Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

This mid-range robot vacuum cleaner stands out for its superb navigation and outstanding battery life.

When you combine that with overall cleaning performance it makes this arguably the most you will ever need to spend on a robot vacuum cleaner despite there being many available at double this price that perform the same or worse.

When you look at the whole package that the Roborock S5 provides, you are getting outstanding value for money for a genuine alternative to any manually operated vacuum cleaner.

We would never recommend a robot vacuum cleaner below £150 because you simply cannot get the technology nor the suction power to cover the area you want cleaning due to poor navigation and you also do not get the suction power to pick up the dust and debris.

Once you step up to the mid-price range where this robotic cleaner sits in you get significant benefits over the budget models.

Features and Benefits

This is one of the smartest robotic hoovers out there. Some very clever programming makes this cleaner extremely efficient at covering the required floor space in a shorter time than other more expensive models.

You benefit from this by the vacuum finishing the area to be cleaned quickly and without it having to go back to the charging base to recharge before continuing with the cleaning cycle.

That said it also has one of the longest battery life’s we have seen in any robotic vacuum cleaner at a whopping 150 mins from one charge.

So you get great coverage in a short period of time and when you combine that with long battery life you can pretty much be sure that unless you are trying to clean a mansion in one go, this cleaner will do the job each day on a single charge.

If however by some chance you do have a really big home and it doesn’t get the job done in one charge then it has what they call recharge and resume so it will return to the base, charge itself up and carry on where it left off.

You may benefit from this feature if you choose to operate it on max power the whole time which will reduce the overall battery life on one charge knowing that it will just recharge itself and finish the job off.

You don’t really need to keep it on max power though because it has a carpet boost mode where it will automatically adjust to increase the suction power when it goes over rugs or carpets for optimum cleaning.

The Roborock S5 will map out your home when you first set it off so it knows exactly where to clean.

Probably the best feature with this cleaner is that you can easily draw “no go lines” in each room just by touching the screen on your phone.

The biggest downside of any robotic vacuum cleaner is that no matter how minimalist or bare your home is there will always be the odd place where your cleaner will get stuck whether it be on some wires or round the back of a chair or wherever.

Historically that has meant you need to move things out of the way before a clean where you know there could be a problem but not anymore.

You will quickly work out the few spots where you don’t want it to go and then you just draw a line on the app where you want it to stay away from and you can be sure that you will come home to a clean home and not find it stuck on some wires or behind the sofa.

Cleaning performance is excellent as well and this really is a genuine alternative option to a traditional hoover.

There are 4 power modes. Quiet, Balanced, Turbo and Max and on Max power.

As mentioned because of the long battery life and the fact that it dynamically adjusts the suction power according to the surface it is cleaning, you can happily leave it to choose the power itself and still get great results but you could also leave it on max and if it runs out of battery it will recharge itself and then finish off.

The acid test for robotic cleaners is how much sand can it pick up from a carpet when rubbed in (which is something you would obviously never do in real life).

The S5 came in at about 70% which is very impressive meaning it’s going to get rid of 95%+ of whatever you normally have lurking in your carpet.

The waste container is a decent size but will still need emptying every couple of cleans which is normal for any cleaner of this type.

This is without a doubt one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners available to buy anywhere when you use our key performance metric of what you get for what you pay.

It is very easy to pay a lot more for a more “premium” robotic cleaner and not get as much as you do with the Roborock S5.

Outstanding value for money.


Unless you have extremely deep pile carpet then the suction power that the Roborock S5 provides is going to be more than adequate for any home across both hard floor and carpet.

We love the way that it dynamically adjusts the power required according to the surface that it’s on which preserves battery life and ensures thorough cleaning across all surfaces.

Unlike some of the cheaper budget robot cleaners that use random navigation, The Roborock S5 is certainly one of the best on the market and once it gets to know each room every single inch of every room will be cleaned making sure that no part of any room is left untouched.

Taking into account overall cleaning performance on both carpet and hard floor adding to that market-leading navigation, this is an outstanding mid-priced robot vacuum cleaner that definitely provides premium performance.

Here is a video showing the complete setup process to ensure you get the best out of the Roborock S5.