Gtech Mk2 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

Premium handheld vacuum cleaners are hard to come by because it’s hard to justify paying out a lot of money for a hoover to use for odd jobs and spillages around the house.

The Gtech Mk2 does cost a lot of money but it also does so much more than your average vacuum.

The question is, does it justify the premium price tag by delivering premium cleaning performance?

When it comes to any cordless hoover (including handheld) the power that is generated is directly related to the quality of the battery.

This Gtech handheld is powered by a 22 volt lithium battery and they cost a lot of money.

What you get for that money is serious suction power and a battery with a long life.

Not every type of vacuum cleaner gives increased performance the more you pay but when it comes to handheld hoovers the amount of suction power is directly proportionate to the amount of money you pay.

Despite its high price it still represents good value for money because you are getting 3 or 4 times the suction power you get from other handheld vacuums that are much cheaper.

The Gtech almost acts as a mini full-size vacuum cleaner as well as a powerful handheld because it comes with an extension wand that makes it easy to reach up to high-level areas with ease and lower level areas that are too hard to get to with a full-size hoover.

The most striking thing is how light it is. The main unit contains the battery, the waste bin and the standard nozzle so it’s pretty impressive to have packed all of that into 1.5kg.

We were comfortable holding this for 15-20 minutes time periods without any wrist ache.

You have the main battery which is attached to the main unit when you take it out of the box but is easily detached with one click and that makes it very convenient to charge on a work surface without having the whole thing sat there for a few hours whilst it fully charges.

You get 4 indicator lights to show how full the battery is and it takes 4 hours from empty to full but if it’s dead we found that 30 mins of charge gives you 10 minutes of use.

On full charge expect 20 minutes of continuous use which is more than plenty for the jobs you’ll be using this for.

A lot of handhelds will only go for about 10 minutes on full power so this one is excellent for the likes cleaning the inside of your car.

There are lots of nooks and crannies inside cars so you need powerful suction to get everything up and this does not disappoint.

Using a combination of the powered brush attachment and the crevice tool you can expect your car to look like it just came out of the car wash but you saved yourself £7 on an inside clean.

The waste bin is also attached to the main unit but this is also detachable with a single click making it really easy to empty. With other handhelds, it can be awkward to hold it over the bin and you can get dust and dirt on the floor.

With the Gtech you can put the waste container partially inside the bin before releasing the dirt making sure nothing spills back out onto the floor.

You get the motorised power brush head that has a mini brush on it just like a full-size upright vacuum. This is excellent for stairs and sofas and brilliant for pet hair.

Something unique about the Gtech Mk2 is that they have made clever use of the design by including the crevice tool attachment (the long thin one) inside the handle of the main unit.

You just pull it out from the base of the handle and clip it in and you are good to go with edge cleaning and down the side of the sofa.

We also loved the long wand extension that turns it into a mini full-sized hoover so you can do the edge of floorboards in the kitchen and around the house without bending down and it’s great for reaching up high as well.

Something we thought was a little bit of a gimmick but turned out to be really useful as well was the lights on the front that illuminates when you have the power on.

It’s surprising how dark some of the areas are that you need to clean can be and the lights really highlight where all the dust and dirt is.

The dusting brush accessory in addition to the other attachments makes this suitable for cleaning all surfaces from the floor all the way up to the ceiling with the long wand extension.

Although it’s classified as a handheld it does a whole lot more and combined with excellent suction power this is a super versatile all-round cleaning machine.


Despite its high price point this represents very good value for money and is better than a more expensive Dyson.

It’s an incredibly flexible hoover that does so much more than just dealing with accidental spillages around the kitchen.

A powerful motorised brush head is excellent for dealing with above floor level pet hair on sofas and stairs.

You get a wand extension that will stretch up to the ceiling and into the back of cupboards and a detachable battery that makes it super easy to charge.

The most important feature is the very powerful suction that it delivers making it one of the best performing handhelds available on the market.

This is a really good multifunctional handheld vacuum cleaner.