Miele C3 Complete Powerline Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

This is a high quality vacuum cleaner that has been built to last and has suction power that will blow your socks off.

There is a phrase I like to use that applies perfectly to this Miele C3 complete powerline cylinder vacuum cleaner:

“Sometimes the most expensive is the cheapest in the end”

This cylinder hoover from Miele is actually not hugely expensive but it is more expensive than other cylinder vacuum cleaners that have similar suction power but there are several huge differences that make this one of the best value for money vacuum cleaners on the market:

1. Reputation

Miele have made hundreds of millions of appliances over the years and tens of millions of vacuum cleaners and they charge a lot of money for them but people keep buying. So how can you charge more than other manufacturers but still keep going for decades. People that buy Miele products buy them again but not very often. The reason that that they don’t buy Miele products very often is that they last a long time. A very long time.

My father bought a Miele washing machine when I was 8 and I left home before they replaced it and I left home at 23. It never broke once in all that time. He paid double the price of other brands that looked the same but he would have bought 4 of those in the time that it took for the Miele to be replaced hence the phrase:

“Sometime the most expensive is the cheapest in the end”

2. High quality component parts.

One of the keys reasons that Miele products last the longest is that Miele only use the very best quality parts in all of the products they make. This is where most other brands save money and that enables them to sell their hoovers at a lower price but as mentioned above this can be a false economy because they break quicker.

3. A brand you can trust

With a reputation that spans decades and products that can last for a decade or more before they need replacing, when you buy a Miele product you know that you are not taking a risk on a Chinese brand that you have never heard of, this is a brand you know you can trust.

Features and Benefits

Miele do have a slightly confusing array of around 12 different cylinder cleaners with ever so slight differences in specification like slightly different accessory tools and slightly different cable lengths but they are generally very similar but the prices do vary.

We have reviewed them all and have concluded that the C3 range is best and the Powerline C3 provides the best value for money within that range when you look at all of the features and specifications.

There are some things that they all have in common:

They all have the same suction power of 890 watts on maximum power which is really powerful. Most of the time you will never use it on max as it will suck up your carpet if it’s not securely fixed to the floor, that’s how powerful it is.

The design on all of them is identical with the illuminated power indicator showing you what power setting you are using.

They use the same filter bag with a 4.5 litre capacity which is big and it’s self-sealing. Once the dirt is in its not coming out again. All models have an indicator showing when the bag is full and needs emptying.

They all have a cable length of 8.5 metres which is longer than average and will minimise the number of times that you need to plug and unplug during a single cleaning cycle.

They all have an automatic cable rewind. By pressing your foot on one button the cord will reel itself back in with no effort required to get the cable back into place.

They also come with an integrated 3 piece accessory set which sits neatly inside the cleaner for easy access whenever you need them.

Included is an upholstery nozzle for sofas and beds and other types of fabric based furniture. You also get a crevice nozzle to get down the side of hard to reach area’s and a dusting brush for those delicate areas. Basically everything you need for all parts of your home.

One of the most recommended Miele cylinder vacuum cleaners is the Miele C3 “Cat & Dog”. Don’t be fooled by the words cat & dog into thinking that its specifically made for pet hair. It’s a lot more expensive and not worth spending the extra money because this C3 Powerline will do the same job.

The only difference between the two is that the cat and dog comes with a turbo brush attachment that makes it more powerful when running across upholstery.

However, on maximum power the standard upholstery nozzle attachment will pick up everything anyway so the turbo brush attachment on the cat and dog is just not needed for the vast majority of homes. Save some money instead and go with the Powerline C3 instead. It will do the same job.

The C3 cat and dog also comes with a slightly better filter called the active air filter but this C3 powerline comes with a hepa filter which is going to capture and retain 99.9% of all the dust anyway which is fantastic.


This is a very well priced vacuum cleaner for the performance that it delivers and the high quality component parts used.

It’s a very easy, simple to use and extremely well made vacuum cleaner.

Whilst not the cheapest cylinder vacuum out there with this kind of suction you know that it is going to last you for a very long time.

Its far from the most expensive either so when you take into account the price with the reputation and trust of the Miele brand combined with its excellent cleaner power it makes this cylinder vacuum cleaner an excellent value for money purchase.