Shark Stratos HZ3000UKT Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

The Shark Stratos range is Shark’s latest range of stick vacuum cleaners, which Shark appear confident will help them in the continual battle with Dyson for top dog status in the world of cordless vacuum cleaners.

Unlike Dyson, however, Shark also develops new corded vacuum cleaners, so you’re not obliged to ditch the power cable with Shark’s latest stick hoovers, if you don’t want to, and guess what, I don’t want to!

I was in the market for a new stick vacuum cleaner, not just to use for review purposes, but to use to hoover our house, and going cordless just doesn’t appeal to me. I can see the attraction of cordless. Power cables are a little bit of a nuisance when you’re hoovering, but for me personally, the small amount of pain is more than worth it for the gain, the gain being continual cleaning power, on full, without being concerned about the battery running out.

Cordless sticks work really well for some people, and I know certain folk who just wouldn’t consider buying a corded hoover these days, but we’re all different, and for me the appeal of doing away with power cables isn’t strong enough to encourage me to dig my hand even deeper into my pocket and to put up with having to rely on rechargeable batteries. Give me a plug socket any day.

So I bought the Stratos HZ3000UKT, which is Shark’s corded version of the Stratos stick vacuum, if you’re not able to deal with the cable (I’m a poet and I didn’t know it) then just keep in mind that the HZ4000UKT is the cordless version of the new Stratos stick vacuum cleaner.

My Experience With the Shark Stratos Corded Stick

I thought I’d share my overall thoughts on the HZ3000UKT so far, and then go into all of the features, stats, and so on – and add my commentary where I think it’s warranted.

Overall, I have to say, I’m very impressed with the Stratos. It was ridiculously simple to unbox and assemble, it’s really easy to use, it’s powerful, and in most parts, it does what it says on the tin.

It’s really lightweight, it’s incredibly easy to use, it takes very little effort to maneuver. It’s fast and easy to empty the waste container, the filter is easy to get at and to empty, it has fantastic suction power, amazing overall cleaning ability, on both hard floors and carpets (our home is roughly an equal mix, hard floors downstairs, carpets upstairs).

The power cable is plenty long enough (very long in fact), the ability to quickly turn it into a powerful handheld is mega, the flexology feature works like a dream, the LED lights are very helpful in seeing the dirt you need to aim for, the pet tool is brilliant, and the improved anti hair wrap feature is great for removing hair from the front, soft brushroll.

The way it folds for storage with the flexology wand is genius, it takes up such a small amount of space when stored thanks to this, and overall I think Shark has done a great job, this is a very cleverly designed corded stick hoover which I’d go so far as to say almost makes doing the hoovering enjoyable.

A Must for Homes with Hairy Pets & Family Members

Shark has made a statement that 9 out of 10 pet owners would recommend the Shark Stratos range. I can’t pretend that I take any notice of stats like this, it’s usually the case that not enough data is given to provide any real understanding of what this actually means. On the Shark website the only data they give to qualify this statement at the bottom of the page alongside the * is “*95 out of 99 pet owners would recommend Stratos”, OK, that’s clear then ;-).

But being a pet owner myself, and some of them (cats) being very hairy, I think I’m a good person to answer this survey. We have non-hairy pets too, in case you were wondering, the axolotl isn’t hairy, although he does have gills that look a bit like feathers, he lives in a tank anyway. The tortoise isn’t hairy, nor is the Armadillo. OK I lied about the Armadillo – but if we did have an Armadillo we’d probably call him Armadillon (the Axolotl is called Aristotle).

For pets, I do think this is a great hoover. The pet tool is a stonking little thing, so good for purging the sofa and carpets of pet hair, and for cars too in theory although to be honest, I’m not someone who regularly hoovers their car. Shh, don’t tell anyone, OK you can tell my wife she already knows ;-).

I like the odour cartridge, as I like to think that if there are any not-so-nice smells lurking about that the cartridge may at least help to not exacerbate the issue by picking up the smell and dragging it through every room, but I think dog owners are much more likely to benefit from this. 

I’m not a dog owner, far too much hard work for me, you don’t have to walk cats or tortoises (you can but you get funny looks), but if I was I’d be concerned that I’d gone nose blind to the wet dog smell, so I think the odour cartridges would give me a bit of peace of mind. 

With regard to hairy family members, I do very much appreciate the new improved anti-hair wrap tool, it does work incredibly well, but there is a but, just a very small one, and that is that I wish they’d also put this on the other brush roll. It’s such a brilliant feature, and I’m yet to find any hair wrapped around the soft roller, which is brilliant, so I can’t help but wish they could do the same on the hard brush roller. 

It’s not a big deal, hair doesn’t actually get tightly wound around that roller, but I have found that you end up with some longer hair loosely wrapped around the stiff brush roller. It can just be pulled off, it doesn’t require scissors, but I’m just not quite sure why they don’t just put the great anti-hair wrap widget on both rollers.

Shark Stratos Corded Stick Features and Benefits

OK so now I’ve given you an overview review of the Stratos corded stick from my own use, I’ll now explain and comment on the various features. 

This video also gives a good concise overview of the features of the Stratos range.

Anti-Hair Wrap Plus

For me, this is one of Shark’s best features, and this is a big plus for Shark vs Dyson when it comes to the fact that Shark releases new corded hoovers as well as cordless models. Dyson still offers their corded hoovers, but if you want their newer features you have to go for their newer cordless models, as they’re no longer developing new corded vacuum cleaners. 

So the Anti-Hair wrap feature is a very small thing that makes a very big difference.

The big difference is that, unlike most vacuum cleaners, there’s no need to flip it upside down on a regular basis and get the scissors to the hair which is wrapped around the brush roller. I can’t imagine there’s anyone on this planet or otherwise, who would actually look forward to this grubby little task.

The small thing is a little sharp comb-type gismo that catches and cuts hairs before they can get tightly wound around the roller, and then the cut strands are simply hoovered up, perfect! Like I say, it’s a small thing, it may even seem to be a very obvious thing, but that’s the thing about the best inventions, they make so much sense that you can’t believe that they weren’t always a thing. 

As I mentioned earlier, I wish they’d put this on the hard brush roll as well as the soft roll. Maybe they can’t because of the power fins, or maybe they don’t think it’s necessary as the power fins do appear to stop hair from tightly winding around this roller, which they do appear to do, so we’re just talking about a small amount of hair loosely gathered on this roller, it’s not a big deal, but I’d just prefer it if they could put this anti hair wrap on both.

Anti-Odour Technology

So this is a small odour cartridge which fits on the brush head, with the aim of not spreading that aforementioned wet dog smell around the house.

If you’re imagining each room you’ve hoovered smelling like you’ve been dancing around spraying rose-scented smelly stuff, it’s not like that, in fact, I’ve not been able to detect any odour from this cartridge. The idea is that this odour cartridge stops your hoover from stinking like a wet dog, and then dragging that stench into each room.

Flexology Wand

I do like this feature, what I particularly like about it is that every time I talk about it I can re-use a joke I came up with about the strapline for this feature, as I often jokingly change the strap line from the slightly pedestrian “bends so you don’t have to”, to the more humourous (maybe only to me) “bends because you won’t get back up again”.

I make no apologies for wearing out jokes that weren’t even funny the first time, I’m a dad, it’s my job.

But (unfunny) jokes aside, I do very much like this feature, and again it’s a simple yet very effective one. There’s simply a latch that you press, and it hinges about two thirds up the wand, which means you can vacuum under sofas, beds, chairs and so on while standing completely upright. If you’re someone like me who does suffer from lower back issues, you’ll love this feature!

