Novete Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

If you are forever needing to pull your main vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard to do smaller jobs that you know don’t need a full sized hover to clear up the mess but you haven’t got anything smaller or more convenient then the Novette handheld hoover will allow you to quickly clear up the mess without the hassle of a big hoover.

Prices of handheld vacuum cleaners range from around £25 – £200 with the Novete sitting closer to the bottom of the range than the top.

The most important thing with a handheld hoover is for the suction power that it generates to be strong enough to pick up the mess without being overly expensive.

Right at the top end of handheld hoovers you have Dyson that will set you back around £200. The Dyson is a brilliant handheld vacuum but not everyone wants to spend that kind of money on a handheld vacuum.

For that price you can get a really good cordless vacuum cleaner

Any product that we recommend has to not only do a good job but it has to be worth paying the money that is being asked and that’s the hard part because the cheap ones don’t really work very well and the most expensive ones do but they are too expensive.

The Novete handheld hoover does both. It has suction power that is strong enough to pick up everything you put within a few centimetres of its mouth but it won’t eat a big hole in your wallet.

This is a newer version of their previous best-selling handheld vacuum that you can find here for comparison purposes.

There were not many complaints about the suction of the old one with the vast majority of people being very happy with it but this one is the same from a functionality and accessories perspective but they have upgraded the suction to be even more powerful than the previous one.

Features and benefits

The manufacturer really cares that they are supplying a product that you are going to be happy with and we say that for two very specific reasons.

Firstly, it comes with a 3 year warranty which is pretty much unheard of for a product of this type at this price level.

Normally manufacturers will give a standard 12 month guarantee because they know that after that the cheap component parts could fail and therefore they don’t want to risk it beyond a year.

On some of the more expensive ones they might extend it to two years but it just goes to show the confidence Novete have in the quality of this hoover with a full 3 year warranty.

If you were worried about a brand that you have never heard of before your concerns can be put to one side because if it develops a fault anytime in the first 36 months then they will repair or replace it.

One of the reasons this isn’t double the price is because the company doesn’t market or advertise its products. They don’t have the budget of the Sharks and the Dysons of this world but it doesn’t mean they can’t produce a high-quality product.

The money that they save by not promoting their products can be passed straight on to the consumer as a price saving.

The second reason we know that they care about customer satisfaction is that it is supplied with two filters. The filter is easily removable and cleanable so the first one should last you a good couple of years.

They could easily make the price a bit cheaper by supplying just the one filter but you get a spare as well so that when the first one does need replacing you have a new one ready to insert and another couple of years of use.

Suction power is very strong. Plenty strong that it will suck your hand and stick it onto the mouth of the cleaner and will require some effort to pull it away.

Anything that gets close to the suction mouth is going to get sucked straight up into the large 727ml waste container which is an above average size for handheld hoovers.

It can also be used to vacuum up wet liquid as well as dry to a maximum of 100ml of liquid so any drink spills can be quickly dealt with without having to run to the kitchen for a cloth.

It’s perfect for the car as it doesn’t have any wires or cables and it comes with 3 attachments that will ensure easy access into all the tight spaces like down the side of the seats or on the floor at the back where dirty feet get to.

If like at my car wash they charge you £14 for a full clean inside and out or £7 just for the outside then you can easily save yourself a few lots of £7 for the inside by zipping around your car with this handheld in about 5 minutes.

You get a long crevice tool attachment which is ideal for the getting down the side of many furniture items without having to move things out of the way, a brush nozzle for running across fabric items like sofas and a brush nozzle to help pick up pet hair.

It’s very lightweight at just over 2kg and perfect to use on the stairs so no need to struggle up and down each stair with the main hoover.

Some of the cheaper handheld cleaners require the charger to be plugged directly into the hoover itself during the charging process and that can make it awkward to lay down inside a cupboard or you have to put it on the floor if you are charging it in the kitchen or elsewhere and you have to unplug it each time you want to use it and then plug it in again each time you have to charge it.

This one comes with a charging base included and that makes it an awful lot easier to use and much more convenient to charge. The charger plugs straight into the base so you just plug it in once and it’s done forever.

The hoover then sits neatly upright in the base so it looks neat and tidy and it saves space as well.

You never need to make a conscious decision to actually charge it because as long as you return it to the base when you are done using it then it will automatically recharge to full power for the next time it’s needed.


A great value for money handheld hoover that delivers good strong suction that deals effectively with everyday mess around the house.

A 3 year warranty, spare filter with a similar performance to the well-known brands but at a fraction of the price makes this an excellent buy for the money.