the same amount of power but it’s much cheaper because it doesn’t come with the central wand or the head to vacuum large areas of floor.

This is an ultra-premium handheld hoover but with the price comes the strongest suction you’ll find from any handheld vacuum cleaner.

With some handheld cleaners, the suction power fades during use as the battery depletes but this doesn’t happen with the V7 trigger so you can be assured of the same level of power from the moment you turn it on until you stop using it or the battery runs out.

Features and Benefits

There are two power settings, low and high. If you keep it on low the whole time it will last for 30 minutes on one charge and on high you’ll get just 7 minutes.

Low power for Dyson is the equivalent of high on other handhelds so you’ll pick up most of what you are hoovering on the low setting.

When you come across stubborn dirt then flick it into high to suck it straight into the waste container.

We tend to use high power for our carpeted stairs or the carpet in the car where more than average dirt levels tend to accumulate.

Switching between high and low will ensure you always have enough power to do whatever job you are tackling.

The tools and accessories as you would expect from a handheld vacuum at this price level are excellent.

There is the motorised brush head that just clips on and off and is ideal for stairs and removal of pet hair and long human hair from all surfaces.

Then there is the combination tool that is a two in one. The first part of it is for upholstery and then by flicking it upwards it converts into a dusting brush for more delicate surfaces.

The long crevice tool is the final accessory. it’s long and thin for getting down the side of your car seats or the sofa.

The waste container is large and easy to empty. You don’t need to remove it from the main unit, just pull a red lever on the top and the lid will release the dirt into your bin.

As you would expect from a premium handheld it comes with a HEPA filter which means that it retains 99.9% of the dirt that goes in without releasing anything back into the air. Well worth having if you have any dust allergy sufferers in your home.

It looks pretty bulky but the component parts are light and the whole thing only weighs 1.4kg so it’s very light overall, easy to hold and it doesn’t give any wrist ache even after 10 minutes plus of continuous use.

All Dyson products tend to be very reliable but it does come with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

Dyson spends a lot of money on research and development to keep their products at the cutting edge of what is possible and it shows with this handheld hoover.

This is certainly one of the best handhelds out there if not the best but it is expensive so from a value for money perspective it’s great if you need maximum suction power but there are others that have a little less suction power but still do a great job.


This is an excellent handheld vacuum cleaner but you have to be able to justify the high price when you balance it with your individual needs.

On Turbo mode it’s not going to leave anything behind with the outstanding suction power so no matter what you are trying to pick up its going to end up in the waste container.

To put the suction power on maximum power into perspective I would compare it to the suction power on the vacuums they use in a cash wash to do the interior of your car.

If you are used to paying £7 for the car wash to do the inside and you are prepared to lay out the high price for the Dyson then you could do the interior of your car yourself and get the same results and see this as an investment that would pay for itself over time by not using the car wash to do the inside of your vehicle.

Be aware though that the suction is so strong that it does drain the battery quickly on max power with only 7 minutes of run time but you get 30 mins on low power mode which is stronger than a lot of handhelds maximum power so switching between the two will give you about 15 minutes on one charge.

With the motorised brush head accessory on you will be getting the same power as one of Dyson cordless stick vacuum cleaners so that gives you an idea of how powerful it is.

You also get the long thin crevice tool and dusting tool which is all you need to clean everything above floor in any location inside or outside the home.

If you need a real workhorse of a cleaner and are prepared to pay for it the performance is second to none.

Here is a video showing you what the Dyson V7 looks like and how to use it and the accessories it comes with. The speech is a bit slow so if you increase the playback speed to 1.5 then you can get through it in about 4 minutes: