Shark NZ801UK Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

If you need the best possible suction for a busy home but you don’t want to pay stratospheric prices for the privilege of a top of the range cordless vacuum cleaner and you don’t mind a cord that you have to plug into the wall then this hoover from Shark is truly outstanding value for money.

No need to worry about running out of charge or any loss of suction power with this vacuum cleaner, the Shark NV801UK truly excels when it comes to keeping your home in tip top condition.

Shark are a serious contender for top spot in the vacuum cleaner world and we believe that they are underrated when compared to Dyson.

Dyson have rightly established themselves as the recognised brand name in the UK for extremely high quality hoovers and have rewritten the rules when it comes to what a vacuum cleaner can achieve but Shark vacuum cleaners perform at the same level as Dyson but are cheaper and that makes them better value for money in our book.

This is an extremely capable cleaner that will produce the same results as top end cordless cleaners but at much lower price.

This particular model comes with two options. As it is and as the “NV801UKT”. the “T” on the end means that it comes with an additional pet accessory brush that is meant to deal specifically with very stubborn pet hair.

The thing is, this vacuum is so good that we don’t believe it is worth spending the extra to get the pet accessory tool because the standard cleaner and accessories are going to pick up everything anyway.

So unless you have 4 dogs and 4 cats roaming the house all day you will be fine without the pet accessory.

Features and Benefits

At first glance there seems to be a confusing array of different models in Sharks corded upright range with 12 models being offered in total.

There are 4 main elements to all of these and the price will depend on which option you go for.

They all come with a 750 watt motor which is going to pick up everything that is lurking on the surface and beneath the surface. The suction power is outstanding so you can put that to bed straight away. During extensive testing this vacuum cleaner performs the same as Dyson and better than any other brand.

There are 5 other key specifications:

  • Lift Away
  • Powered Lift Away
  • Duo Clean
  • Pet power brush
  • Anti hair wrap technology


Lift away

Shark have a unique feature with their upright cleaners that allows you to remove the central part of the hoover to make it easier to clean on areas that are not easily accessible.

For big floor areas you can just move the hoover backwards and forwards in the traditional manner but what about when it comes to stairs or under the couch? That’s when the lift away feature comes in handy because for the stairs you can add one of the accessories and you maintain full power.

Powered Lift Away

Powered lift away gives you full power to the brush head even when in lift away mode so if you want to get under beds or sofas with the main brush head still attached then this is a must and why we recommend this NV801UK model because it comes with powered lift away which is essential for most homes.

Duo Clean

With Duo Clean the brush head has two rollers on it, one more suited to hard floors and one more suited to carpet so whatever surface you are on it will adapt with no need to change anything. This model has Duo clean and again we see this as essential.

Pet Power Brush

As already mentioned, we don’t believe it is necessary to have the Pet power brush because the suction power of 750 watts is so strong that we don’t think paying more for the Pet Power brush is required but it’s a personal choice.

This model has duo clean which will ensure it will pick up everything no matter what surface you are cleaning on and the powered lift away will make sure that you can get to the stairs and hard to get to areas without any fuss at all.

Most other vacuum cleaners will release particles of dust and dirt back into the air once it has sucked them up but not Shark. 99.9% of everything that goes into the waste container which is where it belongs. If you have allergies in your household this is an important feature to be aware of.

Edge cleaning is very good with this cleaner and we found that it picks up everything right up to the very edge ensuring you will rarely if ever have to switch to one of the accessories to clean any floor surface.

Anti Hair Wrap

This model has been updated from last years to include a new brush roller that eliminates and stops tangled hair being wrapped around the brush so no more cutting it all out with a pair of scissors. This is a brilliant feature if you have pets and/or people in your home with long hair.

This is a very well built product that looks and feels strong and sturdy when in use. Expect it to last at least 5 years or more. Why? Because that is how confident Shark are in the quality of this cleaner – you get a full 5 year guarantee so if you decide to go with this hoover you can do so with complete peace of mind.

Some vacuum cleaner like Dyson come with too many accessory tools and you probably won’t ever use most of them. Shark have got it spot on and only give you what you need – An upholstery tool and a 2 in 1 crevice tool that doubles up for dusting higher level surfaces and the long thin crevice for getting down the back of sofas and across the top of skirting boards.

The accessories are kept on board as well which is handy making it less likely you will lose them or have to wander off to get one when you want to switch to the stairs.

It also has a nice long 8 metre cord ensuring minimum amount of plugging and unplugging.


This is an extremely well designed vacuum cleaner that performs excellently across all of the measures when determining the final rating.

Suction power is second to none, the powered lift away makes it super easy to use and the accessories mean that no stone will be left unturned in your home.

Top marks all round.