Shark HZ500 Corded Stick Upright Vacuum Cleaner

9.95 out of 10
9.95 out of 10

Cordless vacuum cleaners can be overrated and although you get the convenience of no cord they do work out a lot more expensive than their corded friends.

The Shark HZ500UKT will cost you about half of what you’ll pay for a Dyson but will deliver the same level of cleaning performance throughout your home.

If you are looking for cleaning performance to rival the most expensive cordless brands but you don’t want to pay the extortionate prices they are asking for them then making a compromise on a cord is a great way to save money without compromising on performance.

Shark offer a comprehensive range of vacuum cleaners that covers all home types and lifestyles so whether you have a one-bedroom flat or a large 5 bedroom house there is something for everyone.

If you like the sound of a Dyson but the prices are making your eyes water then the HZ500 is a great alternative with fantastic features at a much lower price.

Many other customers have already purchased this model to rave reviews so you can be comfortable that it’s already been tried and tested not just by us but by many happy customers.

Features and Benefits

The stick design makes this hoover very light and nimble. It weighs just 5.25kg and is very easy to manoeuvre into tight spots.

The waste container isn’t the biggest at 0.3litres so you will need to empty it probably every other clean but it is designed that way so that it can be converted into a handheld very simply.

With just one click it can be removed from the main body of the vacuum cleaner and you are good to go on stairs, sofas, the car and more.

It also has a long 8-metre cable giving you plenty of length to clean multiple rooms without having to change the plug over.

The duo clean floor head has both a soft roller and a brush roller integrated into it so no matter what your floor surface it’s well equipped to deal with it.

The soft roller is better on hard floors and the soft roller is better on carpet and the one button on top of the handle allows you to easily switch between the two with just one press.

Although the main stick wand looks solid it can easily become bendy with the flick of your finger so that you can get underneath furniture without having to bend down yourself. A great feature that is unique to Shark.

You can choose from the HZ500UK or the HZ500UKT. The model with a T on the end comes with a pet accessory tool that comes with the same anti-hair wrap technology as the main floorhead and is great for dealing with tough pet hair on your stairs, beds, sofas and all above floor surfaces.

If you have pets then the small premium for the pet tool is well worth it. If you decide not to go for the pet tool version then it comes with a long crevice tool for getting into corners, edges and down the side of the sofa and an upholstery tool as well.

All of the above features are no good without the right level of suction power and Shark delivers on that front as well.

The power is very close if not the same as the top end Dysons and you are paying about half the price for this model compared to the most expensive Dyson model and getting at least the same level of cleaning performance.

You could argue it’s even better because with Dyson you only get the soft roller with the most expensive model and with Shark it comes as default in the floorhead with a separate brush as well.

With Dyson you need to take off the main floorhead and swop it for the soft roller for hard floors so with Shark it’s easier and cheaper.

It’s also convenient from a storage perspective as it folds in half so if storage is at a premium in your cupboard then this will work for you and it also stands up on its own when folded so you don’t need to lean it up against a wall.

Edge cleaning is also pretty impressive saving you time going over certain areas again.

It’s particularly good around the skirting boards where it goes all the way up without leaving anything behind and also works very well up to the edges in handheld mode on the stairs.

This vacuum cleaner is not just for cleaning the floor. One click removes the main floorhead that you use for all floor surfaces and then by fitting the crevice tool on with a simple click you can reach up to any ceiling with ease to get rid of dust and cobwebs with a blast of the hoover that would normally be a pain to get to.

The lights that sit on the main floor head may look like a gimmick but they are bright and work really well at identifying dust and dirt in dimly lit areas making it really easy to pick out parts of the room that you might normally miss.


This is a really well designed and thought through vacuum cleaner.

Shark are an excellent, reliable and great value for money premium brand without the super high prices of other top brands.

This is particularly true for the HZ500UK (without pet attachment) and HZ500UKT (with pet attachment) as it comes with a cord.

This allows the hoover to deliver very strong suction power without the need to pay for an expensive battery.

It comes with all of the features of Sharks more expensive cordless models such as Duo Clean floorhead for seamless cleaning of both hard and carpeted floors, “flexology” so it bends making it easy to get under furniture and anti hair wrap for no more tangled hair in the roller.

When you look at what this vacuum cleaner delivers for the price it represents excellent value for money.

The 5 year guarantee gives you total peace of mind and shows you how much Shark themselves rate the reliability of their products.