Tacklife Wet & Dry Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

9.9 out of 10
9.9 out of 10

If you dig long enough you can find gold and we dug long and hard to find this little nugget.

A lot of the time if something appears too good to be true then it probably is but if you apply that logic all of the time then you can miss some genuine opportunities.

This Tacklife Wet & Dry cylinder vacuum cleaner is one of those situations where it does seem too good to be true but it isn’t.

This is just pure and simple crazy value for money. They could probably charge more for it and sell even more units because at this price we were sceptical that is could actually deliver half of the things claimed let alone all of them but it has just blown us away with what it can do for a seemingly impossible price.

In the UK we get a little brainwashed by the advertising and marketing of companies like Dyson and it leads us to believe that if we want to clean our home properly then we need to spend £500 on a hoover and that is simply not true.

It is true that some (but not all) of these mega expensive vacuum cleaners do an amazing job of getting into deep pile carpets and sucking up things that other cleaners are not capable of but for a large majority of people it’s just not required with much cheaper hoovers doing a very good job in their own right.

Every review we do looks very carefully at performance AND price. It’s all about the value you get for the money you spend. If this was a £500 Dyson vacuum we would rate it a 2/10 but at this price what you get makes it very close to being a 10/10.

At this price you can very easily buy this as a second cleaner because it won’t burn a hole in your pocket and its handy if you have a larger home and you can just grab this out of the cupboard when you are upstairs and quickly do a couple of rooms or a quick job without dragging out the main cleaner from somewhere else in the house

This is a brilliant hoover to consider if you are a tradesman and you want something that doesn’t cost a lot but it has really good suction and you want to be able to clear up around you during the course of the day and at the end of the day.

Because it has the capability to clear up wet spills a well as dry debris this will be ideal for painters and decorators, handyman, builders, plumbers, electricians and anyone with a van that need to be able to clear of any mess on a daily basis.

Perhaps you have a smaller home and simply cannot afford to spend the money on a super expensive cordless vacuum cleaner or you just don’t want to spend the money because you don’t believe that they are worth it. If you have a flat or a home with smaller rooms then you would be right, it’s not necessary and a much lower priced product chosen correctly will do a sterling job.

Features and benefits

This has to be the most powerful suction for the lowest price we have ever seen. It has 1000 watts of suction power which to put into perspective is as powerful as the best Dysons and Sharks. Really.

It doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles like digital displays and telescopic poles and hepa filtration systems and multiple power levels but it does come with crazy suction.

You get one button to turn it off and on and that’s it. When it’s on you get maximum power that will blow your socks off. Its not going to leave anything behind and most things will be sucked up in one pass.

It’s got an insane 18.9 litre capacity so if you are using it for normal use then it’s going to be a long time before you need to consider emptying it and if you are using it for workshops, tradesmen type jobs or even building works you will get a lot of rubble in the waste bin before it reaches capacity.

It can also accommodate wet spills as well which is an added bonus ensuring you don’t need to worry about making sure the surface to be cleaned is dry.

It has a 5 metre extension cord that does not automatically retract but for this price we would not expect that but just something to be aware of.

The pole is quite short but it comes with 2 extension poles that can easily be added so that it accommodates people of all sizes.

It comes with 1 x dust bag with the machine but to be honest you don’t really need to use one if you don’t want to. The waste will just go in to the cylinder part of the cleaner and you can empty into the bin when required. It will involve cleaning the inside of the cylinder but it will also save you money on replacement bags so you can choose what is more convenient for you.

You also get a dusting attachment for going over surfaces above floor level and a crevice tool for getting to places that the main head cant get to. It is particularly good for the car.

It is made in China otherwise they could never get to the silly low price its being sold for but it does come with a UK plug as standard so no adaptor required.

It weighs 6.4kg which is not the lightest we have seen but it cannot be classified as heavy by any stretch of the imagination, pretty lightweight and portable.


New boundaries of performance have been reached at prices we never thought were possible

You won’t find anything with suction this powerful and a full suite of accessories that enable you to make this a multi-functional vacuum cleaner that can be used inside and outside the house.

With the ability to suck wet as well as dry debris this is an extremely versatile hoover at a very low price. Exceptional value for money.