Eufy RoboVac 15C Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

Robot vacuum cleaners are very underrated because when they first came out they were expensive and they didn’t work very well and to make it worse you can still pay over the odds for a robot hoover to automatically clean your home if you are not careful.

Things have changed significantly over the last few years with quality and performance improving significantly and prices coming down.

There are literally several hundred different robots to choose from making it a total minefield to find one that actually does a good job and represents good value for money.

The best way to avoid buying a robot vacuum that ends up being a disappointment is to find one that is a proven winner over time.

The Eufy 15C Max is exactly that. Eufy may not be a name that you have heard of but they have absolutely smashed it in the robot market at the budget end for the last few years.

They have found a way to produce a product at a low price that has strong suction and there are not many robots that have that going for them.

The 15C Max is a proven winner over time with many hundreds of happy customers that have bought and used it on a regular basis for months and rate it very highly.

This is an upgrade from the already hugely popular Eufy Robovac 11S and for the price it has an impressive array of features.

Features and Benefits

All of the features below are compared against a large number of other robot vacuums in the budget category and it not only comes out top but it does a lot better than some much more expensive robots as well.

Surface Suitability. You get two power levels, low and high and whilst low power is fine for hard floors the battery life is so good at 100 minutes that we would just keep it on high the whole time. On high you will get excellent cleaning on all surfaces including thicker carpet.

Weight. How heavy a robot is doesn’t really matter and is pretty much a non-issue but we weighed it anyway and at 2.7kg its very light and very easy to move around if you need to.

Height. It’s only 7.2cm high which is really slim for a robot and that comes with significant benefits as the slimmer it is the much less likely it is to get stuck.

Its slim enough to get underneath a lot of sofas and under pieces of furniture and any other hard to reach places become a lot easier to reach the thinner it is.

Suction. This has very impressive suction for a robot at this price level. It does brilliantly on hard flooring and short pile carpet and really good on deeper pile carpet as well, performing as well as a lot of full size vacuum cleaners.

Battery Life. You get 100 minutes of cleaning time on one charge which is more than you will ever need to run one cleaning cycle and it will return to its charging base in its own to recharge when the battery is low.

We found that it almost always returns to its base to recharge on its own but it can get stuck occasionally but a very low percentage of the time.

Bin size. Due to their size, no robot vacuum cleaner has a large bin and you will need to empty it every other clean but the effort to do that is a fraction of the effort required to manually do the hoovering.

It does have a bin size of 600ml which is bigger than the average so you’ll be emptying it less than other robot hoovers in this price range.

Wi-Fi This model from Eufy comes Wi-Fi enabled so you can download the app and use it to start and stop cleaning at its most basic but also use it to programme the exact days and times you want it to spring into action.

My favourite is that you can start it when you are out if you haven’t programmed it and the house will be clean when you get back!

Alexa and Google Assistant enabled. Voice activated assistants from Amazon and Google have become hugely popular and this works with both Alexa and Google.

So if you can’t be bothered to get your phone out to activate the app just ask Alexa to start cleaning and the Eufy will obey.

Navigation. Top-end robots will learn the layout of each room to ensure total coverage in the least amount of time but at this price level you don’t get that feature.

This model has random navigation but we were very pleasantly surprised by how efficient it is and we didn’t find any areas untouched.

Anti-Cliff sensors. No need to worry about it falling off the stairs as the sensors detect any sharp drops to stop that from happening

Warranty. It comes with a standard 1-year warranty for peace of mind.

It climbs. All homes have small bumps and especially floor dividers that split up rooms and change surface as you move from say the kitchen to the hall.

The Eufy 15C Max can climb 1.6cm which may not sound much but it’s plenty to may sure that it will move from room to room with ease and have no issue with cables and smaller items blocking its way.


The Eufy 15C Max performs better than a lot of other robot vacuums at double the price.

The strong suction power ensures that you’ll get a level of cleaning that you would normally only expect from a cordless cleaner from one of the top brands.

The super slim design allows it to get underneath sofas and furniture that you probably wouldn’t get to yourself with a normal hoover and it switches seamlessly from hard floor to carpet without issue.

The navigation is random but it does cover almost 100% of the floor area you set it down on within about 30 minutes and you can activate it from the intuitive and easy to use free app.

We really like the app because you can program it by day and time to clean when it’s most convenient for you or you can simply activate from anywhere when you are out so your home is clean when you return.

When you combine ease of use with performance and price it’s no wonder why this is one of the most highly rated and best-selling robot hoovers.