Karcher K2 Full Control Home Pressure Washer

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

When it comes to pressure washers there is one brand that stands head and shoulders above the rest and that is Karcher.

If you think of any kind of product, you can normally come up with a couple of brands that compete against each other for the top spot such as Apple and Samsung for phones or Coca Cola and Pepsi for Cola.

If you like brands and you want one you can rely on and trust for a pressure washer then Karcher are the undisputed champions.

There are over a dozen different pressure washers in the range with some costing several hundred pounds or more but the Karcher K2 represents the best value for money and is perfectly capable of doing the vast majority of all the jobs you need to get done with a pressure washer.

The K2 is the entry level pressure washer in the Karcher range but it punches above its weight and unless you are looking to do specialist cleaning then there is no need to spend any more.

This particular model comes as the standard “K2” and the “K2 Full Control Home”.

There tends to be very little difference in price between the two most of the time and the “Full Control Home” version comes with a lot more than the standard “K2” so it’s definitely worth spending a few pounds more to get the extra features.

See the standard version K2

The main differences between them is that the Full Control Home version comes with 4 individual power settings that are specific to the type of cleaning you need to do whereas the standard K2 does allow you to vary the pressure but you need to do it manually so it’s a bit hit and miss to get the right pressure for the surface being cleaned.

You also get a patio cleaner attachment that pushes water through a spinning, splash free enclosed housing at high pressure making it super-efficient without any mess.

They also throw in a bottle of detergent with the Full Control version which you don’t get with the standard K2.

Features and benefits

Assembly is super simple. You just click the wheels into place and the handle click onto the top of the main unit as does the hose and you are good to go in under 5 minutes.

You get two lances. One is just standard pressure and is the only thing that is a waste of time with this pressure washer because it also comes with a second lance that has 4 bespoke pressure settings.

The second one with 4 settings makes the standard one redundant and we use the one with multiple settings all the time.

There is an extension rod as well that doubles the overall size of the lance and is really useful for greater leverage if you are trying to reach a bit higher without getting a ladder for things like the brickwork on the side of the house.

The maximum pressure on the highest setting is 110 bars of pressure which may not mean much to you but it is going to be strong enough to clean dirt that has been ground in over years.

You may be tempted to keep it on the highest setting at all times but that is definitely not recommend because it is so powerful that you can damage surfaces if you don’t use each setting correctly.

Always test any surface if you haven’t cleaned it before.

Here are some examples of the kinds of surfaces you can clean on each setting:

Setting 0 – Mix

This is only for use if you want to apply detergents for spreading on patios or shampoo for spraying onto your car.

There is a suction tube on the back of the pressure washer that you insert into the bottle that you want to suck the detergent out of and when you have it on the “mix setting” it will draw the detergent from the bottle through the suction tube.

Setting 1 – Soft

This is the setting you should use to test everything. You will probably mostly use this setting for most things but this is a powerful pressure washer so test with this setting first and you can move up from there.

Wood is a good example of what you can use this level of pressure for.

Fences, benches and sheds for instance will all clean well on the soft setting.

Setting 2 – Medium

This is the setting that you will use for most of the stuff you clean. There is a picture of a car on this setting so that a definite clue but there is much more you can clean on this level of power.

Patio’s, lawnmowers, trampolines, plastic chairs, brickwork, barbeques and much more would all fall in to this category.

Setting 3 – Hard

If you hate digging out the weeds that get in between patio slabs then you won’t need to bother anymore because the high setting will blast those away.

This setting is basically for stubborn ground in stains that won’t budge.

If you prepare the surface with detergent using the mix setting first and then clean with the hard setting its going to clean up pretty much everything and anything.

Thousands of customers have already bought this pressure washers and the vast majority give it the same glowing review that we have.

The main reason is that it combines a quality clean with a low purchase price and hits that sweet spot where you get really good performance without breaking the bank.


This is a really versatile pressure washer that will do a sterling job of cleaning all the really tough areas that have not be dealt with for years as well as regular cleaning of things like the car , outdoor windowsills, bicycles and much more.

The two year warranty is twice as long as some other pressure washers on the market so this gives you reassurance that these Karcher pressure washers are built to last.

Here is a video showing it in action