Miele CX1 Blizzard Vacuum Cleaner

9.95 out of 10
9.95 out of 10

Miele launched the CX1 vacuum cleaner in 2017 and it is still going strong today which is testament to how well it has worked in a market that is often dominated by the likes of Dyson and Shark.

Vacuum cleaners often only last 12 to 24 months before they are replaced by the latest and greatest new piece of technology that has more suction power and more features that are supposed to make it easier and more effective to clean your home.

Only the really great vacuum cleaners make it past a couple of years because they are so good that people are not interested in something with LCD displays and tons of different attachments and features.

The best example of that is Henry the Hoover that has been around since the 1980’s and is still one of the most popular cylinder vacuum cleaners in the UK to this day.

The thing with vacuum cleaners is that there is only so much suction power that they can generate before they become counterproductive because too much suction just means that they stick to the floor on carpet and become harder to push across the floor.

That’s why Henry has done so well over the years because it has great suction at a great price and it cleans well and the Miele CX1 looks set to follow in the same footsteps as it has been a best seller now for a number of years and has many thousands of happy customers.

Miele is a brand that has been around for decades and is well known for using high-quality component parts that you may not be able to see with your eyes but they will ensure your appliance lasts for many years.

This often means that although you pay more for Miele products at the outset they often work out cheaper in the end because they far outlast cheaper products that die after a few years and need replacing.

This CX1 bagless vacuum cleaner is a good example of that. It may cost a little more now but you’ll be glad when you benefit from the reliability and performance that Miele are famous for.

Features and Benefits

First off there are a number of different versions that have varying attachments and accessories with the best two being the entry-level “CX1” and then there is the “CX1 Cat & Dog”.

For smaller homes without pets the standard version is all you will need as it works and does the same job as the Cat & Dog version but the Cat & Dog version also comes with a turbo brush floorhead that with a stiffer motorised brush that will dig deeper into your carpet fibres and above-floor areas that are prone to pet hair.

If you don’t have pets then you don’t need that version so you can save some money and go for the standard cheapest CX1.

The Cat & Dog also comes with a slightly better HEPA filter that guarantees that 99.99% of all dust and debris stays trapped inside the vacuum cleaner once it has been sucked up and nothing gets released back into the air.

Most premium vacuum cleaners warn you when the filter gets clogged if you forget to clean it but Miele take it one step further with their “comfort clean” button that allows you to press one button on the main body of the vacuum cleaner and it will automatically clean it for you without you having to take it off and take it outside to remove all the nasty stuff.

It will even automatically detect if it needs cleaning and does it on its own if you forget to press the button. A nice little touch from Miele that you don’t get on other vacuum cleaners.

This is a bagless vacuum cleaner with a 2-litre waste bin. Most bagless hoovers these days are around 1 litre or less so this is a lot larger than average so you will be able to do a number of cleans before it needs emptying compared to others where you find yourself having to empty after every clean.

It is corded but comes with a 7.5-metre cable to ensure you won’t need to change the socket very often and a button that you operate with your foot to automatically rewind the cord when you are finished.

You can operate this vacuum cleaner from the handle or on the main unit itself and it comes with an 880 watt super powerful motor than offers more suction than you will ever need.

We found that even on deep pile carpet you will rarely if ever turn it up to maximum so if you want mega suction this delivers.

It’s not the lightest vacuum we have reviewed at 9kg but it’s not exactly heavy either and the robust wheels it comes with mean you don’t feel any of that weight when you are pulling it along.

The telescopic pole means you can easily adjust it to the height that suits you best and it comes with a suite of accessories that ensure above floor cleaning is as easy as cleaning the floor.

The accessories fit nicely onboard the vacuum cleaner for easy storage and for easy access when you clean without having to fumble in the cupboard for then.


This is a brand that has earned the trust of customers over many years and many people swear by Miele appliances.

This is a high-quality vacuum cleaner that delivers on suction power and cleaning performance.

It has a good-sized waste container than means you won’t need to empty it every five minutes and we like the automatic filter cleaning feature that ensures you won’t ever have a loss of performance because you forgot to clean the filter.

The Cat & Dog version comes with a turbo brush when combined with the exceptional suction power this vacuum cleaner provides gives you cleaning performance that you normally only expect to find on top-end Dysons.

Not the cheapest cylinder vacuum cleaner but expect it to provide many years of excellent cleaning performance with no problems.

Here is a video showing you the CX1 features and performance: