Henry the Hoover

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

Never mind the Royal Family or Fish and Chips or a Cup of Tea.

Maybe the most famous British Henry is Henry 8th but not far behind and definitely part of the great British institution is Henry the Hoover.

This vacuum cleaner has been around since the 1980’s and it is still going strong today. How many vacuum cleaners have been around for more than 30 years and are still in production today and as popular as ever? None.

10 million Henry vacuum cleaners have been produced and most of them are still cleaning homes and offices every day.

This is a product that has stood the test of time without the need for reinventing the wheel with technology and digital controls.

It’s a good old fashioned “plug it in and clean” and it does a great job.

Features and Benefits

A lot of vacuum cleaners these days have a very small capacity for holding all of the dust and dirt that gets hoovered up during the course of a daily clean meaning that you have to empty it out on a regular basis. A 1 litre capacity or less is very common but with the Henry you get a massive 6 litres.

You can pay more for the HVR200 that has a 9 litre capacity drum but we really don’t see the point unless you want to use it for commercial use.

6 litres is huge and at 6 times the average of what you will find elsewhere, hoovering the average house twice a week will mean you won’t need to empty it more than once every couple of months. So if you just want to clean and go then the huge drum size is a big plus.

It is corded so you will need to plug it in but for a vacuum cleaner with this kind of suction power you would need to pay at least 3 times more so if you are on a budget then you will save a good couple of hundred pounds for the inconvenience of having to plug it in whilst in use.

The good news is that it does come with a long 10 metre power cable ensuring that you will be able to do a couple of rooms at a time without having to unplug it.

Its also got a good stretchy hose on it so with the average flight of stairs in the UK having 12-14 steps, you won’t have a problem cleaning the whole flight of stairs without having to move the base unit.

It also comes with a good suite of accessories making sure that you can cover skirting boards, sofas and other furniture as well as providing excellent suction from its 620 watt motor which works just as well on hard flooring as it does on carpet.

It is bagged but with a 6 litre bag you won’t be emptying it that often and you won’t get a big dust cloud with henry’s self sealing bag keeping all the nasty stuff trapped inside for good.

If you are wondering whether this has enough suction to clean all the dirt out of your carpet, many people actually report that the suction is so strong that it almost lifts the carpet off the floor.

This is a product that tends to be bought via a recommendation from someone else that has had years of happy use out it so if you ae not sure or are sitting on the fence then all you have to do is think of the 10 million units already sold and that will make the decision easy for you. Get one, you won’t be disappointed.

Is it as good as a £600 Dyson vacuum cleaner? Probably not but in our opinion it is not that far off and it is easy to be sucked into all the marketing and claims of the top end vacuum cleaner brands like Dyson and Miele but at the end of the day this cleaner has been cleaning millions of homes in the UK for decades and must be doing one hell of a job to still be popular after all that time.

it just goes to show that new technology doesn’t win everytime and one of the phrases we like is “if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it”. The Henry Hoover definitely falls into that category. Its doing as good a job cleaning British homes as it did 30 years ago and we have a feeling that it will continue to do so for many more years to come.

This vacuum cleaner is so good that it is the number one choice for lots of small businesses and tradespeople. Cleaners and decorators use this vacuum cleaner on a daily basis because it is a trusted British brand that you know is going to be reliable and won’t let you down.

Vacuum cleaners are made for domestic home use but this one has crossed over into commercial use as well which speaks volumes for it’s reliability and performance.

All Henry’s are still made at Numatics factory in Somerset and there is something to be said for made in Britain because almost all manufacturing for this kind of product has been outsourced to China and the far east so if you like to keep it British then that’s another plus in favour of the Henry.


Cordless vacuum cleaners are definitely the future but you will be very hard pressed to find a decent one for anything less than £200-£300 so if you don’t want to spend the money on a Dyson or something similar and don’t mind plugging in your hoover then you will be extremely hard pressed to find anything that provides better value for money than a Henry Hoover.

 This is a high quality vacuum cleaner that is built and made to last at a very affordable price.

If you want a vacuum cleaner without all the bells and whistles and you just want to get the job done but you don’t want to take a loan out to buy one then Henry the Hoover will not let you down.

 This is an extremely versatile vacuum cleaner that punches well above its weight for the price.