Swan Eureka Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

9.95 out of 10
9.95 out of 10

You wouldn’t think of Swan first when it comes to vacuum cleaners so when they do one for the same price as one of their toasters is it too good to be true or does Swan Eureka Cylinder vacuum cleaner offer genuine value for money?

Swan have been around in the UK for over 100 years and are a household name when it comes to kettles and toasters but less so when it comes to hoovers.

The Eureka range of vacuum cleaners is very much made for anyone that doesn’t want to spend big money on a super expensive cordless hoover from Dyson or Shark but they still want something decent for their money that is going to do a good job of cleaning their home.

The Swan Eureka cylinder vacuum cleaner is that hoover. It’s easy to find a good hoover when you spend £400 or £500 but it’s much harder to find a good one when you want to spend well under £100 or even under £50.

This delivers performance well above its price on many levels.

Features and Benefits

There are 4 models in the Swan Eureka cylinder vacuum cleaner range:

MultiClean (SC15810N)

MultiClean Pet (SC15812N)

MultiForce (SC15814N)

MultiForce Pet (SC15816N)

The MultiClean and the MultiForce both come with or without a pet tool so you don’t need to waste money on getting the pet accessory if you don’t have loads of pet hair lying around.

If you do have pets then it’s worth investing in the pet accessory as it does make a difference and makes it easy to get up all the hair with little effort.

The MultiForce comes in quite a bit more expensive than the MultiClean. they both have a 700-watt motor but the MultiForce has better technology incorporated into the motor that ensures no loss of suction ever.

Our tests with the Mutilclean (the cheaper of the two) were very impressive from a suction point of view and we experienced no loss of suction over several cleans so it’s hard to see why you would bother spending the extra on the MultiForce but the option is there is you want it.

Suction is strong for such a cheap hoover and has no problem dealing with everything you would throw at it on a day to day basis. It’s good on carpets and hard floor.

There is a foot pedal to switch easily from carpet to hard floor which raises the head slightly so that larger pieces of debris are easily sucked up on hard flooring.

It weighs 7kg which isn’t the lightest cylinder out there but it certainly isn’t heavy either and we found it very easy to move around.

The waste container is a large 2 litres ensuring you won’t need to empty it that often.

Filtration is surprisingly good. I can’t remember seeing a hoover at this price that has a HEPA filter but this one does. It catches very small dust particles and keeps over 99.9% of what it sucks up inside the hoover where others at this price let some of the smaller particles back into the air.

The accessory tools that matter are included – you get a long crevice tool and a dusting tool (and the pet hair tool if you pay a little more).

It also comes with a telescopic pole so you can adjust it to be comfortable to your height.


Most of the vacuum cleaners we test and review at this price level simply do not deliver the goods with poor suction and a cheap feel about them.

As a result, we were not expecting much when we tested this one out but the Swan Eureka range of cylinder vacuum cleaners turned out to be a real breath of fresh air and it just goes to show what can be done when you buy something from a company that has been around for over a century.

A lot of the hoovers you get at this price level are made by Chinese factories that couldn’t care less about the customer and if the product comes and goes and they make a few quid out of it that’s all they care about and then they move on to the next one and if they have some unhappy customers they don’t care.

Swan, however, have a reputation to think of because they are a long time trusted brand in the UK and they don’t want to damage that trust.

It’s rare to find a product like this that actually does a better job than you would expect for the price it’s selling for but the Swan Eureka cylinder vacuum cleaner does just that.

This works out cheaper than a lot of handheld vacuum cleaners but it’s a full-size hoover that will do a good job of your whole home on the floor and on all above-floor surfaces as well.

If a hoover at this price is the kind of budget that you have available then you should always go for one with a cord because at the end of the day one of the most important things about any vacuum cleaner is the suction power.

Any cordless hoover at this price or even a lot at double the price have poor suction power because the battery is just not good enough.

The Swan Eureka needs to be plugged into the wall but it has an 8-metre reach so you won’t need to change the plug that often anyway.

It has a very surprising 700-watt motor that generates very good suction power that’s powerful enough to cut through dust and dirt in a busy home.

Don’t get us wrong, this is not a Dyson nor does it have the mega power that a top of the range Dyson or Shark hoover has but it’s all about doing the comparison based on how much it costs.

You have to set your expectations relative to the price and at this price you shouldn’t expect much which is why it was such a surprise.

The suction is very good, we have seen worse on hoovers at 3 times the price.

The waste container is big at 2 litres, bigger than others that are more expensive.

It has an automatic cord rewind, again something that you don’t get on some cylinder hoovers that are more expensive and the telescopic pole makes it easy to adapt to your height and makes it easy to use.

An altogether excellent hoover for the price and is brilliantly suited to anyone that lives in a flat or a smaller home.