Shark WV200UK Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

This is a ridiculously good handheld vacuum cleaner from Shark. It simply ticks every box and does everything you could ever want from a handheld hoover.

The thing about these types of hoovers is that a lot of cordless vacuum cleaners already come with handheld cleaners effectively already built in. You can unclip the top section and add one of the accessory tools and then use it  as a handheld and then clip it back onto the stick.

But if you spill something on the carpet or in the kitchen do you really want to go into the cupboard and dig out the hover and faff around with all the bits and pieces so you can zap something in a few seconds and then have to put it all back together again?

This is probably the only handheld vacuum cleaner that we have seen that we would actually want to keep out on show on any worksurface or on any part of your kitchen or home.

Because you can perfectly acceptably keep it within a few seconds reach and it’s so light and small, you can use it to do things that you would normally use a cloth to wipe up.

Crumbs on the sofa? Bits of food lying around on the worksurface after dinner preparation? Kids have kicked their shoes off and bits of dirt need sweeping up? This handheld will demolish all of those things in seconds and it will only take seconds to grab hold of it in the first place. Zero hassle.

It’s sleek, it’s slim and it takes up hardly any space. It is unbelievably narrow at 9.5cm wide, 22cm deep and just 38.5cm tall, so not much taller than a ruler and it weighs just 1.3 kilos which is stupidly light.

Yet despite the extremely compact size it has superb suction that’s going to suck up anything that gets in the way.

It’s worth noting though that this is not meant to be a replacement for your everyday cleaner, its meant to work alongside it. it’s for the jobs where you don’t want to wheel out the monster in the cupboard.

Features and Benefits

It comes with 3 accessories – a crevice tool that converts into a dusting tool so effectively that is two tools in one and also an upholstery tool both of which fit neatly into the base of the charging dock.

When you hold it in your hand it kind of feels like an extension of your arm and is very comfortable to hold.

The suction is really good at 26 cfm (cubic feet per minute). If that’s too technical then we can tell you that its strong. Most debris that you collect won’t get anywhere near the crevice. A few centimetres away and it will suck it up like a cyclone. To put it into context this has more suction than many upright vacuum cleaners at this pricepoint.

It’s not as strong as a Dyson but a Dyson is double the price. This is going to achieve exactly what you want for a hand held cleaner.

Because of how slim and sleek it is we found ourselves using it with the dusting brush attachments on areas that you wouldn’t normally go over with a handheld like windowsills and desks and across the top of our laptop. It’s surprising how much dust comes out of in between the keys when you run a high suction across them.

It’s also much easier to get in between pieces of furniture without actually having to move the furniture out of the way like in between a bed and a bedside table for example.

Filtration on this Shark WV200UK is outstanding with no dust being released back into the air once it has been sucked up. Its even better than the Dyson in this respect.

Battery life is more than acceptable for a handheld cleaner at 10 minutes use on full power. If you think that the average cleaning time probably being in the range of 30-60 seconds this is going to be good for around 10-20 cleans on one charge.

You could certainly give the car a full vacuum and still have some charge to spare.

If there is a downside then because of how slim and light it is the waste container doesn’t hold that much – maybe about a coffee cup of debris before it needs emptying.

This hoover is meant for small cleaning jobs and it does it brilliantly.

We actually recommend keeping this handheld vacuum permanently out anyway so for us this is not a problem because you can just pop it open with one click and empty the waste into the bin


We are rating this handheld cleaner marginally better than the Dyson V7 trigger handheld hoover not because it is better but because it represents better value for money.

You can pick this up for around half the price of the Dyson and although the Dyson is better it simply isn’t twice as good.

Both of these handhelds are classified as being at the premium end of the market and the Dyson is most certainly super premium as you can pick up a pretty good full size hoover for the price of the Dyson handheld V7

It’s worth noting that these cleaners are targeting different markets and essentially accomplish different things. We believe that a handheld vacuum is something that you have in addition to the hoover that you use on a regular basis.

It needs to be light, easily accessible in a few seconds, have powerful suction and remove whatever debris you want to get rid of without getting into the cupboard and getting out a cumbersome vacuum that you normally use for an entire house cleaning exercise.

The Dyson V7 is basically a mini version of the full size cleaner. Its bigger, its bulkier, its much more expensive than this Shark WV200UK. It is really good but you don’t really need it for the jobs that you need to do with a handheld.

All things considered when you combine performance with value for money the Shark wins hands down.