Light “N” Easy Steam Mop

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

Steam mops clean and sanitise your floor at the same time and this one has proven to not only so a great job of cleaning all hard floor surfaces but achieves it consistently over a long period of time so you know that you can rely on it to keep doing the same job on day 300 as it does on day 1.

When you buy a non-branded product from a company that you have never heard of there are pros and cons.

The biggest benefit is that brands tend to make high-quality products that work really well with a few examples being Dyson and Apple BUT you will pay a lot of money for it.

The big brands spend a fortune on research and development to bring you the very latest technology and then they spend more money advertising the products to make you aware of them before you buy.

All of those costs for development and marketing have to be paid for and that happens by charging you, the customer, in the final price that the product sells for.

Everyone accepts that Apple and Dyson are brilliant at what they do and if you want to the best and money isn’t really a consideration then you are going to be very happy paying top dollar for a top brand.

When it comes to phones or laptops then maybe you don’t want to compromise but when it comes to a steam mop do you really need to buy a top-end branded product to get the cleaning performance that you want?

This is Sharks entry-level steam mop but entry-level doesn’t mean you have to compromise on performance. Shark has a fantastic reputation for making top quality products so with this steam mop you don’t have to pay through the nose and it is perfectly viable and possible to find an alternative product from a top brand that will do the job.

If you are looking for quality and value then this steam mop from Shark is going to provide very similar performance to Sharks top of the range steam mop but at about half the price.

If you are switching from a manual mop then this is going to blow you away with its ease of use and cleaning performance that is miles better than any mop and bucket so there is no need to venture any higher in price to achieve the quality you are looking for.

Features and Benefits

An annoying thing about manual mops and some of the cheaper steam mops, particularly on kitchen tiles and similar surfaces, is that you can end up with a streaky floor that still looks dirty even after you have finished cleaning.

The power of the steam on this one is just right and we found that you get no streaks and shiny floors every time.

It glides across the floor making it extremely easy to manoeuvre across all hard floor surfaces. On-demand steam is available by just pushing down on the top of the mop for as much or as little steam as you need.

Performance on all hard floor surfaces is excellent but one thing we would point out is that it’s not for carpets. If freshening up your carpets is a reason that you want to buy this then you should probably look elsewhere.

If you want your carpets to be cleaned then you really need to go for a carpet cleaner that is built specifically for the job.

You will be amazed how much dirt gets picked up on the mop pad so depending on how dirty your floors get you will probably find yourself having to wash it after every one or two cleans. It clips off very easily and goes into the washing machine and will come out like new ready to go again for the next cleaning run.

It powers up for use in about 20 seconds and then you will find that you get into a rhythm that works best for you. If you get a particularly stubborn stain simply push down for a burst of steam.

The standard level of steam is just right to ensure a clean surface without leaving a film of surface water on the surface.

It varies slightly by surface type but you can expect most hard floor surfaces to be dry within about 60-90 seconds.

The heat of the steam will naturally kill off most germs anyway but you can use a steam cleaning detergent if you wish.

Fill up the water container with about one-quarter detergent and three-quarters water. We have also found that ironing water works really well in it and leaves an amazing smell for a super fresh home after every use.

The water container is easy to fill from the front and holds enough to easily clean your home without having to refill it.

It weighs 2.6kg which is really light and lighter than the average for a steam mop so it’s not going to be a problem for anyone to easily move around your floors.

The cord is 5 metres long which is maybe a touch smaller than average but unless you have some really big rooms you are never going to have to change the plug socket within any individual room.

Many people have already purchased this mop and the vast majority rate it either 4 or 5 on a scale of 5. It’s hard to please that many people over a long period of time so that makes this a proven winner.


This mid-range steam mop provides the perfect balance between price and performance. It may not have all the bells and whistles of the top of the range steam mops but we found that the cleaning performance matches other steam mops that are more expensive.

A really good value for money mop that will cut cleaning time down significantly versus a standard manual mop and will clean your floors miles better.