Shark IZ201 & IZ251 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

We think that Shark is better than Dyson when you add together cleaning performance and price.

This particular Cordless Stick Vacuum cleaner from Shark is generally available at hundreds of pounds less than the top of the range Dyson cordless cleaner.

When you compare the overall cleaning performance there is nothing in it so on that factor alone Shark gets the vote.

This range also comes with Sharks “flexology” which is basically a bendy stick that allows you to easily get right underneath furniture items like sideboards and sofas without bending right down on your hands and knees.

So when you add together cleaning performance (the same as Dyson). ease of use (Shark is better) and price (Shark is cheaper) then you get much better overall value for money with Shark than you do with Dyson.

This particular range comes with 4 different model numbers. They all have the same level of performance but differ by how many batteries they come with and whether or not it comes with a motorised pet tool or not:

IZ201UK – Without motorised pet tool, single battery

IZ201UKT – With motorised pet tool, single battery

IZ251UK – Without motorised pet tool, two batteries

IZ251UKT – With motorised pet tool, two batteries

If you have pets then the models with the pet tool are definitely worth the extra and whether or not you need the extra battery just depends on how much cleaning you need to do at any one time.

Most homes will be able to do without two batteries as you will get at least 20 minutes of cleaning time if you use it on full power the whole time.

Shark say “up to 40 minutes” but thats if you use it on low power the whole time and don’t use the motorised pet tool.

The suction power is so good that you don’t need to use it on full power the whole time so it’s safe to say you will probably get 30 minutes cleaning time each time you do a full clean.

Most people don’t clean for longer than that so you can save some money by not bothering with the twin battery but if you have a larger home and you want to be safe in the knowledge that you will never run out of battery then the twin battery option is there to give you about an hour of cleaning time without fear of the battery dying.

Features and Benefits

A really good new addition that Shark is adding to all of their cleaners is anti-hair wrap technology which is a newly designed roller on the main brush head that ensures no hair gets stuck or wrapped around the brush head.

If you allow hair to get stuck in the brush roller then it affects cleaning performance but that has now been eliminated with this new brush, and its not a gimmick, it really does work.

Here is a short video that explains Sharks Anti-hair wrap technology:

You get Sharks duo clean technology that includes a soft roller for hard floor and a brush for carpets all incorporated into the main head of the hoover so it will effortlessly switch from one surface to the other without you having to change anything.

The LED lights on the brush head work really well for showing up accumulated dust in darker unlit areas.

The handle has a switch to turn it on and off and when it’s on it stays on until you switch it off. We prefer this method over having to keep your hand on a power trigger as you have to keep the pressure on the trigger and it can wear you down over time.

You get a dock to charge the batteries that can sit on any surface and you can also charge the battery whilst its in the cleaner as well.

It also easily converts to a handheld with one click giving you the versatility to clean with any of the accessories without the main brush head.

Suction power and cleaning performance overall is exceptional.

You get a full suite of accessories that includes everything you will ever need to keep every part of your home clean:

A motorised pet tool (if you go for either the IZ201UKT or the IZ251UKT).

Unlike some pet accessories on other vacuum cleaners this actually has a spinning brush that actively pulls the hair up into the suction of the cleaner ensuring nothing gets left behind.

This tool now includes Sharks anti-hair wrap technology in the same way as the main brush head eliminating the need to cut away all the har that normally gets wrapped around the roller.

You also get a dusting tool for more delicate items above floor level, ideal for blinds and curtains.

You get an upholstery tool as well but if you opt for a model with the pet tool then stick with that for your sofas and mattresses because it’s going to do a better job.

A long thin crevice tool ideal getting down the side of sofas and car seats.

Finally, you get a long thin dusting tool to get underneath areas above the floor that sit just off the surface and can be annoying to have to move to get underneath.

Here is a video that takes you through exactly what you get in the box and a demonstration of what it can pick up that other cleaners would leave behind.

It’s quite a long and detailed video so if you want to jump to the demo part go to 18 minutes in:


Shark just keep getting better and better with every new release of their vacuum cleaners and the IZ201 & IZ251 cordless hoovers are no exception.

Suction power and cleaning performance really are second to none and that includes Dyson.

You get to choose between whether you want a pet tool or not and whether you need a single or twin battery so they really have thought through all the different variations that people have in their homes so you don’t waste any money on something you don’t need.

Other manufacturers will just sell you a particular vacuum cleaner and you could end up with features you will never use and you spend more money unnecessarily.

With this Shark cordless cleaner, if you don’t have pets you can get the one without the pet tool and if you have a really large home you can buy the twin battery version and if you don’t just stick to the single battery.

This is an exceptional and versatile vacuum cleaner that represents excellent value for money.