Shark HV390 Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner

9.95 out of 10
9.95 out of 10

This Shark hoover comes in at about half the price of the best cordless stick Hoovers from the likes of Dyson and indeed Shark themselves.

It delivers the same level of performance from a cleanability perspective with the only significant difference being that this one comes with a cord and a plug and the cordless ones use a battery for power.

The question you need to ask yourself is whether you are willing to pay hundreds of pounds more for a cordless hoover that does the same job as this Shark HV390 corded vacuum cleaner simply for the convenience of not having to plug it in.

With a cordless you also need to concern yourself with how long the battery will last for and you end up using it a lot of the time on medium or low power to preserve battery life and you also don’t use maximum suction that can result in leaving some dirt or debris behind because you want the battery to last longer.

With a corded vacuum cleaner you don’t need to worry about any of that and you can use it on full power for as long as you like on full power as long as you don’t mind plugging it into the wall.

In the past one of the annoying things about corded cleaners was whether or not it would stretch far enough within the same room without having to change the plug but that has now been addressed with this Shark HV390 vacuum cleaner coming with a 10-metre cord.

10 metres is really long and not only will that cover pretty much any room size unless you live in a mansion, it will probably cover several rooms at once without having to change the plug.

Shark has incorporated all of the technology they have in their most expensive cleaners into this one but you pay a lot less because of the cord making this excellent value for money.

Features and benefits

This vacuum cleaner comes with two different models to choose from, the HV390UK and the HV390UKT.

They are both exactly the same except the HV390UKT comes with a motorised accessory tool that they call the “Pet Power Brush”.

If you have cats or dogs that leave their hair on sofas, cushions, beds etc then this is a good accessory because you get a similar level of suction and performance above floor level.

It does make a difference if you have pets but if you don’t it’s not worth bothering with.

You get a good suite of accessory tools in that are strong, sturdy and robust.

With some of the lesser-known manufacturers the accessories can be a bit flimsy and over the course of time can break but Shark make their accessories to last.

This comes with a nice long (longer than average) crevice tool that makes getting down the side of narrow areas easier.

You also get a dusting accessory tool intended for higher-level surfaces like curtains, blinds, laptops, lighting etc.

You get Sharks “flexology” technology that basically makes it bendy so that you can easily get under the sofa and coffee tables without getting down on your hands and knees.

An added benefit of the flexible main part of the vacuum is that it folds in half making it easier to store in a cupboard if you have limited space.

It’s very easy to put together with the main stick connecting straight onto the waste container and the duo clean motorised head with 2 clicks and you are ready to go within 5 minutes of opening the box.

It comes with Sharks “Duo Clean” technology that has a soft roller and a brush contained within the head of the cleaner making it ideal for all floor types, hard or carpeted.

The waste bin is not huge and you will need to empty it after each clean but Shark makes it very easy with one click to remove the waste bin from the head of the cleaner and then one click again to release the waste into your bin.

If you want to switch from cleaning floors to adding an accessory for cleaning stairs for example there is a foot pedal release for the main brush head that detaches the wand from the main head ready to add any of the accessory tools in literally one second.

Once its plugged, as opposed to having to press down a trigger to activate it, there are 3 power settings, OFF, setting 1 which is for hard floors and setting 2 which is for carpet.

All three settings are easily controlled by your thumb when holding the handle.

Being a corded machine that plugs straight into the mains the suction power is excellent and remains excellent for as long as you want to use it.

All Shark vacuum cleaners have excellent suction and this one is no exception. You are never going to have an issue from pickup ability point of view as long as you keep it well maintained.

No one really likes hoovering the house and looking after the Hoover comes even further down the to-do list but if you empty the waster bin after each clean and clean the filter once a month it won’t let you down for a very long time.

It’s very easy to manoeuvre around and is made even easier by the lightweight component parts that add up to a very lightweight 4.8kg in total.

Considering what this is capable of Shark have done a great job of keeping the weight down so low which makes it very easy to move around and up and down the stairs.


Another winner from Shark. The HV390 achieves high-quality cleaning performance without the high price tag and those two things combined add up to really good value for money.

The 10-metre cord, flexible wand and light weight combined with very strong suction power really does eliminate most other hoovers at or close to this price.

A trusted brand that won’t let you down.

Here is a video showing you everything you need to know about Shark HV390 vacuum cleaner: