Shark NZ801 / NZ850 / PZ1000 Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

If you’re looking for a great performing vacuum cleaner to help you to keep a busy home clean, and you want the best possible suction and other important features, but you don’t want to pay stratospheric prices for the privilege of a top of the range cordless vacuum cleaner and you don’t mind a cord, then this hoover from Shark would appear to offer truly outstanding value for money.

But appearances aren’t always what they seem, and shopping for a vacuum cleaner can be a tricky business. Fear not, that’s what we’re here for.

In this article, we’re going to shed light on all of the most important pros and cons of these Shark corded vacuum cleaners to help you to decide for yourself if this is the vacuum cleaner for you. 

Just a quick note before I continue, on the model numbers. In this article, we’re referring to the Shark NZ801, NZ850 and PZ1000. If you’re wondering what the difference is between these models, it’s just the capacity of the waste containers. The NZ801 can hold 0.83 litres of dust and dirt, the NZ850 1.3 litres and the PZ1000 can hold 1.6 litres.

So, which of these Shark corded vacuums you’d choose would just come down to how important the frequency of emptying is to you. If you live in an apartment, for example, and emptying your hoover involves a trek out of the building to the outside bins, then you might decide that investing in a bigger waste container is worthwhile. 

Is Shark a Good Brand?

The first question you may have is whether or not Shark is a brand of vacuum cleaners worth investing in, and I think this is an intelligent question. When you’re investing in a brand name, you’re usually spending more money than you would do on an unbranded product, and if you shop around for unbranded vacuum cleaners you’ll find you can save a lot of money. 

I think some people have the wrong idea about the value of branding. To some people a brand name is just about status, “ooh, look at me, I have a Louis Vuitton handbag and Jimmy Choo shoes, I’ve made it, be impressed.”

OK, I’m sure this has quite a bit to do with the pull that fashion brands have, maybe car brands too (does anyone really need a Lamborghini or a Bentley??), but when it comes to household appliances, investing in a known brand is simply a way to limit your risk, not to show off. I doubt many people will open the door & exclaim: “welcome, come in, now look at my Dyson”, and if they do, make your excuses quickly, as that’s probably going to be a very boring party ;-).

When you’re buying any household appliance, whether it’s a hoover, an oven, a dishwasher or whatever the case may be, there’s always a risk that you’re going to waste your money on an appliance that doesn’t perform the way you wanted it to, whether that’s in terms of how well it performs its tasks, how long it lasts, whether or not it has annoying quirks and causes frustrations, and so on.

When brands are new and they’re wanting to develop their brand name, they have to be competitive. It’s not possible to enter the market with no brand recognition and make the same margins as the most trusted brands do.

If you invest in a brand name you don’t know much about, you’re usually saving money, but you’re also risking this saving not actually being a saving in the long-run.  Bad buying decisions can actually end up being expensive, leading to the very well known saying “buy right or buy twice”.

On the flip side of this, brands that have been around a long time and have earned a lot of trust, have earned the privilege over this time to make good margins. It’s very easy to look at Dyson, for example, and say that their hoovers are very expensive. Factually speaking yes this is correct, but they’ve earned their position as the most well known and trusted brands of vacuum cleaner, so they simply don’t need to run their business on super tight margins in order to sell their products. 

I think this is one of the reasons that Shark are such a good brand to invest in. They’re at the sweet spot in terms of being a well known and trusted brand, but one that hasn’t developed to the point that it has given up on the value of being competitive. 

As a result, Shark are often regarded now as among the best and most underrated vacuum cleaners in the world. So if you’re someone who wants great performance and reliability in a vacuum cleaner, but you’re not willing to pay the prices you’d need to pay for a Dyson, Shark are a great brand to look at. 

Yes, Dyson have done a great job over the years to the point that they’ve established themselves as the most recognised brand name in the UK for extremely high quality hoovers and have rewritten the rules when it comes to what a vacuum cleaner can achieve, but Shark vacuum cleaners perform at around the same level as Dyson but are cheaper and that makes them better value for money in our book.

Shark NZ801, NZ850 and PZ1000 Review in a Nutshell

If you’re looking for a very quick, nutshell review of these vacuum cleaners, this is a high performing, high suction corded upright vacuum cleaner, capable of matching the performance of much more expensive cordless vacuum cleaners.

The combination of Shark’s brilliant “Anti Hair Wrap” technology for doing away with the annoyance of hair wrapping around the rollers, their Duo Clean technology which make them just as effective on hard floors and carpets of all pile heights, and the “powered lift away” feature which means it instantly converts into a high powered portable vacuum cleaner, makes this range among the most impressive corded uprights at this price point. 

At approx 7Kg, they’re not the lightest on the market, and the top end cordless hoovers are usually a Kilo or two lighter, but really, 7Kg is relatively light for a vacuum cleaner. If weight is really important to you, though, then have a look at the Shark IZ300 & 320, this is a light cordless hoover weighing in at under 5 Kilos. 

These particular models come with two options when it comes to whether or not they come with the motorised pet hair tool. If it has “UK” at the end, then this means it doesn’t come with the pet hair tool. If it has a “T” on the end means that it comes with the pet tool that is meant to deal specifically with very stubborn pet hair.