Find out more about the Flexology feature in this video:

Motorised Pet Tool

Another dad joke coming… This isn’t a tool for motorised pets, they don’t tend to have much hair, it is of course a motorised tool for dealing with pet hair, and it’s another great feature. OK Shark aren’t the only vacuum cleaner brand to have this feature, but I do particularly like their pet tool. For me it’s just the perfect size for stairs, and it turns the Shark Stratos into a very powerful handheld (when you remove the wand) for hoovering cars, sofas and so on.

This video shows the pet tool in action.

Transforms effortlessly into a handheld

This is one of the really impressive features of this corded hoover, the main part of the vacuum cleaner when you remove the wand & brush head is very small and lightweight, so it becomes an incredibly powerful handheld almost instantly. There are purpose-built handhelds that are a bit smaller and lighter than this, but not much, and they wouldn’t come close to the cleaning power of the Shark Stratos.

Anti Allergen Complete Seal

Another very small thing which is actually very important, the Anti Allergen Complete Seal feature is exactly what it sounds like. There’s a HEPA filter which filters out all the microscopic miscreants (dust, dust mites, dust mite feces, pollen, pet dander), and that’s great, but on bagless hoovers the filter is part of the hoover and isn’t part of the hoover bag (as there isn’t one) so it’s only going to work if there’s a perfect seal around the filter. 

The reason they refer to this as “Anti Allergen” is that there are various allergens (pollen probably the most obvious one) that are filtered out, so by having a complete seal these allergens won’t be dragged out from being embedded in carpet fibres for example, where presumably they weren’t doing much harm, and being pumped in the air to be inhaled.

Duo Clean

Another of Shark’s recent flagship features, this involved a pair of brush rolls instead of the usual one, and combines a standard hard bristle roller with a soft brush roll.

The Duo Clean feature features two brush rolls which work both independently and in unison, with one soft roller and a more standard harder brush roll. This makes Shark vacuum cleaners more effective at dealing with a wide range of particle sizes, it prevents the “snow ploughing” effect when trying to vacuum larger particles on hard surfaces, and it also means the soft brush gives hard floors a polish while you’re at it.

The video below from Shark provides a visual explanation of the Duo Clean system in operation:


In terms of cleaning power, this has enough overall cleaning power to clean any home, regardless of size and/or the mix of floor types. This isn’t only about power in terms of the watts of the motor, or airwatts (which is how suction power is specifically measured), it’s a combination of suction power paired with the efficiency of the duo clean system, which I can tell you from first hand experience, is very efficient. 

The only time I noticed a drop in suction power, was when the wand became blocked. I’d hoovered something up that causes a blockage, and everything else was backing up behind it, I realized this because it was dropping everything it was hoovering. I took the wand off, looked through it and couldn’t see any light, so I reached for a very important piece of technical equipment known as a “straightened clothes hanger” ;-), poked out the blockage, and it was back up to it’s usual brilliant cleaning power.


It really is a lighweight hoover at 4.4Kg, and when you keep in mind that this weight includes the wand and the brush head, and that the main vacuum cleaner itself is much lighter, then you’ll understand that it really is lightweight when you’re hoovering with it. In other words, you only lift the full 4.4KG weight (which isn’t exactly a tonne) when you pick the entire hoover up to take it upstairs for example, and when you’re pushing it around it feels much lighter.


If you’ve ever struggled to push a hefty upright hoover around that appears to have a mind of its own, you’ll know that maneuverability isn’t something that is necessarily a given with vacuum cleaners.  OK you probably wouldn’t expect to have too many problems with modern hoovers where this is concerned, but the Shark Stratos corded stick is one of the most maneuverable vacuum cleaners I’ve ever used.


The Shark Stratos HZ3000UKT Corded Stick vacuum cleaner is a lightweight yet very powerful corded stick that comes packed with Shark’s best features. If you’re looking for high end hoovering performance and features without having to re-mortgage your home, this is definitely one to add to the shortlist if you’re not afraid of power cables, and if you are, see the HZ4000UKT