Shark S6003UK “Klik n Flip” Steam Mop

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

Shark have done it again with a truly outstanding steam mop that will have you throwing your bucket and mop into the rubbish the day after it arrives.

This is so much better on so many levels but it comes as no surprise that Shark have made cleaning your hard floor surfaces quicker. easier and more effective than anything you have ever used before.

Shark’s vacuum cleaners have been proven to deliver the very highest level of cleaning performance that is equal to Dyson at a lower price and they have applied their technical excellence to a simple but really effective product that will eat up the dirt and sanitise your floors all at the same time.

If you are used to using a bucket and manual mop then you are going to feel like Christmas has arrived early because you are going to immediately free up a load of time as this will do a better job than a manual mop and it will do it in about half the time so you can zip over the floor in double quick time and get on with doing something you actually want to be doing.

It you have never had a steam cleaner before then it operates pretty much like the vacuum cleaner that you use to clean your carpets but easier because it pretty much glides up and down whatever surface you are using it on.

It is suitable for any sealed hard floors so it’s good for laminate floor, wooden floors, tiled, marble or pretty much anything that is not a carpet.

Features and Benefits

The feature that we love the most is that you don’t even have to get down on your knees or even touch the pad to replace a dirty one. Just click a button on the handle and it releases the pad that is attached and then the replacement pad just slots straight in and you are good to go. This is the best we have seen on any steam mop for ease of use.

It comes with 2 pads in the box so you are not going to be needing to order more any time soon. With normal use these are going to last you at least a year or more. Both pads are machine washable so no dirty rinsing to do, just pop it in the washing machine and it comes out like new.

Once of the biggest concerns if you are using a bucket full of water and a traditional mop is that the amount of water that lies on the floor could potentially penetrate through the surface you are cleaning and over time can damage or warp the flooring.

This is much less likely to happen with this Shark steam mop because you are never actually applying large amounts of water to the surface, its all steam based which kills germs quicker and very importantly dries a lot quicker as well because there is never any real liquid water present.

You can use a cleaning detergent to add to the water if you want but something we have tried that works brilliantly is using scented ironing water. Not only does it clean the room brilliantly but you get a fantastic fresh smelling room every time as well!

 There are 3 levels of steam intensity and it will last you about 12 minutes on the highest level so depending on how much surface area you have to clean you can go for level two on less dirty areas and level three for for high traffic areas and this will extend the time for a single tank to about 15-20 minutes. It’s hardly a hassle though to give it a quick top up so we would recommend keeping it permanently on the highest level for the best clean.

It also has a neat feature where you can give hard to remove stains a thorough blast of steam before going over it with the pad by just flipping the head and powering the steam straight onto the surface. A 5-10 second blast is going to loosen up even the toughest of stains ready for the pad to just glide over.

At 2.8kg this is a very light product that is going to be suitable for anyone. Even if you have the odd back niggle its not going be a problem lifting this to wherever the dirt lives.

The pads are specially designed to be super absorbent and this really shows when you are mopping up. You would expect the pads to be dripping wet after a 12-15 minute clean but surprisingly they are not. You can do an entire clean without having to rinse or change the pads.

The fact they are double sided helps as well so if one side gets too dirty then just flip it over and keep going.

It comes with a long 8 metre cord as well ensure that you will have a limited amount of changing the plug socket.

This is a very highly rated product that has rave reviews from the vast majority of people that have bought it. It is very unusual for anything that has sold as much as this steam mop has and maintain over 90% top ratings with almost no bad reviews. This is a proven winner over time.

Normally, there are a few negatives to point out with any product but there really does not appear to be and downside with this steam mop that we can find.


This is about as good as it gets when it comes to powered steam mops. Its certainly not the cheapest but when you look at how well it cleans and combine that with how easy it is to use and how effortlessly it does the cleaning then this is a small price to pay for something that will do a much better job than whatever you have now in less time and with less effort.