George Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

George is the brother of Henry, the most famous vacuum cleaner in the UK. Henry has been around for decades and is still as popular today as when it came out. George does everything that Henry does but it also deep cleans surfaces and stains as well.

This is a multi-purpose wet and dry hoover that is manufactured in the UK and is built to last.

It’s not the cheapest one you will find by a long stretch but it may well work out to be the cheapest in the end because you can expect this to last many years due to its exceptional build quality.

Many of the other cheaper wet & dry hoovers out there serve a purpose but they are manufactured in China to hit a specific price point and will be prone to developing faults once the warranty expires after a year or two.

The build quality on George is not only concealed in the internal parts but visible on the outside with brass nozzles and stainless steel tubes that cost more to make but will still be in good nick long after the cheaper one’s break.

There is a reason that many people that own a Henry hoover bought it 20 years ago and it’s still working as well today as it did when they bought it.

If it’s just a high-quality vacuum cleaner you can find the full review of Henry the Hoover here:

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But if you want something that is going to give your home and car and car a deep clean read on to find out exactly what this multi-purpose cleaner has to offer.

Features and Benefits

What’s in the box

The main unit itself is maximised for space and holds a very impressive 9 litres of waste.

That is huge in comparison to the vast majority of vacuum cleaners where you can generally expect a waste container of between 0.8 litres and 1.5 litres on average.

George will hold around 10 times as much as the average vacuum cleaner does before it needs emptying so you’ll certainly not be emptying it very often.

It comes with a 10-metre cable which again is a lot longer than the average and is more than long enough to deal with the vast majority of areas you are cleaning without having to change the plug socket.

You get a whole bunch of accessories that will cover every eventuality for whatever cleaning job you need to tackle.

They are either stainless steel or strong plastic and include a curved chrome handle, 2 extension tubes, a carpet and hard floor nozzle for dry cleaning, a good quality horse hair dusting brush, long crevice tool and upholstery nozzle,

For wet cleaning you get a 2.5 metre hose that feeds and distributes the cleaning solution and a rubber floor head for cleaning wet hardwood floors such as kitchen tiles or linoleum.

You also get a wet carpet cleaning head and a smaller upholstery head for cleaning above floor.

George is built to the same high standards as Henry but it does more. A lot more. This is very much a multi-functional cleaner and has 5 main functions:

Vacuum cleaner

When using George in dry mode you use it with a bag that has a massive 9-litre capacity so with normal use it’s going to be a long time before you need to replace it.

It has good filtration on it as well so all the dirt and dust that goes in will stay in and not be released back into the air like other cheaper vacuum cleaners.

Suction power is very strong and comparable to premium brands such as Dyson and Shark.

Wet cleaner

You can convert George into a wet cleaner in about 60 seconds. Take the lid off, remove the bag and insert the container for wet pick up and that’s it.

You are now ready to suck up any kind of wet liquid from a spill to a leak or perhaps you want to defrost the fridge or clean up a spill in the car.

The suction power is extremely strong and George is more than capable of dealing with whatever is thrown at it from a liquid perspective.

 Carpet cleaner

There is a separate container to insert that holds the cleaning solution so you can spray the carpets with detergent and suck up the dirt and stains at the same time. That just slots into the main unit in a few seconds and you are good to go.

Above floor cleaner

The upholstery nozzle simply clips onto the hose and enables you to clean anything above floor level such as stairs, sofas and car seats.

Hard floor washer

You can also clean all types of tiling indoors or outdoors with the wet brush attachment and suck it all up at the same time.


 Not many things are still manufactured in the UK because China can do it a lot cheaper but often that means that you compromise on quality.

George is manufactured in the UK by a British company and they pride themselves on high end build quality with a product that is built to last for many years.

This is way more than just a vacuum cleaner. It’s a truly multipurpose all in one cleaner that really does deliver across the board.

It’s easy to use and simple to convert from one mode to the other and it comes with all the accessory tools you need for cleaning inside the home and is excellent for valeting the car.

Where it really comes into its own is its above floor cleaning ability. It’s brilliant on things like sofa’s and stairs and you won’t get anything better to clean and valet the interior of your car.

During use, you can really feel the build quality and although this costs more than some other wet & dry vacuums it does more as it’s a true all in one multipurpose cleaner.

When you take into account everything that it can do this a great all-rounder that offers really good value for money.