Our recommendation here is that it’s probably not worth spending extra money to get the pet accessory tool, unless pet hair removal is an incredibly important feature for you. For most users, the standard cleaner and accessories are going to be more than capable of dealing with pet hair, and the motorised pet tool probably isn’t required. If you have, for example, 4 dogs and 4 cats roaming the house all day, then the motorised pet hair tool might be something you’ll benefit from. 

So that’s the short review for anyone who hasn’t the time or the inclination to read the full review, but for those who have, make sure you’ve a brew in hand, and let’s get on with the full review.

Features and Benefits

At first glance, there seems to be a confusing array of different models in Sharks corded upright range.

There are 4 main elements to all of these and the price will depend on which option you go for.

They all come with a 750 or 800 watt motor which is going to pick up everything that is lurking on the surface and beneath the surface. The suction power is outstanding so you can put that to bed straight away. During extensive testing this vacuum cleaner performs the same as Dyson and better than any other brand.

There are 5 other key specifications:

  • Lift Away
  • Powered Lift Away
  • Duo Clean
  • Pet power brush
  • Anti hair wrap technology




Lift away

Shark have a unique feature with their upright cleaners that allows you to remove the central part of the hoover to make it easier to clean on areas that are not easily accessible.

For big floor areas you can just move the hoover backwards and forwards in the traditional manner but what about when it comes to stairs or under the couch? That’s when the lift away feature comes in handy because for the stairs you can add one of the accessories and you maintain full power.


Powered Lift Away

Powered lift away means that you have full power to the brush head even when you’re using it in lift away mode, so if you want to get under beds or sofas, or hoover the car with the main brush head still attached, then this is a must, and one of the features that makes the NV801UK model a great choice for most homes.


Duo Clean

One of the clever features that Shark have introduced (some of which are now being emulated by other manufacturers) is their DuoClean technology. Technically speaking this simply means it has a pair of brush rolls, so not all that exciting, however it’s actually a really smart feature. 

The two brush rolls work both independently and together, and they allow the latest Shark vacuum cleaners to do what they call “Triple Particle Cleaning” which means that they don’t only focus on one particle size, they have the ability to remove all three of the most stubborn types of dirt, including anything which is fused on to the surface you’re hoovering, bigger items that some hoovers may struggle with, and much smaller particles that some vacuums will miss. 

This feature is known to do away with the issue known as “snow ploughing” a really annoying phenomenon that can happen when hoovering hard surfaces, where the stuff you’re trying to hoover up just gets pushed across the floor instead of being sucked up. The soft brush roll also gives hard surfaces a nice polish, with no more effort on your part. 

When it comes to carpets, the bristle brush roll works in partnership with the soft brushroll to enable a greater penetration into the pile, allowing better removal of deeper embedded particles and debris.


Pet Power Brush

As already mentioned, we don’t believe it is necessary for most users to have the Pet power brush because the suction power of 750 watts is so strong that we don’t think paying more for the Pet Power brush is required, but it’s a personal choice.

This model has duo clean which will ensure it will pick up everything no matter what surface you are cleaning on and the powered lift away will make sure that you can get to the stairs and hard to get to areas without any fuss at all.

Most other vacuum cleaners will release particles of dust and dirt back into the air once it has sucked them up but not Shark. 99.9% of everything that goes into the waste container which is where it belongs. If you have allergies in your household this is an important feature to be aware of.

Edge cleaning is very good with this cleaner and we found that it picks up everything right up to the very edge ensuring you will rarely if ever have to switch to one of the accessories to clean any floor surface.


Anti Hair Wrap

This model has been updated from last year’s to include a new feature that eliminates and stop hair becoming wrapped around the brush.

Hands up if one of the banes of your life is having to faff around removing either human or pet hair which has tangled itself around the rollers of your hoover (my hand is up). It’s amazing how something as brittle as human hair can become as strong as fishing line when just a few strands get tangled together, and it’s a real pain to remove, often requiring scissors. 

Hair getting wrapped around the rollers like this can even cause damage, as it can cut into the fins on the roller, I’ve had hoovers in the past that I’ve had to pay for replacement rollers thanks to the fins having been cut to shreds!

So this is a genius feature from Shark, which features a specially designed comb-like tool that catches the hair and causes it to snap, so it can simply be sucked up and dealt with, great feature!



This is a very well built product that looks and feels strong and sturdy when in use. Expect it to last at least 5 years or more. Why? Because that is how confident Shark are in the quality of this cleaner – you get a full 5 year guarantee so if you decide to go with this hoover you can do so with complete peace of mind.

Some vacuum cleaners like Dyson come with too many accessory tools and you probably won’t ever use most of them. Shark have got it spot on and only give you what you need. An upholstery tool and a 2 in 1 crevice tool that doubles up for dusting higher level surfaces and the long thin crevice for getting down the back of sofas and across the top of skirting boards.

The accessories are kept on board as well which is handy making it less likely you will lose them or have to wander off to get one when you want to switch to the stairs.

It also has a nice long 8 metre cord ensuring minimum amount of plugging and unplugging.


This is an extremely well designed vacuum cleaner that performs excellently across all of the measures when determining the final rating.

Suction power is second to none, the powered lift away makes it super easy to use and the accessories mean that no stone will be left unturned in your home.

Top marks all round.