Ilife V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

9.9 out of 10
9.9 out of 10

If you have mainly hard floors and pets this is a brilliant budget robot vacuum cleaner with unrivalled suction power.

We go into specifics below but the suction power is equal to or better than some robot vacuums that cost £1000 making this as good as it gets when you compare price to performance on hard floors and for pet hair.

It’s not brilliant on carpet but it is brilliant on all hard floor surfaces and it has mopping functionality as well that isn’t just an added extra, it actually works and does a good job.

Features and Benefits

What makes this robot vacuum cleaner different from all others is that it has a suction only vent on its underside.

Almost all other robot vacuums have a brush where the suction port is so that it will roll over dirt and debris and suck it up at the same time. This is fine but it reduces overall suction power so, with the V5s Pro, Ilife has decided to go for maximum suction power without the brush.

That suction power is huge. To put that into context for you our top-rated robot hoovers that sell for a similar price to this one have suction measured at 15 cubic feet per minute. That measurement won’t mean much to you but it is strong. Strong enough to pick up most of the dust and dirt that’s sitting around any home.

On high power, the V5s Pro has 23 cubic feet per metre of suction power. That is almost unheard of for a robot vacuum cleaner at any price and at this price level, it is miles better than any other robot vacuum cleaner by a very long way.

The reason it can achieve such high levels of suction is that there is no brush to restrict the airflow on the underneath of the hoover.

Imagine using a handheld vacuum that just sucks up debris straight into the waste bin, it’s like that.

If you have real hardfloor that has some small gaps in between each plank this is going to be ideal and the same goes for all types of laminate flooring.

However, in tests on carpet it did not perform well because despite the really good suction power there is no brush to sweep the dust and dirt into the waste bin.

On all hard floor surfaces, this robot performed well above average compared to other vacuums in this price range and compared to others that are much more expensive.

The outer brushes that spin round the edge of the cleaner are longer than others we have seen and that enables it to perform very well on edge and corner cleaning as the brushes reach further and get deeper into corners than most circular shaped robots.

You can choose from 4 different cleaning modes:

1. Auto Clean will randomly cover the floorspace and cover all of it over time.

2. Spot clean will allow you to program it to focus on a particular area that needs special attention.

3. Edge cleaning focuses just on edges and corners to maximise cleaning in those areas specifically.

4. The scheduling function allows you to set it to run at any time of the day for example when you are asleep or out at work.

Battery life is above average at 120 minutes which is more than enough to complete a cleaning cycle for the entire space you need cleaning on one charge.

It will automatically detect when the battery is running low and returns to its base to recharge

The mop function is well worth a mention because it actually works. You just replace the waste bin on the underside of the cleaner with the supplied water tank, attach the mop which just sticks onto the bottom and away it goes.

A lot of robot cleaners with mop functionality undermine the credibility of the cleaner overall because they cannot apply the pressure needed on the mop to do the job of a normal handheld mop.

This one works well. In tests stains left overnight were wiped clean in a couple of passes.

The good thing is that because it is automated it can go over the same area 3 or 4 times to ensure it is super clean whereas if you were doing that manually it becomes a bit of a pain so in the case of mopping this actually does a better job than if you do it yourself.

At this price level, you only get random navigation meaning that it just moves about randomly without mapping out each room but in tests, it covered almost all of the area that needed cleaning in a 30 minute window.

The waste bin is an average size and will probably need emptying every couple of cleans but this is a very simple process that only takes a few seconds.

It has a low profile standing just 13.2cm tall so it’s going to be able to fit under a lot of sofas meaning no more pulling them out to clean underneath.

It also has good front sensors so that it can detect better than average what is in its path meaning less bumping and knocking into things.


You will not find a better value for money robot vacuum cleaner that has this level of suction power and cleaning ability than the Ilife V5.

For the price, the suction power has no competition. However, we would only recommend this robot vacuum cleaner if your home primarily has hard flooring.

Due to its lack of a brush on the underside, it’s not very good on carpet but it is brilliant on all other surfaces due to its ridiculously strong suction.

The mop function is not just a nice to have, it really does mop well and is a feature that definitely adds value.

If you have hard floors and/or pets you will love this robot. If you want a robot hoover to do carpets as well then one of our 10/10 robot vacuum cleaners will do that job better for you.